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Constitution and by-laws of the Art, Historical and Scientific Association of Vancouver, British Columbia Art, Historical and Scientific Association of Vancouver, B.C. 1912

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Art IjtHtflrtrai mb ^rtenttfir
AB0flriait0tt ^^^H
of VANCOUVER, British Columbia
Vancouver, B. C.
TRYTHALL  &>  SON, Printers
Ett, Historical anb  Scientific
fj§§%t association HJmHI'B
Va n c o u v e r,  B. C
The name of this Society shall be The Art,
Historical and Scientific Association of Vancouver, B. C
The purposes of this association shall be:
1. To form a collection of paintings and works
of art   as an Art Gallery;
2. To hold from time to time Exhibitions of
Paintings and Works of Art;
3. To form a Museum of Antiquities, especially
of the remains of Indian life in British Columbia
and North America;
4. To form and preserve a Collection of Specimens of Ores and Natural History products, with
special reference to British Columbia and Canada
5. To establish a Library of bqoks, pamphlets
and periodicals bearing on the subjects of Art, Mineralogy, Botany, Geology, Zoology and other Sciences, and on the early history of British Columbia,
and generally to cultivate the study of these subjects?
Other Learned Societies having like objects may
affiliate with this Association under an agreement to
be approved by the Directors.
||HhGH article iv.  jSBPIl
1. All persons interested in the objects of this
Association shall be eligible for membership and shall
become members upon being duly elected and paying
such annual fee as may be fixed by the Directors.
 — 0-
2. Applicants for membership shall be elected by
motion made and carried at any meeting of the
Board of Directors.
3. . Such members may become Life Members
upon payment of the sum of ten dollars.
4. The Board of Directors may appoint Honorary and Perpetual Members at any ordinary
meeting of the Board; a Perpetual Member being
one who shall have rendered distinguished services
to the Association, and the names of such Perpetual
Members shall be always inscribed on the Roll of
Members of the Association.
5. Members whose fees are unpaid at the date
of the annual meeting shall not be eligible to vote
or to hold office.
The officers shall consist of an Honorary President, a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary,
a Curator, and a Treasurer.
 — 6—
1. A Board consisting of twenty-tfive Directors
shall constitute the governing body of the Association to direct and supervise the affairs of the Association, and five shall form a quorum.
2. Three of the said twenty-five Directors shall
be appointees of the City of Vancouver, under the
terms of an agreement between the City and the
Association, dated the 26th day of August, 1903.
3. The other Directors shall be elected by
ballot at the Annual General Meeting by the members present in person.
4. All of the twenty-two elective Directors shall
retire from the Board each year, but any retiring
Director shall be eligible for re-election.
5. Immediately after the Annual General Meeting, the Directors shall meet and select by ballot
from among their number, a President, two Vice-
Presidents and a Treasurer.
6. The Directors shall appoint a Secretary and
a Curator, neither of whom shall be Directors of the
7. The Directors may also from time to time
make Bye-Laws not inconsistent with this Constitution and appoint Committees for any special business who shall report to and be responsible to the
Board of Directors.
8. If at any meeting at which an election of
Directors ought to have taken place, and the places
of such Directors are not filled, the meeting shall
stand adjourned till the same dav in the next week
at the same time and place, and if at such adjourned
meeting the places of the retiring Directors have not
been filled, the retiring Directors shall continue in
office till the next Annual Meeting.
9. Directors absenting themselves from three
consecutive meetings of the Board, without permission of the President, or without satisfactory reasons
being given, will, ipso facto, cease to be Directors
and their places may be filled by the remaining Directors at any ordinary meeting of the Board.
|fp§^#§    ARTICLE VII.     ijjijg^^
1. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall
be held on the fourth Tuesday of January in each
 year, at 8 p.m., at such place as shall be appointed
by the Directors. A report by the President and a
report of the year's work by the Secretary, Curator
and Treasurer shall be presented.
If such meeting be not held on that date through
lack of a quorum, then the meeting shall stand
adjourned till the same day in the next week at
the same time and place. Ten members in good
standing shall be a quorum.
2. Upon a requisition signed by ten members of
the Association for the purpose of dealing with a
subject or subjects specified in such requisition, the
President shall call a Special General Meeting.
Three days' notice in writing shall be given each
member of such meeting.
3. Meetings of the Association may be held,, at
the call of the Directors, to promote the general
objects of the Association.
4. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be
held on the fourth Thursday in each month at 4:30
p.m., and at any other time at the call of the President.
""■^^^«  ARTICLE VIII.    MWfIB
1. The President shall preside at all meetings and
generally superintend the work of the Association.
2. A Vice-President shall preside in the absence
of the President and discharge all the duties of the
President. In the event of the President and both
Vice-Presidents being absent, the meeting shall
appoint a Chairman.
3. The Secretary shall send out notices of meetings, take the minutes, conduct the correspondence
and keep the membership roll, and perform the duties
usually appertaining to the position of Secretary.
4. The Curator shall be the custodian of the
property of the Association and of any Loan Collections there may be, and shall keep a complete cata-
logue thereof, report monthly to the Directors, and
generally carry out the instructions of the Directors.
5. The Treasurer shall receive all fees and funds
of the Association, pay all bills when passed by the
Board of directors, and generally perform the duties
appertaining to the office of Treasurer.
6. The moneys of the Association shall be deposited in one of the Chartered Banks to the credit
of the Association, and shall be drawn out from time
to time as authorized by the Board of Directors.
7. An Auditor shall be elected at the Annual
Meeting from among the members, who are not
Directors, whose duties shall be to audit the Treasurer's accounts and his Certificate shall form part
of the Treasurer's annual report.
8. The Board of Directors may, for cause, suspend or remove any salaried officer and arrange for
the performance of the duties of the office or appoint
a successor.
Board Meetings:—
1. Reading minutes of previous meeting. •
2. Business arising out of those minutes. -
3. Correspondence.
4. Election of Members.
5. Receiving reports of Committees and Officers.
6. New Business.
7. Receiving donations.
8. Passing accounts.
9. Miscellaneous.
10. Adjournment.
Annual Meetings:—
1. Reading minutes of previous meeting.
2. Business arising out of those minutes.
3. President's report.
4. Report of Secretary.
5. Report of Curator.
6. Report of Treasurer, and Auditor.
7. Reports of Committees.   .
8. Election of Directors.
9. New Business.
<;< *     ^/{H:    ARTICLE x. •
This Constitution shall not be amended save at
an Annual Meeting or a Special General Meeting,-
called for that purpose, and by a two-thirds vote of
members present in person.
Ten days' notice of amendment shall be given each'
member in writing.


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