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Vocabulary of the Kwakiutl language Boas, Franz, 1858-1942 1893

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lNov. L8,
Vocabulary of the Kwakiutl Language.
By Br. Franz Boas.
(Read before the American Philosophical Society, November 18, 1892.)
The Kwakiutl language is spoken on the coast of British Columbia, from
Cape Mudge to Douglas and Gardner Channels, excluding Dean Inlet and
Bentinck Arm, which are occupied by the Bilqula. The language forms
/a branch of the Wakashan stock, being affiliated with the Nootka or Aht
of the west coast of Vancouver Island. The form of these languages
reminds us in many respects of that of the Salishan stock, and it may be
that a connection exists between both.
The Kwakiutl language is spoken in three dialects . the Kwakiutl proper,
the Heiltsuk* and the Gyit'ama't. The first is spoken by the tribes of
Vancouver Island and of the coast southeast of Rivers Inlet; the second
by the tribes inhabiting the coast between Rivers Inlet and Gardner
Channel; the last in Gardner and Douglas Channels. It will be found
that phonetics and vocabulary of the northern and southern tribes are
much alike, while the middle dialect stands more apart. This is probably
due to the admixture of Bilqula elements in the central region.
The vocabularies contained in the following pages were collected by
the author in 1886, 1888, 1889, 1890. As slight differences are found between the vocabularies of the various tribes, the tribe from which the
words were collected are given. The following abbreviations have been
L. for Le'kwiltok',
Kwakiutl Dialect.
Heiltsuk* Dialect.
Gyit'ama't Dialect.
The literature of this language is very scanty. The following writings
are of importance:
W. Fba.seb Tolmie and Geokoe M. Dawson, Comparative Vocabularies of the Indian Tribes of British Columbia.   Montreal, 1884.
G. M. Dawson, Vocabulary in Trans. Boyal Soc. of Canada, 1887, ii.
A. HAiiii, A Grammar of the Kwagiutl Language, Trans. Boyal Soc. of
Canada, 1888, ii, pp. 59-105.
F. Boas, "Grammatical Notes on the Kwakiutl Language," in the
i Sixth Report of the Committee on the Northwestern Tribes of Canada,"
Proc. British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1890. \y
The Gospel according to Saint John, translated into the Qagiitl Language.   London, 1834 (by Rev. A. F. Hall).
The Gospel according to Saint Matthew, translated into the Qa gutl
(or Quoquols) Language.   By Rev. A. F. Hall.   London, 1882.
The following alphabet has been used; the vowels have their continental sounds :
a = aw in law.
E==e in flower.
Consonants.—The following consonants require a special description :
k% g',
k, g,
ky (kH), gy.
This is a series of k sounds beginning with the posterior guttural k\
passing through the ordinary k to the anterior palatal ky. There is a tendency in the Heiltsuk* dialect to transform ky and gy into k and g. The
distinction between sonans and media is here, as in many other Indian
languages, exceedingly difficult, and it may be that to the Indian ear
there is no real distinction between both classes. The same is true in the
case of labials and dentals, s and c (= English sh) afe evidently modifications of the same sound ; 8 is always pronounced with open teeth and
post-alveolar position of the tip of the tongue. Thus it obtains a similarity with c, while the latter partakes in the same way of the characteristics of s.
q, q, h correspond to k, k, ky, the first being the German guttural ch
in ach, the last the German palatal ch in ich, the q an intermediate sound
like ch in the Westphalian dialect.
The vowels of the Kwakiutl language are extremely variable, and I
have not been able to ascertain satisfactorily the meaning of lengthening
and shortening, of apparent contractions and diaeresis. I had, therefore,
to confine myself to give the various forms which I obtained from the
Indians. We find a series of very indistinct vowels which are not articulated, but indicated by position of the mouth. The most frequent among
these is u following a terminal k, for which I have used the sign j; for
instance, in the passive participle —k'. In compounds, when a syllable
follows the —k' the u is often articulated.
Pauses in words are very frequent, and are almost always accompanied by an increased stress of the preceding consonant. I have found
it impossible in this language to distinguish clearly between consonants
articulated with ordinary stress and increased stress, although the latter
are undoubtedly found, p. e., ky'e, no. Boas.]
| Nov. 18,
to be able to compete with somebody, N.
la'kyusta (—usta, up) ; wi'-
kyusta, not to be able to get up
against (wi, negation; —usta,
up)— to rise opposite to somebody ?
about, —uili(la) ; N. tle'kuilila, moving about; lakuilila, camping
about, here and there (lsk'u'la,
to camp).
above, N. L. aikH, aikya ; H. G. aikH ;
N. aikyak'au'e, uppermost
(—k-aue, farthest in a certain
direction) ; L. ai'kyaqala, from
above (—aqa, down; —la, verb,
svf); L. aikyak'E'mHit, to look
vp (—k'E'm, surface of round
thing —face; — ml, v. a.); tlaq-
k'o-it aikH, evening sky=red
above; G. au'kyoa, upper side
(see On top of); H. ma'tea, to
fly above.
to abuse one another, H. laa'lk-au.
to ache, L. ts'e'Hila (see Sick).
across, N. —uitla(la); la'lauitlala, or
la'laotla/ always going across
(la— to go).
Adam's apple, H. k-'ok^oqa'oa
(—qaoa, neck).
adrift (see On surface of water).
adze, H. tla'k'oabala (same type as
the Pacific Island adze); towai'u
(D-shaped handle with blade attached to its flat side) ; tle'q-
afraid, N. ky'e'tlala ; L. ky'e'tlEn,
lam—;H. wo'se; wo'sEno'gua,
he't'et; e'telis, again in
k-aiu'tlutl: H.
or lsno'gua wo'silE, lam-
make  afraid,   N.   ts'E'ntiyim ;
ts'E'ntikya, to be—.
after, behind,  N.  E'lEqtle ; la'tlin,
E'laqtlitl, I will go after him.
afternoon, H. tlkya'qa.
again, N.
ago,   long  ago,  L.
kaiu'tlutl'ats (—ats, distant, invisible).
agreeable noise, H. aikH'e'kala (aikH,
good; —kala, noise).
ahead, N. lalak'a, to go ahead;
(lak'a, to pass by, from ; la, to
go; —k*a, reaching); La/la-
k'ayu'k-oa, name of female =
made to go ahead.
air, H. na'la.
alder, N. tl'a'k'omis (tl'a'k'o, red;
—mis, tree) ; H. G. tla'kotas
(from: red).
alive, N. k'o'la ; k'o'lasta, water of
life (—sta, water).
all, L. k"'a'laue, N. na'qua, H. agy,
G. wa'qau ; that is all, L. lEm-
k'oa'tla, H. au k'oa'tl.
alone, N. na'nawa; na'nawalaqtse'-
aq'enoq, one who wants to work
alone ; N. nEtno'k' (nEm, one);
NEmo'kuis, the only One on
earth ; NEmo'kyustalis, the only
one who came up out of earth
(—usta, up ; —lis, ground) ;
Nsmo'kua, alone on rock (—a,
stone, rock) ; N"Em6'kuak-ame,
all alone on rock (—k-ame, superlative) ; NEmo'kuitsalis,
alone on prairie (—itsalis, flat
open country).
 to eat,  drink, work alone,  N.
along, N. —nta(la).
 long   object,   N.   —nutsEntala
(along side of); k atsnutsEhtala,
to walk along long object.
 flat   object,    N.    —unqEntala
(—inqe, edge) ; k a'sEnqsntala,
to walk along flat object; H.
tono'olsa, to walk along plank. 1892.1
[B >as.
always, N. —tl; ama'qutatl, always
giving away coppers (ama'qut,
to give away coppers) ; ha'qk-o-
latl, always giving away blankets
(ia'k-ola, to give away blankets) a
hama'lagyilatl, always giving
away blankets (ma'le, to distribute blankets ; —gyilis, earth,
always) ; baqbaku'latl, always
eating human flesh (baqba/k',
eating human flesh, from bEk',
 N. gyilis,   literally : on earth ;
hama'lagyilatl, always distributing blankets; wina'lagyilis,
always fighting; harnE'lagyi-
litlEn, I eat always in house
(ham—, to eat; —ill, in house) ;
hams'lagyilisen, I eat always on
beach(—is, on beach); Nu'tlk'ala-
gyilis, always-acting foolishly.
among, N. H>G. —ak-a ; N. nsq -
ak'a'la, to pull out of a bag;
doq'ok'a/la, to look among —;
ain'ak'a'la, good among others ;
wa'lak*a, to lead Hamatsa
around after Tsetsd'ek'a; H.
le'lt'ak'a, to search among;
p'epeya'k'a, to feel among ; G.
du'mduk*ak*a, to look everywhere
ancestor, N. gy&Hgyila'itl = first of
house (gyil, first; —itl, house).
anchor stone, H. k'alia'ois (—is,
in water) ; G. t'ayaqai'u.
to anchor; L. mo'koanut, cast anchor! (see To tie); H. tlE me'E'-
enEm, to anchor; G. t'ayaia'q,
canoe is at anchor.
to angle, L. tla'k-a, k*'e'ta, H.
t'opha'; to drop hook into water,
Is. ts'E'qstEnta k-'e'taio.
angry, L. e'sn, N tla/uis; tl'E'-
tlEspis, expert in anger (—pis,
expert) ; H. kai'lala (= angry
noise; —ala, noise); hailalak's,
angry noise woman (—k-s, female).
animal, H. sisa'kwimis ; a certain—,
k-'a'iskato, large ear (k-'a s,
large; —ato, ear).
ankle, L. k-oa'tlk-ok-, H. k-6'ka-
nutl (perhaps: foot side), G.
antless, L. N. H. wutle'm.
anus, L. po'laqstee (—qstee, hind
part of body), H. ama'kyas.
apron, L. tsap (borrowed from Co-
mox),.G. sE'paqsteya (—qsteya,
hind part of body).
arm, L. N. a'yaso, H. kaia'so, G.
 above elbow,  N. H. oqsiape' ;
skin of —, N. tl'etseape, H.
armor made of wood or skin, H. pa'-
armpits, H. da/dok'ola'tse (—atte,
to arrange bed, L. heitla'lit ; H.
haile'tlatl, to make right.
around, N. H G.—ista ;N. awi'sta,
around a thing; awista'lis,
heistaiis, around the world; le'-
istala, to go around; k-a'tsestala,
to walk around; maqsista'ltea,
making pollatch all around the
world (ma^qoa, to give two blankets to each ; —lis, earth) ; N.
NutlEmistalitsE/mk/a, woman
made to go like a fool around the
world (no'16, nu'tlEm, fool;
—ista, around; —lis, earth ;
—tsEin, made to;—k*a, woman),
H. oe'sta, view ; d'oqsista'la, to
look around; toe'stala, to go
around; gy'eqse'stala, to run
around ; G. k*'a'tsistala, to walk
to arrive, L. lamEn la'kya, 1—; N.
le'iHtiH la'kj'aatla, when I arrived.
'« Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
arrow, L N. H. W. G. ha'ntlEtn ;
H. ha'ntlEmpa, arrow point
(—pa, point) ; ha/ntlEma'tse,
quiver (—atse, receptacle).
bird arrow, N. k-6'lok'oaiu.
arrow point, H. k^E'inkyim.
to ascend river in canoe. H. sia'.
to ascend a mountain, N. lagyusta'Ia
(la, to go; —usta, up; —la,
v. s.), H. na'qa.
to be ashamed, L. ma'qts'a.
ashes, Is. k'ona'i, H. gune'.
 white of toood, L. k'oa'tlopEs,
H. k-oa/tlom.
 to roast in ashes, L. a'sa.
asked by everybody to give feast, N.
to assemble, N. hok-ona'kula (—na-
kula, motion) ; hoqsta'la, an assembly (crowd) running into
water (?) (—sta, water) ; kyi'm-
k'ona'kula (used in, songs
assistant of HawVnall, N. ne'qalla,
 Hamatsa, N. sa'latlila.
aunt, father's and mother's sister, N.
H. ani's.
 uncle's wife, N. apa'tso (stepmother).
autumn, G. gya/lEmgyilis (—gyilis,
to awake, v. n., L. ts'i'mt, H. ts'iHi't.
 v. a., H. koia'.
axe, Is. N. sopai'u (sopa, to hew with
axe; —aiu, instrument), H.
k'okuna'kula (k'd'koa, to hew
with axe ; —nakula, motion).
stone axe for war (long, sharp stone
fastened in, a perforated handle),
N. nEb'ai'u.
baby,  N. wi'sa,   H. qEnii'q'o,  G.
qabq (from qap'e', cradle (?)).
back, N. —ikye, —igya, H. G.
—egya; N. awi'kye, back;
k''6'k'o-igya, hunchbacked;
ts'i'lkigyila, feathers on back
(—la, v.s.) ; moe'gyint, to carry
on back; pEne'gyalitl, to warm
one's back; na'lagyiligya, back
of day of world (—gyil—, earth);
H. osk'ame'gya, back (—sk'am,
outside of round thing) ; ts'E'm-
tegya, dorsal fin ; k'u'tSEme'-
gya, skin of back; owe'gyatl-
kya'ne, back of hand (—tlkya'-
• ne,—skya'ne, hand); k'utstse'-
gyatlkya'ne, skin of back of
hand; owi'gyatltse'tse, instep
(—(tl) tsetse, foot).
 support (lazy seat), N. yi'mk-oas
(—as, place).
bad, Is. N. ia'qsum (i—, negation;
—aiH, good), H. iakH, G. iaH ;
N. ia'qp'aqsta, to speak bad of
one (—qsta, mouth) ; G. iakHe_
k-ala, bad noise (—k-ala, noise).
bad tempered, H. tlHsa'la (—ala,
bailer, H. qa'lgyilis.
bald headed (see Bare).
ba'qus (season when no Tsetsa'ek'a
must be held), N. ba'qus.
bare, H. tl'dk*; tl'okk-ea', bare
headed (—k'ea, head) ;tl'6k-u's,
country bare of plants (—us,
outside) ; tl'oqsE'mla, bare
mountain (—k'SEm, outside of
round thing; —la, v. s.).
bark of tree, L. qa/k^'um, H. qk'um.
•  of cedar,  N. Tl.  H. W.  G
tEna's, H. da'deotl XV-
to bark. Is. N. wo'koa, H. wa'kya ;
L. wo'koq ta wa'tse, the dog
barks;N. wa'wakulitla, barking
in house (—itl, in house).
barnacle, Is. N. qa/ik\
basket, L. lEqa,'; N. LEqla'q (a
name), basket eater (?). 1892.]
basket, small, for fish, N. la'laqam.
 large, for blankets, Is. tla'pat,
H. kn'e'patse (—atse, receptacle).
 forfish and clam*; H. G. ts'Ela'.
. for berries, H. W. nana'k-Em
(nak*a, to drink, the basket is
 L. pe'kyoo.
bat,   bak-'oala'ue,   making   sleepy,
from ba'k-'oatlEla, sleepy.
baton, used in winter dance, L. N.
t'a'miaio, H. W. tle'qem ; N.
t'a'msala, to beat time (—ala,
noise of (?); —sila, to make (?) );
t'a'miatse, master of batons;
t'a'miasilala, rhythm; H. tle'-
qala, to beat time.
baton, H. haua'qala (—ala, noise).
 of chief,  Tl.  sik'a'kyano,  H.
bay, Is. awetle'sela, N. oqtlalis (perhaps only head of bay), H. otso-
beach. N. L. —is, —lis ; H. G. —is,
—lis; L. tlE'mais, beach; t'a'tis,
lying on beach; N. ok'oma'lis,
face of beach (—k*am, facing) ;
d'apa'lis, covered by tide
(d'apa, to flood); ha'lqsiualis,
killing on beach at mouth of
river (-^-siuae, rieer mouth) ;
H. uwi's, beach; ai'kyitskolis,
flat beach (aikH, good); hana'qtis
gyi'loaq, canoe is on beac7i(h&n—,
hollow object, canoe) ; G. wo'-
qanuis, beach; goa'is, to sit on
beach; aigyitsui's, flat beach
(aikH, good).
heavy beams supporting roof, parallel
to ridge of house, L. ky'a'tewan,
H. k-'aqa'wa.
grizzly bear, N. L. Tl. H. nan; N.
gyila; G. saH; N, Nuqnemis
name: ne'nEnk'as (—bear woman) ; nanis, bear in bottom of
sea (—is, in sea) ; nanqa, called
bear (—qa, called) ; na'ntse,
great bear (—tse, great) ; na'n-
k*ama'lis, bear facing beach or
earth (—k'am, facing; —lis,
beach); na'nqtlo, cinnamon
skin of grizzly bear, pas'Ena'e.
black bear, L. tie, N. tla'e, H. tl'a,
G. t'e'Hoa ; N. Nuqnemi* name:
tl'e'tlek'a, bear woman.
beard, chin, L. hapa'qsteya (hap—,
hair; —qste, mouth), H. ha'p-
EHsia' (hap—, 7iair; —eHsia,
 moustache, L. hapa'qsteya, H.
hapqta'e (—qtae, mouth), G.
hapEqte (—qte, mouth).
to beat time, N. t'a'msEla (see
 on beach at marriage ceremony,
N. tsa'qa.
beaver, L. N. ts'a'oe, Tl. ts'o'k-oa,
ts'a'6, H. G. kolo'n (borrowed
from Bilqula) ; H. L. N. ts'a'e-
atse, young beaver (—atse, young
of—) ; N. Nuqnemis names :
d'akya'lis, he'lumHtasola.
bed, L. k-e'nutl, H. k'oai', G. ku'1%.
ilas (ku'l'itl, to sleep ; —as, place
bedroom, N. gyiai'las, H. k'we.
to beg, N. k*oe'k-oasa ; k'oe'k'oasa-
latl, beggar dance.
behind, N. oqtle'e; L. oqtlaksi'tse,
heels; alqtlae'istala, coming
around last; H. —qtle ; wala'q-
i\ek'3,youngest daughter; d'ok*'-
oqtla'la, to look back; goa'qtle,
to sit on hind part; kdpaqtla'ut,
to break off hind part; G. d'6'-
k''oqtla, to look back; ha'mts'-
aqtlee, rest of foot.
to believe, N. ne'nky'ek'ala.
BellabeUa village, H. G'alts.
Bella Coola, N. K. H. Bi'lqula. Boas.]
[Nov. 18;
belly, Is. ta'ikye, H. tky'e, G. tEkH ;
H. k'utseqtla'es, skin of — ;
tlo'qoaqtlali'sEla, sick in —.
below, N. pE'n'a, H. oa'poa, esa'-
poa; G. au'apoa, H. hesa'po-itl,
below in house ; wiwunk#'apo-is,
bottom of sea (—wunk", edge;
—apoa, below; —is, in sea) (see
below (down river), N. gua'e (also
north), gua'tse.
belt of women, L. wusi'kyanEm, H.
to bend with hammer, H. mokpta'ut
(mokoa', to strike with hammer).
berries (species unknown), Tl. haii-
tlus ; k-e'qelis ; k*'Emk*oale';
k-e'sk#ele'q; k'oa'k-uge'e; k'6'q-
k'uls ; nek*'utl; si'lErn ; wao-
pa'litse ; tle'k-'um; tlinq ; L.
ts'e'Hina; tsi'k-ctl.
black berries, H. cia'k'unatl.
cranberries, Is. tu'stak'a, Tl. tu'-
huckleberries, Is. k'oa'tEm, H. koa.'-
tEni; It. k'oa'tlmis, — bush;
k'oa'tqut, eating —.
salmonberries, L. k-'E'mtsuk", A. H.
kau'lali; H. kau'tlila, country
full of berries.
sdllalberries, N. nEqna'k', eating —.
soapberries, N. Tl: nsquski'h ; H.
nuqskn, berry soup.
dried berries, Is. t'e'k'a, H. lEk'k.
to bewitch by putting clothing of a
person in contact with a corpse,
N. la'pEtante, Ia'pEtanu.
 by putting clothing in a skull
which is heated, N. e'k*a ; person who knows to do so, e'k-'e-
 to counteract the eka, by repeating the process, N. ds'gyin-
ta; dE'gyintEenoq, person who
knows to perform this act.
bile, H. k'u'lnmas.
bill of bird, H. u'itlpa (—itlpa, nose).
bird, Is. ts'ek, H. ts'e'ko, G. ts'ek'.
 humming bird,N. k'waa'kumte.
 meadow lark (Sturnella magna,
neglecta), tls'ltssn, N.  otsEq-
 warbler, N. ma'mema.
  Oregon   junco    (Junco    hye-
malis), N. tso'pamale.
 Ampelis garrulus,   N.   kyaa'-
 violet-green   swallow   (Tachy-
cineta thalassina), N. ma'matle-
kya (ma'tle, to fly, flying around
in short cuts), ^jm
 Ammodramus sandwichensis, N.
 chickadee (Parus rufescens), N.
 thrush (Hesperocichla nmia),
N. tsop'ale.
 Merula migratoria propinqua,
N. k'ak'ala's.
 Zonotrichia  cornata, N. tsEs-
 'snipe, N. t&a'tsatlkyawa.
 Bubo virginianus, N. te'HteH-
ialetl, H. Ihihiii.
 Nyctea, N. ky'a'saqa.
-— Nyctala  acadica,   N.   bskue'
(soul, ghost).
 screech   owl   (Megascops   asio
Kennicottii), N. HopHop, kyo'-
 flicker  (Colaptes   caper   satu-
rator), N. gu'ltEm.
 woodpecker (all kinds), N. tla'-
-—kingfisher (Ceryle aloyon), JX.
  Corvus caurinus, N. kyiqela'-
k'a; Nuqnemis name: ky'a'-
nauek'a ; Tl. ts'eqsa'k'e : Nuqnemis name: kHk*ala'k*a ; H.
kH'a'k*a. 1892.]
and   golden,    N.
wik',   G.   aiHsto-
bird, blue jay, N. ku'ckuc.
 hawk (various kinds), N. ma'
 eagle,   bald
kue'k',   H.
 Swainson's hawk (Buteo Swain-
soni), N. t'ot'a'lotl.
 red-tailed hawk (Buteo borealis
calurus), N. a'ukoane.
 fish hawk (Pandion haliatus,
carolinensis), XT. ts'entsek.
 sandpiper (Creunetes  occiden-
ialis), N. ts'ESQaue'k-'.
 Tringa alpina, N. tso'p'apa'la.
 plover ( Gharadrius squatarola),
N. tso'tsEtsa.
 JEJgialitis    semipalmata,     N.
 Limosa fedra,   N.   k'oa'k'oa-
 pintail (Dafila acuta), N. we'-
wapEs (—wap, water; —pes,
expert= liking fresh water).
 petrel ( Oceanodroma furcata),
N. k*oe'k'oek'oe.
 gull, Ii. ts'a'ek*oaam, N. ts'e'-
k-oa,   H.   ts'e'kyela'ka;   N.
Nuqnemis name : N. ma'tagyila
(making fly (?) ), tsE'nqk'aio.
 Diomedea albatrus, N. ba'tla.
 tern  (Sterna  paradisea),   N.
k-a'k"'akyitawa, biting off from
man's head; k*'a'gyuk', apiece
bitten off.
 Merganser serrator, N. k'6k-6'-
os ; Nuqnemis name : k ok •6'-
te'aqsma'lak'a (as mink's wife);
tlE'mk-eu (= gummy head).
 coot   ( Oidemia perspicillata),
 scaup   duck   (Ay thy a   marila
nearctica), H. tso'ts'EspEs.
 loon (Urinaior Imber), N. qa'-
bird, HolboeU's grebe, N. lia'masllalis;
Nuqnemis name: ha'maqsta.
 horned grebe (Golymbus auri-
tus), N. k-'au'tak.
 Brachyramphus maramoratus,
N. tegye'gyila.
 Uria GryUe CaUfornensis,  N.
 cormorant (Phalacrocorax-pela-
gicus respUndens), N. la'qlaq.
 (Phalacrocorax pelagicus
robustus), N. tlo'pane; Tl. tlo'-
 Cepphus 'Columba, N. tse'ssa.
 gray-ruffed   grouse    (Bombosa
umbellus   umbelloides),   N. ku-
 Dendragapus  obscurus fUligi-
nosus), N. bo'mhdm.
 pigeon (Columba fasciata), N.
 sandhill crane (Grus mexicana),
N. atE'mkule.
 blue heron  (Ardea  herodias),
3ST. k'oa^k*'oane.
 oyster     catcher     (Hmmatnpus
Bachmani), N. gue'guegue.
 swan (Olor  columbianus),  N.
 snow goose (Chen hyberborea\
N. tl'e'staq.
 Anser  albifrons  Gambeli,   N.
nE'lla. WMjM
 Branta nigricans, N. na'naqa-
 Branta Canadensis, N. nEqa'k\
 -pelican, N. ha'uqaukoa'yatl.
 Charitonetta albeola (male), N«
 Charitonetta albeola (female),
N. Hu'pe.
 Mallard duck (Anas boshas),
N. tla'tlky'efi.
 Olangula hyemalis, N. baha'ne.
 harlequin duck, N. ma'taena. Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
bird, golden eye (Glaucionetta clan-
gula Americana), N. kute'na.
 Spatula clypeata, N. sisok'ua.
 Oidemia Deglandi, N. HOQup-
stala, Tl. k-'amtse'Q.
 Vrotrichus Gibsii, N. gya'gy'-
apEs ;  Nuqnemis name : hala-
 (species unknown) Tl. tlE'stlEk";
tla'tsem ; ma'tsene ;   ky'i'not,
H. kui'nk*; nesna'k*.
 fabulous birds, N. ha'utlak'a-
nus ; ma'kekyu,  said to make
canoes in woods.
to give birth to, Is. ma'yotlam,   H.
biscuit, N. kwa'k'uqsEm ; kwa'k'uq,
eating —.
to bite, a piece bitten out, N. k*'a-
gyuk' (k-'amgyuk' (?)).
black,   Is.   ts'o'tla,  H.  ts'o'tla,   G.
bladder, H. te'qatse (—atse, receptacle).
\ offish, H. wule'tl.
blankets, all kinds of, when used, Is.
ns'q'une, H. k-6'tiH, G. tsat-
sag'6'etl, H. —otl; N. ala'-
gyim, skin—;tlE'k-oqsEm, martin— (tlE'k,Ek',mar^"n);pElpE-
lask'E'm, mountain goat wool —
{Tp'&'\&m,wool of mountain goat);
k-'a'sasqEm, sea otter — (k*'a'-
sa, sea otter) ; tlo'qsEm, red —
(tlak'oa, red); k-'6'tsEm, black
— (the ending common to, these
words is probably —k*sEm,
—SEm, —k'Em, related to: outside of round object.in reference to
their being put around the body) j
k'uta'otl, skin — (H. k'utsE,
skin; H. —otl, blanket); gy'6'-
paoas, blanket made of yellow
cedar bark; ya'k-elak, another
style of the same. H. ma'ms-
tlk'dtl, martin — (msstlk'an,
martin) ; ts'atsaqko'tl, mountain goat wool — (ts'ak*, mountain goat) ; k*'ak-a'sotl, sea otter — (k*'asa, sea otter) ; te'-
qsEm, green —; tla'oqsto, red
— (tlak'oa, red) ; kye'lqsEm,
white — ; a'mESEm, black — ;
tsatsoa'la, skin — for children ;
yiqtu'mkEna, Chilcat — (yiq—,
blankets, lying about, Is. k?ui'lk*uela,
H. ma'mstl.
 in potlatch, N. ie'k'ala.
  tied around belly, L. sa'qstae
(—qsta, end of body), H. sap'a'-
qstegyila (—qsta, end of body ;
—gyila, to make).
 to put on blanket. Is. k'o'qotlsut
(—otl, outof(t)).
 to take off blanket, L. k'o'qtsufc
(—tsoa, in (?) ).
blind, L. p'a'p'as, H. b'ak*.
block by means of which HawVnalatl
is raised, N. k'a'k'ekyi.
blood, Is. Elk. N. a'lg'um, G. bE'lH-
tlsm; H. a'lkoasa, blood in
body; a'lHsimala, blood on outside of something (—SEm, outside
of round object; —la, v. s.) ;
a'lHokyana'la, blood on hand
(skyana, hand).
to bleed, L. a'lH'uit, H. a'lkoa; H.
a'lkuitlpa, nose bleeds (—itlpa,
nose) ; a'lkmala, face bleeds
(—ma, face; —la, v.s.); aqa'lkus
blood on ground (—us, ground,
outside, country).
to blow fire, Is. pu'quit.
to blow, whale, N. tla'tla; Tla'tlae-
gyilis (name of a woman), blowing on land (—gyilis, land).
blue, Tl. tsa'ca, H. koa'yelak's, G.
board, made by means of wedges, H.
ha'was (also board of roof).
 sawed, H. keqk' (keqa, to saw). 1892.]
I Boas.
body, N. 6'gwine, H. okona' (only
surface of body) ; H. k-EmEqa'-
otlna, left side; hai'tlkotlna.H^M
side; tldqoana'la, sick, sore all
body, corpse, H. k-a'lkuis; k*a'lkue,
drifting (—e, on surface of water) ; k'a'lkuntsis (—unts, (?) ;
—is, in sea).
to boil, v. n., Is. tlEma', H. tlEma',
to bolt, TSt. ts'E'mk-oa.
bone, Is. W. G. qak ; L hak-'o'poi,
sternum (—poe, breast) ; H. ts'-
io'poa, sternum (—poa, breast) ;
k'o'tsaqa'oa, collarbone (—qaoa,
 of fish, Is. k^'o^'oaio.
boom (of canoe sail), L. tse'kyinfi'-
tlEme (—nutlEme, side of), N.
born (perhaps : from beginning), N.
nii'tlamo, born a fool (nu'tlEm,
foot); no'k'amo, born wise,
(no'k'at, wise).
both, N.H. waqs; 2ST. waqsE'nqe, both
sides (—Enqe, edge) ; wa'qssn-
gilis, somebody on each side of an
object on beach; waqsEmk-'a'-
sEla, to put into mouth from
both sides; waqsistaut, to divide;
H. waqsodE'toa, both ears
(—Etoa, ear).
bottle made of kelp, kelp, Is. N. H.
bottom of an object, N. 6'qste, —qste ;
It. po'laqste, anus; sa'qstae,
blanket tied around belly; H.
—ste (?);kya'qte, notch of arrow
(= notch in bottom); sap'a'qste-
gyila, blanket tied around belly.
bottom of sea, N. k*'atsi's (—is, in
water), H. wiwu'nk'apois,
(—unk', edge; —apoa, under;
—is, »» water).
bow, L. N. tla'kuis, H. G. tlE'kuis.
bowstring, H. tlkue'tSEm.
bow of canoe, H. tle'tskina.
 man in bow of canoe, N. 6'kyine.
box,  Indian, Is. qE'tsEm (borrowed
from Catloltg), L. N. H. gyi'-
box for blankets, H. pak eye'la, G.
1 ak'ea'la.
 grease,    H.    tEngua'tse
(—atse, receptacle).
 blankets, H. ky'E'lqsEma'-
tse (= white blanket receptacle).
 woman's working box, H. okwal-
a'tse (—atse, receptacle).
 for berries, A. k'atlk-.
boy, Is. N. gyina'num (child), H.
gapqo' (about twelve years old).
bracelet of mountain goat horn, N.
ye'k'wekila, L. gy'o'kula.
bracelet of copper, Tl. k"'oe'k*oe, H.
braid, L. hae'qsto, L.k*'a'tlee.
brain, L. tlE'k-oa, H. tlqlk-oa'tsoa.
branch, L. wu'tlsa'ne, H. tl'Esna'.
to break, Is. kyu'q'uit (see To fight),
N. kyo'k'oa; kyo'qkyok-oa'la,
noise ofbreaking(—&\&,noise); H.
kou'mEsiut; ko'kumsia, to break
to pieces (reduplicated); kokoa-
poa'lut, to break by bending;
kopaqtla'ut, — off hind part
(—qtlae,hind part); koo'mpaut,
— off point.
 with   hammer,    H.   mu'qsiut,
— with one stroke; mumu'qsia,
with many strokes.
 coppers inpotlatch, N.laqs's'nt;
La'laqs'Ent'aio, means of breaking copper (a name).
 1 break it, N. t'ap'e'tEn.
breaker for cedar bark, L. kya'ts'aio,
A. yitsai'6, H, tlana'kula
(—nakula, motion) (shape of the
tapa beaters), tss'oai'6 (shape
somewhat like a mincing knife
without handle). Boas.]
[Nov. IS,
breakers, H. kwe'ta.
breast. It. N. opo'e, —poe; L. hak-'-
6'poe, breast bone ; L. nak'po'e,
stomach; N. tle'tsEpo'e, skin
of—,• H. tqk-'apoa', —poa ; ts'i-
6'poa, breast bone; k'utsepo'a,
skin of —/ tloqoapo'ala, sick
on — (tloqoala'so, sick in —);
G. tak*apo'a
breast, female, L. ts'ain, H. tsaa'm,
G. dzam (see To suck).
breath, N. ha'asae, H. ha'spio ; Lta.'-
sot, to breathe out.
bride, H. qae'tl.
to bring back novice from woods by
dancing, N. wutla'qut.
broom, H. ky'alai'6.
brother (said by male), N. nE'mwiut;
collectively: nEnE'mwiutlala,
brothers and male cousins; na-
tlEmwi'ut, relatives; H. mEnu'-
ya; G. mEne'suwa.
 said by female, N. H. wa'k'oa.
  younger, Is. N. H. G. ts'a'ya ;
also: parent's younger brother's
or sister's cJiild.
 younger, addressed, N. wis.
 elder, N. H. G.  no'la ; also:
parent's elder brother's or sister's
 elder, addressed, N.v gyi'E (see
brother-in-law (both kinds).~N. k-o-
lis, gyii'mp ; H. also : sister-in-
brush, H. ky'a'taio (= paint instrument).
bucket, L. na'k-atse (= drink receptacle), H. na'k'Em (from nak*a,
to drink).
buttocks, H. mE'nkyatse.
to buy, Is. kni'lnoa, H. G. tlea'; H.
tlea'nuq, something that has been
bought; tlei'lks, storekeeper
(= expert in buying) ; tleae'les,
store  (= buying   house);   G.
tl'ela's,  store;   tl'e'lgis,  storekeeper.
by and by, L. k'oatlema'stl.
calf of leg, H. U'e'tl'ekya (—ekya,
leg below knee).
to call, Is. la'k^oalaso ; lamanqa la'-
k'oa gya'tlk'e, I call again.
to call to feast, to invite, N. g'e'la ;
tlatlig ela'lait, every one calls
him to feast.
called, to call, N. —qa; Qua'kuna-
qan, 1 call canoe, i. e., I wish to
buy a canoe (Qua'k'un, canoe) ;
nanqa, called bear.
calm, H. k*auqk'ula; k*'au'k-o-is,
place where it is always calm.
to camp, N. lsk'u'la ; la'k'uilila,
tribe always camping about.
canoe, L. N. qua'k'un ; qua'kunatl,
canoe that is going to be, i. e.,
that is making ; Qua'qukunatse,
large canoes ; QuakunamEne'q,
small canoes; Q.ua'kunatsES,
fragments of canoe; Qua'Qua-
kuiala, to look for a canoe wanting to buy it ; qua'kunaqan, I
call a canoe, i. e.. wish to buy it;
N. gya'16 (obsolete), H. gyi'l'oa,
G. gyi'loa; H. gyil'oaai'ase,
place of canoe in woods ; gyi'l'o-
ko'tle, broken canoe ; N. gui'tES,
ku'mtsala (?).
 Chinook canoe, L. ss'qEm, H.
—— war canoe, N. d'aku'n. -
 large war canoe, N. nm'nk'a.
 Fort Rupert canoe,    Is.  Que'-
 Haida canoe, H. hai'dats.
 (what kind (?) ), L. ya'atse.
 legendary (folding),   N.   da'-
 in canoe, N. 6'qss ; laqs, to go 1S92.]
into canoe (la—, to go) ; gya'-
qaqsala, to come in canoe ; gua'-
qsEla, to sit in — ; mo'qsEla, to
load — ; H. lopqs, empty canoe
(lop, empty); laqsut, to load
canoe (la—, to go; —ut, v. a.);
goa'qs, to sit in —; G. laqs, to
go into —; wa'mEqsut,to load —/
goa'qsala, to sit in —.
 lying on side, N. k*6'k*oatla;
k'ok'oma'lis, canoe lying on side
in front of beach.
 adrift, H. k'auk'oaHsela'k'tle
(—tie, on surface of sea).
 nan—; this stem probably means
a hollow vessel (see Kettle), and
is used in composition with local
suffixes; TX. ha'nk'amlis, canoe
landing in front of beach
(—k*am, in face of; —lis,
beach); hanHsi'wae, canoe at
mouth of river (—siwae, river
mouth) ; hanue'lagyitle, canoe
is on water ; H. hana'qtis (gyi'-
loaq), canoe is on beach ; hana'-
eas gyi'loaq, canoe is on water ;
hana'laktla, canoe at anchor;
hanea'ses gyiloa, place of canoes
in forest; G. haneilwa'paqt,
canoe is on water.
 place of — in forest, H. tlq'-
out of canoe, —otlt; IT. gyaqotlta'-
lisaisus, he brought one out of
canoe to beach; G. wa'mdtltut,
to unload.
to make canoe, H. a'tl'a ; a'tl'sskid,
canoe builder.
cap, dancing —, N. ts'e'qeoe
(ts'ek*—, secrets, winter dance ;
—eoe—, forehead).
capable of —, ST. ts'ss ; d'o'qts'ES,
seer ; H.—tEs; k'a/watas, with
good power of hearing.
cape, N. waqsa, H. oa'qsiwa.
to  capsize,  L. k'apa',  H. k'pae';
k'pe'tla, something turned upside down; k'pe'tla-itl, something turned upside down on
to take care of —, N. aa'qsila; tla,'-
tlaqsila, taking care of cedar-
bark rings (tla'k'ok*, cedar-bark
ornament) ; ma'menatsila, taking care of drums (?) (msna'tse,
drum ; —ila, to make ; probably
drum maker).
to treat carefully, cautiously, TH. ma'-
y anil a.
something one does not care for, one
does not want to keep, N. wS'iat
(w—, negation).
cariboo, H. tl'aqt.
to carry in hand, N. da'la, —Enk*-
ula, matsEmEnk'olawis, always
carrying two round ones in
hand ; mam 6 'sk -am Enk *ol a,
carrying four round ones in
to carry into house, H. laai'tla (la—,
to go ; —itl, in house).
to carry on back, N. moe'gyint
(—igya, back).
to carry load into canoe, L. ma'wa
(see To load).
carrying something in mouth, N. 1e'-
kuqsta (—qsta, mouth) ; k*e-
tyeqstils, — outside (see To
bite, —qsta, mouth; —ils, outside) ; k'etyeqsta'litl, — in
to carry fire, H. pe'H'it (?).
to carve meat, L. k'ca'qit; k-oa'tlaio,
carving knife.
carved figure, 1ST. ky'ek'.
carving knife, L. killruatlam, k*oa'-
tlaio, H. ky'e'olEm.
cat, Is. ma'matlis (see European),
H. ma'qoa.
cataract, L. tsE'qoaqala (—aqa,
down), H. gy'a'matsEn.
cat's cradle (game), H. ts'EtltSE'nti. Boas]
[Nov. 18,
to catch salmon in net, A. tlakil, H.
cause of—, —im ; ia'kHim, cause of
evil; e'ikHim, cause of good;
ale'tsim, cause of being firm.
cedar, Is. tEna'smis (tE'nas, cedar
bark; —mis, tree), A. ts'nies,
H. de'was, G. koaqtla'.
cedar bark ornament for winter dance,
N. H. tl'a'k-ot (tla'k-oa, red I
made red).
chair, H. goa'HtEma (goa—, to
cheek, N. au'tse, L. 6'nutlEme (—
nutl, side of; —me, face), H.
owa'mia (—mia, face); N.
t'eky u's, mythical name of deer=
strike face.
to chew, Is. ma'lekula, H. k'askya'la
(gum and food — noise of chewing), au'ako (tobacco).
chips, k'ok'oaka'oa (k'ok'oa, to hew;
—aoa, refuse).
chief, N. L. gyi'k-ame (gyi, elder
brother, chief; —k'ame, superlative) ; gye'qsEm, group of chiefs ;
N. he'meskyas, real chief (name
of raven ; —kyas, real) ; A. H.
hema's, coll. be'mas, G. hai'-
chieftainess, chief's wife who gave
her husband at time of marriage
much valuable property, N.
6'ma ; 6'magyila, to make —;
6'mak'asEmae, chieftainess in
face of all; omaqta'latle, chieftainess on sea (?).
chief's wife who did not give her husband mw.h property, N. mo'tsitl
(= keeping blankets from floor).
chief's eldest son, N. tlEo'iEk'ame.
chief's daughter, N. ky'e'tetl.
child, N. L. qonu'k', col. gyi'ngyin-
am, H. qoao'k', col. s'a'sEm, G.
 eldest, Is. no'lasnEk'Ema'e (no'-
la, elder brother; —k*amae,
superlative), H. nola'k ame.
 second, Is. k'a'yae, H. qanke's.
 third, N. g-au'i, H. g'auioaqtle
(—qtle, behind).
 youngest,  L. tsa'inqe (tsa'ea,
younger brother; —inqe, edge
of), a'ma-inqe (ama—, small);
H. wala'qtle, youngest son
(—qtle, hind) ; wala'qtlek-s,
youngest daughter (—k*s, female).
parents with children, N. gyinli'kyE-
chin, Is. pE'nkyutaqste (pEn, below;
—kyut, opposite;—qste,mouth),
H. k-'oa'H, G. gy'uq.
chisel, Is. ky'i'mtlaio.
to chop, L. IT. so'pa; N. so'ps'al,
to chop in half in house ; sdps'a'-
lsa, —on beach; sops'ali'sa, to
chop log on beach in half; so'pE-
tl'ane, to chop in many places;
so'paio, adze = chopping instrument ; H. k'o'koa; k'o'kona-
kula, adze; k'ok'oaka'oa, chips.
clams, Is. kya/oek^'anEm; large —,
mat'a'ne; N. clamshell, gyo'-
gwis ; H. clam, ts'e'koa; large
—I tsema'ne.
a clean house, N. ku'nmelalitl (—itl,
to climb a tree, N. tl'spa'; — a
mountain, tl'Bpusta'la (—usta,
up; —la, v. 8.).
cloud, Is. H. anu'e; N. a'nkxila,
cloudy ; A'lik'olAyuk-oa, female
making cloudy weather ; a'dk'o-
alagyilis, country always cloudy.
cloverroot, N. tlique; tliqsi'wae, —
at mouth of rioer.
club, fish —, Ii. t's'lusqan, H. ho'tl'-
 war —, IT. kue'qaio ; to strike
with —, kue'qa.
coal, Ii. ts'o'tlna, H. ts'o'tla. 1892.]
coat, European, L.kipo' (Chinook),
N. da'datsowak', H. d'a'datsoa.
 old style, N. tl'spe'tsae.
cod, red, Is. tla'tlaqon (tla'k'oa, red),
N. ne'ts'e, H. tla'k-o-itk.
cod, black, Tl. t'e'Ha, H. ha'tane.
cod, Tl. H. na'tlEm, L. kyu'mak-
(bon owed from Catloltq).
 sp. (?),    H.   sitqta'la   (-—qta,
cold, Is. wu'ta, H. t'Ene'k', G.
t'Ene'Q; H. kn'ene's, to feel
collarbone, H. k'otsaqa'oa (—qa'oa,
column, heraldic, N. mo'qpik*
(mo'q—, to tie; —pik#, pole;
because blankets are tied to it);
Tl. H. ts'oa'qse (—qse, outside).
column, memorial, H. alaqtlE'n.
comb, Is. qa'k-'Em, H. gy'i'ngyanetl.
to comb, L. qa'k-a-it, H. gy'i'ngya.
to come, N. gyaq; gyaq'otltsoa, to
come out of; 5men gyaqwuli'-
tla, 1 come unasked; k*antlo
gyaqa'la, when I come back (obsolete); k-antlo gyaqe'tleto,
when I come back ; alqtlae'istala,
coming around last (—qtla, last;
—eista, around); H. nogua
a'k'ela, I come here.
common man, Tl. H. qa'mala.
company, group, H. k-ate'tl, col.
k-atk-ale'tl, N. —qssm, gye'-
qsEm, group of chiefs
companion of Hamatsa, N. sa'la-
to conquer, H. ai'kHoa ; L. lamEn
ai'kHaumase, I— thee.
constellations, A. kyai'utla, A. ali'-
to cook, L. mEts'lquit, H. a'mgyila.
copperplate, L, N. ' A. tla'k'oa
(=red); tla'tlaqsEm, small copperplates tied together (—qssm,
group of—-).
copperplate, woman for whom father
plants copperplates in ground,
N. sepa'alellilaok*.
corner, H. oa'toa, p'Esaai'; N.
goa'ne, to sit in corner.
to cough, Ii. lEqa', H. lEqoa'.
council, N. k'ue'qala (—ala, noise) ;
kua'kunqs'ala, to council; H.
hasqta'la (—qta, mouth).
councillor, N. k'ue'qttas; kue'qala-
lagyilis, councillor of his own
to count, N. ho'sa ; Hosta'lakyimo,
people counting objects thrown
into water (?) (—sta, water).
country, Is. t'E'kya, H. tsqams
(—dirt), —is; IT. wi'nakuis,
country; otsa'lis, flat country,
prairie; k*a'16kwis, crooked
country; Gyingina'mis, children of earth = dwarfs ;—gyilis.
 , — us (see Outside), H. —us ;
tl'o'k'us, country bare of plants ;
aq'a'lkus, blood on ground;
k*'au'k ois, place where it is always calm ; —ila, —gyila, probably originally no local meaning
(see To make) ; k'a'mtlila, country where deer are found ; waa'-
negyila, — where herring are
found; ts'a'k-gyila, — where
mountain goat are found (the
meaning is probably: catching
deer, herring, etc.); —enoq,
iukue'noq, windy place = knowing to blow; G. —gyilis, gya'-
lEmgyilis, autumn.
cousin, N. nE'muot; nsnE'muiu-
tala, cousins and brothers; N.
L. H. no'la, parent's-elder brother's or sister's child =elder brother ; ts'a'ea, parenfs younger
brother's or sister's child —
younger brother.
cover, H. takk-; tak'k'ea'la, cover
over head (—k'ea, head; —la, Boas.]
[Nor. 18,
v.) • ta'k'umt, to cover face with
crab. Is. N. k''d'mis (—is, sea) ;
k''6'tsatse, young crab (—tsatse,
crack in dish, H. koek'oatloa'la.
cradle, Is. qaa'p, A. qap'e', G. qabQ,
crazy, N. no'ntsistatl; nontsista'latl,
dancing like a madman (—latl,
dancing, acting).
crooked, Is. N. k 6'tlala; N. k''6'-
k'oigya, with crooked back
(—igya, . back) ; k'a'lokwis,
crooked land; k'autlanea'la, to
walk crookedly.
crossbeam over door of house, H.
gaitsoa' (—tsoa, inside).
crown of head, L. oqtle'n, H. k*'a'-
tsoak'e'a (—k*ea, head).
to cry, Is. N. G. k*'oa'sa.
cup, I*, koa'asta (—sta, water), H.
nak'a'msta (nak'a, to drink;
—sta, water), G. nak'ai'u
(= drinking instrument).
to cut, N. paqa'la, L. paq'it; A.
k'oa'la paqa', do not cut; la'qsa,
to cut up ; la'qsEnt'ae'noq, one
who knows to cut up ; N. sakwa',
to cut meat;, sakwa's, place
where meat is cut; H. qta, qtl-
tsiut, qtla'kyetsut, to carve
game; qo'tltsia, to cut to pieces ;
qtlpta'ut, to make a cut in an object ; k'oqskyana, hand cut off
(—skyana, hand).
to cut tobacco, L. t'o's'it, H. t'os.
dagger, long stone —, H. ts'oai'u.
Da'gyulk*, IT. name of a place.
to make a dam across a riser, N.
to dance,  L. N. H. G. yiqoa'; N.
yiqo'eue,  dancing cap (—eue,
forehead) ; H. yiqste'kya, dancing apron (—ekya, leg below
knee) ; yii'qsteHsitse, —leggins
(—sitse, foot) ; yiqtu'mkena,
Chilcat blanket; IT. kyi'lkyil-
nala, dance at night when novice
returns; K*. —latl, Tso'nok'o-
latl, dancing like Tsonok'oa;
N. ts'a'ek'a ; Tl. H. ts'etsa'ek'a,
. winter dance (— secrets) ; ts'e'-
tsek'a'laiu, song used in winter
dance (—ala, noise; —aiu, instrument) ; ts'e'qpek', pole used
in winter dance; fs'eqpek*'-
5'Iagyilis, dancing pole in earth ;
N. d'E'nts'ik*, Sisiutl dancing
pole ; N. to'quit, war dance (H.
to walk) ; Tl. no'ntlEm, a winter dance (—foolish) ; Tl. ia'-
tiati, a summer dance; H. tlo-
ola'qa, potlatch dance; N.
ba'qus, time when no winter
dances are held.
dancing implements (whistles and
masks), IT. H. nau'alak*.
dancing apron, noise of—, Tl. ts'ok'-
darling, N. a'ta; pet-daughter,
daughter, second, H. k'auioa'qtlek's;
only —, hau'ldsek's (—k*s, female).
day, IT. L. na'la; na'laqstala, having day in month(—qsta, month);
nalaqo'tau, the sold day; na'-
lagyiligya, back of day.
daylight, N. ha'nitsum, H. ts'E'l-
dead, Is. N. H. G. tlEl; N. —otle,
dead, past, broken; TJatleisilo'-
tle, the dead Tlatleisifl; H. —te,
6'mpte, the dead father.
deaf, L. N. H. gu'lkum \ N. gu'-
lkumqEmtl, mask of deaf man;
H. gulHk'o'tato, deaf on one ear
(—ato, ear). 1892.]
death, N. wanumgyila ; wa'lagyila,
making die (only in song) (we,
negation (?) ; —gyila, to make).
decayed tooth, Tl. Nae'nsHE (—she,
deer, L. N. k'e'was, t'ekyu's
(= struck against cheek), k'e'-
Hustala (Nuqnemis name), H.
G- k'a'mela; k'a'mtlila, where
always deer are found.
Delphinus Orca, L. H. ma'q'enoq
(= pursuing secretly), A. H. G.
ha'lq'enoq (= killer).
dentalia, N. a'tlEla.
to descend river, H. ina'iusEla (see
Fast; —tusEla, down river).
to descend mountain, H. kHinkqa.
to desire, H. mESEla'.
to dip, Jf. tse'n'it.
dirt=earth. N. d'E'kya, H. tEk''um,
XT. nE'sa, tsE'sa.
dighpf earthen ware, H. qa'lk'oa.
dish, small grease —, XT. H. ts'spa'-
tsje, G. da'qtla.
 large, XT. tlo'k'oe.
to dive, H. ta's'it, la'sela; —headlong, A. tsasta'ak'a.
to divide, IS. waqsi'stant (waq, both);
N. m atls'alitla, to divide in half
in house (mail, tap; s'al, in
half; —itl, in house).
dog, Is. N. Tl. H. wa'tse, G. wa'ts ;
N. via'sus, eating dogs.
dolphin, Tl. tistawu'lk.
do not/ N. k'Qa'ia.
door, Is. t'E'Hila, Tl. t'e'g'a, H. tl'-
down. —aqa ; N. te'k'aqala, to drop ;
k'S'sEqala, to walk down"; nEk*-
a'qala, to beat time in slow measure (== straight down); akyai'-
aqala, from above; L. tsE'qoa-
qala, cataract; Walas'aqa',
name of a dance (== great from
above); H. soa-'qot, to take down;
H.n,e'tjla;qals, to fall down; Hue'-
tlaqitl, to fall down in house;
la'qa, to go downward ; tqYa'qa,
to jump down; d?6'k'oaqala,
to look down; G. la'qa, to go
downward; d'o'k'oaqa, to look
to look down, Is. pEnk'E'mHit (pEn,
below ; — k 'Em, outside of round
thing; —Hit, v. a.).
downriver—, N.H.G.—tus(Ela);N.
latu'sEla, canoe descends river ;
latusEla'gyilis, to walk down
river (—gyilis, land), sunrise;
Heitlato'sEla, coming downriver-
(name of Ka'nigyilak' in Is.);
A. toatusEl a'gy ilis, sunrise;
iHa'iusEla, canoe descends river ;
G. la'tus, to go down river.
down (feathers), H. k'6s.
to draw breath, H. tlHui't.
to dream, H. ky'a'tlae.
drifting at sea, XT. tse'tsa (log of
driftwood on which a person
stands); tseHa'yo, drifted out of
river; H. p'uqola'k'tle, a log
adrift (—tie, on sea); kHkie'i,
many things adrift (k''ai'nEm,
many); -ya'k'oe, driftwood
adrift; ya'k'ois, driftwood on
beach; k'a'lkue, body adrift
(k*alk—, body); k-au/qo-it,
canoe drifts away.
to drill, H. sElE'm.
to drink, L. na'q'it; N. na'nak'a,
trying to drink; nak'E'lknn,
I—.often (—Elk, expert; —un,
I); nanik'a'matsa, wanting to
give every one to drink; na'k'atse,
bucket(—atse, receptacle); H.na'-
k'a, to drink; naqps, nak'E'lk,
drunkard (—qs, —Elk, expert);
nak'a'msta, cup (—sta, water);
na'k'am, bucket; nara'k'Em,
watertight basket; G. na'k'a,
to drink ; na'k'aio, bucket.
drowned, G. p'Eque. ! Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
drum, L. N. A. H. G. msna'tse ;
N. ma'menatsila, taking care of
drummer, N. mi'nila (== striking),
G. minilis.
to dry salmon, H. ko'tl'a; ko'las,
where salmon are dried.
drying frame, H. kaT-io.
dried salmon, H. qam'a's.
to dry, N. ts'o'sa ; ts'o'tet, fish just
beginning to get dry ; ts'o'tEmit,
coll. ts'o'ts'otsm, salmon, half
dry; H. tto'sa, dry; tso'sk'ea,
to dry head(—k'ea, head); G.
ts'u'sa, dry; tso'sEms, thirsty.
to dry, Is. lE'mHuit.
dry, Is. k'aqd'la.
dull, Is. ie'ifipa (=bad point), G.
p'aspE'luQpa (—pa, point).
dwarfs, N. gyingyina'nEmis (= children of country).
eagle, Is. ku'ik, H. wik'; wi'kuilak',
painted eagle (—ilak', made).
-   whiteheaded,    N.    mo'meqpa
(mok'oa, white; —pa, point).
ear, Is. IT. p'E'spaya, H. G. p'Espe'-
yo; N. (awa)to'e ; ts'Eua'tola,
ear is sick; H. -^-atoa; waqsodE'-
toa, both ears; k'oa'k'oatoa,
perforations of ears; mo'koato,
coll. mu'mkoato, earring ; tl'6-
qoatoa'le, ear is sick; kulnk'o'-
tato, deaf on one ear.
earth, dirt, L. tsqEtns, H. tsqams,
N. —is; N. heista'lis, around
the world (—eista, around);
e'telis, again in earth; nEmo'-
kwitsalis, alone on flat ground ;
—gyilis ; kue'qalalagyilis, councilor of his own country, of
earth; a'nk'oalagyilis, his land
cloudy;    tla'tlaegyilis,    whale
blowing on land ; ts'eqpek''a'-
lagyilis, dancing around dancing pole in earth.
east, IT. mstla's (L. southeast), H.
nElk'; N. metla'lanuk', having
east wind.
to eat, N. ha'mH'it; lEmsn ha'mH'it
he't'eta, I eat again; hauiH'I'-
tEn, I am eating; hamH'i'tlEn,
I am going to eat; ha'msa, to
eat; ha'inaa, trying to eat;
hama'putlEn, I pretend to.eat ;
na'quamkH ham a/pa, all eat;
ha'uik'olisBu, I eat together with
—; hamaa'k', eaten; hamE'lk,
pi. hEhe'mElk, eating much; ha-
mE'lkun, I eat often ; (—Elk, expert); hamasaia'lagyilis, looking for food all over world; ham-
E'lagyilitlEn, I eat continually in
house; H. ha'msa, to eat; ha'm-
sps, ha'mtsilk, eater; ha'm-
ats'a, trying to eat; ha'mEH'it,
to take water and spit it out
again ; hamasa'oa, rests of food
(—aba, refuse); G. ha'mspis, '
hamdzi'lEk, eater; hamdzai'o,
spoon; ha'mstoa, to eat walking;
Hi'mssla, to know to eat; ha'm-
ts'aqtlee, rest of food; ha'ui-
ts'imas, food.
to eat meat, IT. k'asa'; k-'ak'ek'atsa'-
la, always wanting to eat meat;
k'atsa'la, sound produced by people eating meat; N. wa'sus, to
eat dog flesh ; bEqba'k', to eat human flesh; baqbaku'latl, always
eating human flesh ; kwa'k'uq,
eating biscuit; nEqna'k', eating
sallalberries; lEqla'q, basket
eater (?); g'oa'tg'ut, eating
huckleberries; k-'e'kyes, to eat
much (k"'e'nEm, much, many;
—es, to partake of) ; G. k'a'-
ikEs, to eat much.
ebbtide, Is. g'a'tsaqala, H. tl'o'pH'it. 1892.]
eclipse of sun, N. nEk'E-'k' (z= swallowed),
egg, L.   ts'e'k'uno;  XT.   ts'e'kuat,
egg-island ; H. k'E'lqamin.
edge, N. —nqe ; rnakyinqelis, at end
of a row on beach ; gyo'q'Enqe,
house on edge; k'asEnqsntala,
to walk along a plank; oqsE'-
nqe, one side of a flat object;
NomasE'nqelis, oldest of all;
wu'nqe, edge of a flat object;
waqsE'nqe, both sides; wa'q-
SEnqelis, one on each side;
ama-i'nqe, smallest (= small at
edge) ; H. tqu'neqaut, to jump
along; wIwu'nk''apois, bottom
of sea (—apoa, under ; —is, in
sea); tsa'inqe, youngest child
(ts'a'ea, younger brother) ; G.
wu'nk'q, edge of flat object,
eight,   N.   ma'tlguanatl,    H.   yu'-
tquaus, G. yutqa's.
eighteen, XT. matlguanatlagyu,  H.
yukquau'sgyii,   G.   yuduQoas-
eighty, H. yutqsukaus,  G. yuduq
elbow, H. G. tla'koane.
 joint, H. aae'.
eleven, N. nE'mayu, H. msne'egyu,
G. na'Qugi'u.
elk, Ii. tlo'Els;  Nuqnemis  name:
nEno'Elo (=foolish) ; H. tlao'ls
(—Is, outside (?) ) ; G. wudzi'H.
empty, L. 16'pitl, empty house; 16-
pHepito, you have no teeth in
mouth (—ne, tooth) ; H. lopqs,
— canoe (—qs, in canoe) ; 16'-
pitl, — house ; 16'pes, inside of
man   empty = hungry ;     lou'-
mtsoa, — dish (—^tsoa, inside) ;
lopla', a hole, a piece missing,
end of anything, N. ma'qpe.
enough, N. wi'k'assla, not to have
enough;   we'k-'as,   idem  (we,
negation); wi'Bmk'asEla'soqtis,
with whicKhewsas not satisfied (in
to enslave, N. k''a'k'akwis(k''a'kyu,
to enter, Tl. gya'qtsoa (gyaq—, to
come ; —tsoa, into) ; H. la'tsoa
(la—, to go),
to be envied, IT. he'nakyala (—kyala,
ermine, H. gy'i'lEm.
European,     G.     H.    k-'omHsi'ua
(k''6m—,rich;—nsiua, at mouth
of river) ; H. k-'duiHsiuakyala,
language of white man.
evening, Is. tt-a'k'oa, G. p'a'neQuit.
to examine, H. d'o'k'oa (see To see),
expert, N. —pes ; tl'E'tlEspES,  angry ; laqt'otpEs, expert in breaking coppers ; H. naqps, drunkard ; koHpis. sweating ; hamsps,
eater; G. ha'mspis, eater.
 , —Elk,   XT.  hamE'lk,   eater;
hamE'lkuo, / eat often; H.
nak'E'lk, drunkard ; ha'mtsilk,
eater ; G. hamdzi'lEk, eater,
to extinguish, L. kH'i'lqit, H. kn'i'lqa.
eye, L. N. ka'yak's; k'ayak-esak'6s,
thy eyes; N. (osto'e) eye; gyis-
to'e, something in eye; eikn-
soqsto'e, with pretty eyes; H.
k'ks, eye ; —qstoa ; ha'paqstoa,
eyelashes (hap—, hair) ; k'oa'-
qsto, one eyed; ba'koanEmqs-
toa, pupil of eye (= man in eye) ;
tl'oqstoa'le, eye is sick; wunk'-
e'qstoa, lower eyelid (=edge of
eyeball, Is.   k'EpElu'qstoe   (—stoe,
eye), H. k-a'pEle'.
eyebrow, Is.  a'an, H. aaini'H,   G.
eyelashes, Ii.ha'pelik* (hap—, hair);
ha'paqstoa (=eye hair),
eyelid, L. k'EpElu'qstoe (?) (—stoe,
eye); H. 6we'kyatltoa, upper — ;
. wunk-'e'qstoa, lower —.. B>as ]
[Nov. 18,
face, L. H. k-'o'k'ome ; L. XT. —me,
tl'e'sEme,   skin   of face;   L.
k'oatE'meya,    scar   on  face;
6'nutlEme,    cheek   (= side   of
face) ; me'maatlEme, two faces;
H.   —me, —ma;  tl'oqoma'le,
face sick; k'u'snie, skin office;
alk'ma'la, face bleeds ; 6 wa(mia,
cheek ; ts'o'tsoqma, to wash face ;
G. haitlkyutsme, right side of
face (—kyut, opposite),
facing, N. —k'am; 6kma,ma.\ia, facing
beach; ka'nk-amah's, canoe in
front of beach; a'tlk'am, hind
side of man, box (=facing back-
.-    ward) ; a'tlk-amala, house facing woods ; Na'nk'amalis, bear
facing   world ;   kua'k'amatla,
facing river mouth ; k'6k oma/-
lis, canoe lying on side in front
of beach; L.  llask-ama'tlin, /
stand facing sea (—tie, surface
of water) ; H. osk'anie'kya, back
(—ekya,   back).    See   also   IT.
sin tie'k'am, face  of   Sintlae ;
mi Hstek-E'mt, to strike face.   It
would stem that —me designates:
face;  —k'am,  an action performed with the face.. See also
Outside of round object,
face, upper part of, N. —tEm ; gyi'ls-
gyiltEm, the long-headed ones,
to fall down from an elevated position, H. Hue'tlaqitl, — in house
(—aqa, down\; —itl, in house);
Hue'ilaqalp, — outside (als, outside) ; Hue'tlta, to fall into water,
to fall, to roll down hill, IT. k''u'uiHa;
k''dmEne'te,  explained as : everything falls upon him.
to fall down (walking), H. kH'ams'-
to fall, Is. kui'Hals.
to fall (tree), L. ta'H'it, H. kuila'q'it.
to fall to pieces, N. lie'Ha.
to fall, Is. te'q'it ; te'qtlala, to fall
into fire (—qtlala, flames).
to fall into water, L. Ela'ts'6.
river falls, L. kyo'tla.
family, H. mane'ma (see Gens).
famous, N. ts'e'tloala; Ka'laite
(name), explained as: famous.
far, N. k-qe'k'; L. k'oe'sala, it is
far;  k'oe'k'sot, far away on
other side (—sot, on other side);
K'oe'k'sot'enoq, people on the
far other side ; k'oe'sotE'nqelis,
far  ot/ier  side,   end of world
(—Enq,    edge;    —lis,   land);
k'ni'sEtla,  to go far off;  H.
que'sala, far.
farthest, N. —k'aua ; be'benak'aua,
the lowest; e'kyak'aua, above;
aolak'oak'aua'bd, speaking in
lowest tones; nano'ak'aua, the
wisest one.
to fart (said of male and female), H.
fast, N. i'Ha ; i'Hak'ame, tJie fastest
one; we'Hala, slow(vre—, negation); G. ha'lagyilis.
father, N. omp, ^1. au'mp, G. apf;
N. 6'mpte, dead father ; IT. addressed : ats, ats; addressed by
children :■ da/da.
father-in-law, mother-, son-, daughter-in-law, Is. N. H. HEgu'mp.
fatliom and subdivisions : fathom, L.
pa'tl'ir, H. pa'tl'a ; one fathom,
6'p'EnkH; two—, ma'tlp'EnkH.
 Ifft elbow to fingertip of right
hand, H. k'aseta'k*.
 left shoulder to fingertip of right
hand, H. aso'tqa-inf.
 middle of chest to fingertip of
right    hand,    H.    aso'd'apot
(—a poa, breast).
■ rigM shoulder to fingertip  of
right hand, H. k'a'[6t
fawn of deer, H. d'dj:be'wa.. 1892.J
to fear somebody, N. wa'lipolo.
feared, N. gyi'lEm; gyi'lEmkyas,
£Ae <m« really feared.
to feast, N. k'ui'las ; kui'lastEms,
place where feasts are regularly
held; k'd'lsElas, people  going
to a feast.
 to give a feast, Is. lle'la.
feathers, N k-a'mqua ; k'a'mquaq-
stalis, feathers on mouth on
 N. H. ts'i'lkEm, coU. ts'filts'E'-
IkH ; ts'i'lkyEmpa, feathers on
 wing —, L. p'E'tlEm.
to feel, IT. H. p'e'Hula; ia'kHis
p'e'Hula'so, bad to feel; H.
p'epeyo'k'a, to feel among
(—ak'a, among).
to fell a tree, H. tla'k-ama.
fellow, Is. kya'gyiqa (?) ; —lot; N.
gyo'uklot, tribe (== village fellows).
fern, Is. sa'kuam (Pieris aquilina);
— root, Is. sa'kum.
 H. k-e'stEm.
to fetch fire, L. A. a'noa ; L. acano-
S'tlEn, I am going to —; Is.
ane'k-a, to fetch fuel.
few, Ii.h6'latlpeta'6(—petao small).
to fight, to make war, N. qo'mEllEla.
to fight, Is. kHti'q'uit.
 against each other, H. ts'e'katla.
 always fighting, wina'lagyilis.
 fighting place, ha'k'oqtEms.
fin of whale, L. tla'kya (—egya, back).
 dorsal fin of fish, H. ts'E'mte-
gya (—egya, back).
 anal —, H. tE'mtEmua'tse.
 pectoral—, H. k'a'lk'alk'Em.
to find something unexpectedly, N. H.
tlo'k'oala ; this term is used especially for meeting a supernatu-
ralbeing; tlo'k'oe, what is found
to find while walking, N. k*'ak*asky-
ina'la (see To walk); in songs:
hand and fingers, Is. k'oa'k'oaqtsane
(—tsaue, hand), H. k-< a'k-oaq-
skja'ne (—sky an e, hand), G.
HiHnaqsky'a'ne (—sky'ane,
first finger, Is. ts'e'mala, H.G. ts'Em.
second —, L. no'la (=zelder brotJier),
H. k'om. G. k'a'qte.
third—, Ii.<-a'lt'aq,H.ssa'16,G.sa/le.
fourth —, L. kH'et, H. kn'e'ta, G.
finger ring, L. k'e'k'alEqtle, G. k e-
fir, Is. iaiaqpa'lamis (—mis, tree),
H. ane'oas (=fuel (?) ).
fire, N. He'k'ala ; nek'ala'la ni'kye,
mountain is on fire; L. IT.
lE'k bitl, fire in house ; —qtlala,
fire, flames; 6'qtlala,, flames;
tu'qtlala, to jump into fire;
hanntlala, kettle on fire (ban—,
vessel); k'aHtlalatse, great fire
(k*ai, much; —foe, large);
te'qtlala, to fall into fire; S.
Qui'ltEla, fire; lsgui'las, fireplace (—ill, in house; —as,
place); tQtla'lis, to jump into
fire; G. qultk« a'ge, fire;
k-aiHllala, large fire; tqtlala,
to jump into fire; Qu'ltQulta,
ligMning ; kHa'ktlaloJa'tse, kettle (—atse, receptacle).
fire drill. Is. 5'nEk', A. ano'kH, H.
base of fire drill, H. aro'k (used
with ear wax).
firm, immovable, IT. a'latle; ale's,
immovable in ground; ale'tl—,
in house ; ale'tsEm, firmness.
-first, IT. gyil; gyilgyila'itl, ancestor
(= first of house) ; gya'lamus-
tala. salmon beginning first to
ascend the river; H. gya'la;
gya'ln'it, first time. Boas.]
fish, H. ma'gyilis (see mea',.salmon;
—gyilis, earth=all). ^SJ.',
 sp(2), Tl. t'o'iop.
 sp (?), Tl. qo'ltsus.
fishline, L. lc'alk', H. k'unE'm.
 for deep sea, L. mak.'a'noe, H.
fist, L. k''oe/k'otsE'mae.
five, N. H. sky'a, G.sikyo'Q; — round
objects, sikya'sk'Em ; — long objects, sikyatsq.
fifteen, N. H. sky'a'gyu, G. sikya-
fifty, H. sky'a'ksuk, G. sikyapenk''-
flagstaff, IT. SEntle'p'iq (—p'iq,
flat land, N. A. otsa'lis, N. Nfirao-
kuista'lis, alone on flat, open
flee, L. H. topeatse.
floodtide. L. iu'nak'oa, H. iq'oit.
to flood, N. d'a'ja; d'apali's, covered by tide; d'apE'ls, to flood
ground ouUide of house.
floor of house, N. —itl, H. will.
flower, Is. k'oa'san.
 sp. (?), a white —, H. k'nl'k.
 sp. (?), red  and blue —,   H.
to fly. Is. tlana'k'ua, H. ma'tEla ;
ma'Jea, to fly above something ;
ma'taput, to fly below (—poa,
below) ; ma'tlmatEtii, wings.
foam, N. aa'owe ; a'watse, large
foam (name of a place).
fog, Is. p'E'lqEla, H. a'nk-oala, G.
a'nq'auk'oe (see Cloud).
food, H. ha'mts'imas(ham—, to eat);
ha'mts'aqtle'e, rest of food.
foolish, Is. nEno'16, IT. no'ntlEm,
nEno'15 ; nolo'k'ame, greatest
fool (mythical name of porcupine) ; Noloyuegyilis. fool in
middle of canoe on earth; Nfi-
tlEmistalitsE'mk'a, female,   all
[Nov. 18,
around foolishness (—ista,
around; —tsEm, —ness ; —k'a,
female = made to walk around
everywhere like a fool) ; Nu
tlk-alagyilis, always acting like
a fool; NuilnutlEli'kya, highest of all fools; Nu'tlatla, similar to a fool; Nu'tlamo, born
a fool; No'ntlEmgyila, making foolish.
foot and leg below knee, N. gyukoiu',
L. gyu'koae, H. kokue', G.
 N.   H.   G.   (oq)si'tse;   6'pa-
tsetee, foot of an object; Is.
ts-'oqttoqsl'tse, hoofs; oqtlak-
si'tse, heel; H. amEa'tltsitse,
skin of heels; yii'qsteHsitse,
dancing leggins; k'uk'titsi'fsa,
skin of feet; G. dzuqdzuqdziisa,
dancing leggins.
forehead, N.—eoe, L. b.'"k.vieoe, fore-
head; aikya'oe (—good forehead) ; k'oatse'oe, scar on forehead ; ts'eqe'oe, dancing cap
(ts'ek*a, secrets) ; Tl.- yiqo'eoe,
dancing cap ; tl'esi'oe, skin of—;
m'sioae, wolf's head mask for
Tlokoala; ok.\i'\&\\G, forehead on
sea (—tie, on sea) ; H. G, tak'e-
ioa', forehead; H. k''a'keioa,
glabella (=notch inforehead(1));
qape'ioa, head presser (qape,
cradle):, tl'a'k'oeioa, headring
of cedar bark (tPak'ok-, red) ;
tloqeioa'la, forehead is sick.
forest, Is. a'tlEn (= inland, behind),
H. k( a's.
foundation, N. ky'a'k'atla; ky'a'k'a,
— on stone (—a, stone) ; ky'a'-
k'is, house founded in water
(—is, in water), pile dwelling.
to founder, L. wuns'it.
four, N. H. mu, G. miiQ.
fourteen, IT. H. mu'agyu, G. mua-
gi'u. 1892.]
forty, H. mok'suk, G. mopEn k-'a'-
pdpEna, N. Mamo'sk'aniEE'n-
koa, carrying four round ones.
fox, white-tailed (?), H. mok-'uqt
(mo'k'oa, white; —qt, end of
fragment,.13. —tsEs ; Qua'kunatsEs,
— of canoe ; qa'lk-oatsEs, — of
those free from Tsetsd'ek-a, N. k-ue'-
my friend! N. k'ast.
to frighten, N. bawi'nalla.
to be frightened, L. ts'E'tlkya.
frog, Ii. Tl. wok-'a'c, H. atsi'.
front, H. tl'as—; tl'a-ik'am, — of
box, man (—sk'am, outside surface) ; tla'satse, painted front of
box;    tla'sanoa,   —   of house,
island, round object.
fuel, Is. lE'k'oa ; fireplace, lE'k'O-itl
(—fire in house).
full, Is. H. G. ko'uta; H. k'dVauq
gis ha'mhimisa, thisbox is full of
to make fun of somebody, IT. aa'mt-
to make fun of somebody's words, N.
funnel for mending kelp bottle, N.
furscal, Is. N. qa'oa.
future, Is. H. —tl; ganE'mtl, —irife;
qua'kunatl, canoe that is making.
game of hoops, XT. gya'nae, A. gya'-
game (children  stand  in  a tiicle
around one who tries to make the
others laugh by tickling them),
A. qua'ni.
gens, IT. DEm'e'mtit.
ghost, Is. N. bakuine'i (from bakus,
man), la'lenoq (—enoq, people), H. loa'tl; N. 1616'tlalatl,
ghost dance (—latl, dance).
giant, N. he'itse (=the great one;
—tse, great).
gills, Is. k-'o'senae, H. g'u'nlse.
girl (about twelve years old), L. kya-
ya'lam (= little woman), H.
to give, N. ts'a, H. tsoa'.
glabella, H. k-'akeioa' (k 'ak—,
notch; —eioa, forehead).
to gnaw, IT. ky'a'pa, H. gy'a'p'et«6.
to go, "L. N. la—; 16'otlto, — out of
canoe (—otlt, out of canoe);
laqta'la, —out seaward; la'lao-
tla,  always going across; laqs,
— into canoe (—qs, in canoe);
le'istala, — around (—ista,
around); latu'sela, canoe goes
downriver; latu'selagyilis, walking down river; G. lEa'tl, to
enter (—itl, in house); laqs, to
go into canoe; H. laai'll, to enter
(—itl, in house); laai'tla, to
carry into house ; laq<-i'ua. to go
through; la'qa, to go downward
(—aqa, down); leinakula, to go
moving towards an object (—na-
kula, motion); toua', to walk;
totsoa', —over a plank ; tokoia',
— over a pile of planks.
 N. g'6'lsEltn laq John, / am
going to John.
to go to look for , N. —uiala ;
qoa'qoakuia'la, — canoe; ha'-
natlaiala, — canoe = to go to
buy a canoe ; hamasuia'lagyilis,
always going about to look for
go on! L. wekia'a.
god, Is. k'ants'o'um p (= our father);
k'ants amiqala'soe (whom we
good, Is. N. aikn, H. G. aiH; N.
aiuaka'la,  good among others; Boas.]
[Xov. 18,
e'igyitlala, good on water;
ia'qsum, bad; ia'kaim, cause of
evil; e'ikHim, cause of good
(luck, etc.); eikHsoqsto'e, with
pretty eyes; eiky'es, sand
(= good beach); aiHp'aqsta, to
speak good of one; H. aikHits-
kolis, good, flat beach; iakn,
bad; G. aiHpa, good taste;
aiHp'a'la, good smell; aigyitsui's.
sand (— good beach).
good-by! L. ala'kyasla,   H.   wile'-
goose, Is. nE'qak'.
grandfather, L. N. H. g'a'g'Emp
(g-ag-a's, thy —), G. g'ag a'p.
grandson, IT. L. is'o'qtema (ts'6'-
qtlEma (?) ), H. ts'6'qtlEma.
granddaughter,   N.   ts'o'qtemakas
(ts'o'qtlEmak as   (?))   (—k as,
female),     H.      ts'6'qilEmak-s
(—k'p, female).
to grasp, Is. k-'o'etatl, N. da'H'it, H.
grass, H. ky'e'tEm; N. ky'e'tokwis,
grassy plare.
grave, Is. tegxa'ya, H. tsuwl'k', A.
 of chief, A. tk''ale'em.
 in tree, H. ky'a'kqlailak' (see
graveyard, A. H. al'aia's (—as,
place of).
great, N. —tse ; sa'tse, great man ;
he'iti-e, giant; Na/ntse, great
bear; na'k'atse, the great wise
one; (see Large); H. k-'aie'-
kyas, really great (see Many).
great among—, N. NEmke's'aiiatl,
the qr eat est among the Nimkuh ;
gyeqsEms'anatl, the greatest
among the gye'qSKm.
great-grandparent, N. he'lus.
great grandchild,N.Ii e'logwine(m.),
he'logwinek-as (/.), H. tletlau-
great-great-grandfather, IT. e't'os.
grease of olachen, H. tle'na.
grebe, N. k-'o'taq.
green, L. tlE'nqa, H. te'qa ; 16'qsEm,
green blanket,
ground, N. —gyis.
grouse, L. homhom (?), Tl. ma'k*o-
als,    H.    mkyEls   (—als,    in
woods (?) ).
group of, N. —qsEm ; tla'tloqsEmy
copperplates tied together; gye'q-
sEm, a group of chiefs,
to grow, N. k*'c a'qa.
gum, Is. k'oali'kH, Tl. k''oa'koal(j,
H. k-ole'H.
gun, Is. ha'ntlEtn (see Arrow), N.
ha'natlaiala, to go to buy a gun,
G. kyidai'6.
gutts, H. ts'ei'E'm.
Gyimanoitq, G. Qana'ks'iala.
"Gyitamat, H. G. Qaisla'.
Gyitamat language,  G. awi'kyala,
= correct noise.
Haida, H. Haida, G. Qa'edaq.
to hail, L. tsi'lqa, N. tsi'lqmis, H.
tsE'lqpis (= knowing to •—), G.
hair, L. sa'ya, G. H. sT'a, L. N. H.
' hap—; L. hapa'qsteya, beard
(= mouth hair); ba'pelik-, eyelashes ; hapa'mtso, — in armpits; LapEHsia', chin beard
(= tooth hair); H. hapta'e,
beard (— mouth hair); ha'paqstoa, eyelashes ; ha'mtsoa, — in
armpits (—tsoa, inside); G.
ha'biliH, eyelashes. ,
half, L. nek'6'ioi (see IQffiMle), H.
k"a'Hte, IT. feQ'ps'al, to Vint in
half; sops'a'lsa, to cut in half
in woods; sops'alfsa, to cut in
half on beach; matls'alT'tlft, to
Mc^&eiWto two "hfaVdes in house. 1892.]
half breed, N.ma'matl'atse (=young
of white man).
halibut, L. N. H. p'o'e.
 dried, H. d'a'los.
 fabulous, IT. nEmHa'likyo.
haliotis, L. N. A. H. ai'Htsum ; N.
AiHisu m a' litlilak', made — in
house; AiHtsumk 'amlitl, covered with — in house; al'eiH-
tsEm, rial — (?); A. AiHtsum-
Hamats'a, N. ha'mats'a, H. tani's.
hammer, BT. liky'ai'6.
 , stone, L. IT. pE'lpslk, H. p'a'-
yoq, qa'utse ; p'a'yoq t'e'sEm-
a'qa, the hammer is of stone.
hand (and fingers), Is. k'oa'qoaq—
ts-ane, H. k'oa'k'oaqskyane
(hands); haia'so, G. ha'isu;
L. IT. — tsana, tsaDe; k'Em-
qotltsa'na, left — ; tl'e'slsane,
skin of —; he'iilkyutts'a'na,
right— (= right opposite hand);
k-'utsa'ne, scar on —; t'at'i'q-
tsana, to icratch —; fit. G.
—kyane ; k'uk'uskya'ne, skin
of hands; ha'itlkutkyahe,
right —; k'oqskya'na, to cut
off—/ alHskyana'la, bld'od on —;
owe'gyatlkya'ne, back of —/
pak'*atlkya'ne, palm of—; G.
Hianaqskya'ne, fingers; k*'e'-
k'Etgya'ne, ring.
to hang over rope, v. n., Is. k'a'q'uit.
 v. a., N. k-e'HOa ; k'e'us, wash
line (— place of hanging); k*'e-
Hustalj woman, hanging wash
(—usta, up).
 one's self, L. mo'kuaqot (moq,
to tie (?); —aqa, down).
to hang on to nail, L. te'kuitl | N.
tekmqsta'e, something hanging
down from, mouth.
to make happen, N. k'oe'gyllisa.
happy, H. aikyekSla' (see Good).
hard, Is. p'e'fea.
hdrelda glacialis, H. a'anak'.
harpoon for salmon, L   ale'winoq,
k-atlaya (k'atla'yo (?) ), H. ts*-
  double point of —,  H. kqpa
= notch point,
shaft of—, H. ma'siutl.
sealing harpoon, 1ST. masto.
hat, Is. IT. tlEtE'mtl (—Emtl, head
cover), H. k a'it; N. gye'k amtl,
chief's hat (—gye, chief); yiq-
u'mtl, head mask (= dancing
head cover); H. tl'E'kyimtl,
wooden hat for war.
to hate (see Envy), N. tle'selasue,
the hated one; ha'inakyalaso,
the hated one; he'nakyalai to
hate, to slander (?).
hau-hau, H. ha'ok'haok'.
to have, N. aqno'kuate, he has it;
—nuk, hating; MetlaManuk,
having east wind; KoaHilano'-
kune, having smoke=who always
gives away smoke.
head, Is. Qums, H. G. BaiSte; H.
—k*ea ; k'usk'ea, skin of head ;
tl'oqk'ea'le, head is Mck; tak--
k-ea'la, head cover; k-'a'tsoa-
k ea, crown of —/ tSo'sk'ea,
dried head.
 to cut off head, Is. k a'fi'it; Is.
N. k'a'gyik', hedd cut off; N.
qaue*k*, head cut off.
Mad fing of cedar bark, Tl. k-age-
ma'la tla'k'oq, H. tl'a'k'oeioa
(—eioa, forehead?); N. Yiquma'-
lakilak', made to use head dress.
head presser, H. qape'ioa (qap'e,
cradle; —eit&i forehead).
head, top of a thing, N. 6'qtle.
 af rJter, IT. ogyeqtoe
  of land, cape, N. 6'&%ltEme;
O'kuitEmalis, — on beach.
id hear, fit. ha'umetl, k-a'uwatEla ;
k't'wat'Es, with good power of
hearing. Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
heart, Is. no'k-e,  N.   na'k'ae,  H.
heaven, Tl. 16'ua, na'la, A. lsua';
N.   lE'uagyila,   heaven maker,
name of the raven,
heavy, H. goio'k'.
heel, Is. oqtlaksi'tse (—sitse, foot),
H. oqtla'tlmoa.
hemlock, L. tlE'nsk', Tl. koa'q, H.
^hermaphrodite, H. koa'lk*.
herring, L. H. wa'ne; H. waa'ne-
gyila,   where   herring   use   to
• roe, fresh and dried, H. aa'nt.
 rake, L. tleta'io.
to hew with axe, Is. N. so'pa ; so'paio,
axe (—aid, instrument); H. k'6'-
to hide, Is. wu'na.
high, Is. N. ai'ky'a, H. aiky'e (see
Above). ■
high   water,   L.    t'E'tEpEme;   H.
iqoe't, it is flood; iqume', it is
high water,
hill, gently sloping, Is. aikHLaeu (see
to hit, Is. k''a'pa.
to hold by ear, N. ni'sa.
hole, Is. ko'qsoala, IT. gua'qoe ; H.
gua'p,  torn, no piece missing;
lopla',   a piece   missing   (see
hoof, L. ts'oqtsoqsi'tse (—sit&e, foot;
distributive), H. kskina'tl.
hook, Is. k''e'taio, tla'k'aio, H.k'a'-
tlaio, ak's.
horn, H. wutlE'm.
house, Is. N. Tl. gyo'k ; N. gyigyo'-
qtse, large house; gyoqsi'wae,
house at mouth of river ; gyoq'-
Enqe, house on edge; gyoqtEms,
village site; gyogydkdnutlEm
ala,  houses on both sides;  H
gok'; Gs gyu'kuila, tomake—;
gyuqtlis, house at mouth of river;
gyuQstais,  house  is in water;
gyok, also : winter village,
house with many steps,  Tl. tso'ya-
 Tl. —tsEtns, omatsE'ms, large
 on piles, N. ky'a'k'is = founded
in water.
 housefellow. G. wa'oitl.
 inside of —, house floor, —itl;
N. ts'ai'tlEla, to run into house;
to'witl, to jump —; d'o'quitla,
to look —; wa'wakulitla, to
bark — / k'gtyeqsta'litl, carrying in mouth in house; mo'tsitl,
chief's wife = keeping from floor
blankets; ku'mHelalitl, clean
house; lE'k'oitl, fire —; han-
i'tl, kettle on floor ; d'o'k'oitlila,
to look into —; 16'pitl, empty —/
laai'tla, to carry into —; laai'tl,
to enter ; G. g'oa'itl, to sit in—;
wa'oitl, house mate.
humming bird, H. koa'kumta.
hundred, G. skydQ bEgua'num =
five men.
hungry, N. L. po'sk'a ; posk'anlotl,
1 am — to you ;, H. G. po'es
(—es, inside of man) -, N. pawe'-
tsit, one whom the hungry ask for
to hunt deer, H. k a'k'amela (see
to hurt one's foot, L. ia'lelkoa.
hunting box for canoe,  N.  6'tsaqs
(—qs, in canoe).
husband, Is. H. tla'wunEm.
I, IT. H. G. no'gua ; N. yin.
ice, Is. N. H. G. tl'oq.
Indian, IT. ba'k'um, G. bEgua'num
(= men).
 of inland, N. La'qolis,  N. H.
a'tlasimin (a'tla, inland).     < . 1892]
[Boa i
infant, N. wi'sa, G. qabq (see Cradle).
inland, N. a'tla ; atla'lenoq, inland
people =. wolves.
inside, N. otsa, otso'; la'tsut, gyi'-
tsoi., to put flat object into a box ;
tlE'nqtsut, to put long object iito
a box ; Hi'lqtsut, to put blanket,
shirt into a box ; k'apa'tltsut, to
put round thing into a box;
aqtsu't, to put anything into a
box; kya'tso, it is in box, lid
closed ; kyetso'mo, kya'taqtle-
mo, it is in box, lid opened;
hapa'mtso, hair in armpits;
ts'iHtsa'la, headache; TL gya'-
qtsoa, to enter; H. 6'tsoa, inside; gye'tsot, to put into; tuq-
tsoa, to jump into; lou'mtsoa,
empty inside ; la'tsoa, to enter ;
ha'mtsoa, hair in armpit.
 a second thing inside a larger
one, XT. he'1'6; heTutsa'ls, a
small house in a larger one; he'-
1' utsd, a small lake in a larger one.
 of mouth, N. awetlqa'oe.
 of salmon, birds, IT. awitse'.
 of man, H. owa'qte, N. —is;
se'ilis, snake in belly; H. —is;
lope's, hungry (= inside empty).
 corner, IT. 6'ne.
instep, H. wi'gyatlsl'tse = back of
instrument, N. H. —aid.
interstices of fingers, H. bwaqts'Esa.'-
inventor (see Councilor), N. kue'q'-
eooq ; Kuekuaqa'oe, great —.
to invite, N. a'etsesta, to invite all
around to feast; k'o'stltses, to
invite guests arriving in canoes
to land.
island, Is. N. makya'la, distr. maa'-
mkyala;  me'mkumlis, islands
opposite village ; H. tl'ekya'e.
 at low water peninsula, H. weq-
jaw, lower, H. wunk'euqte (= edge
of mouth).
 joint, H. aqak''E'm.
blue jay. Is. ku'ckuc, H. koa'elEqs.
joint, H. kqta (notch (?) ):
juice of berries, Is. saa'k-, H. k'oe-
to jump, L. N. tu'q'uit; N. tu'qwuls,
to jump upon ground; to'witl,
— into house ; tu'qsta, — into
water; tuqtla'la, — into fire;
H. tqua'lut, — towards; tqtla'-
lis, — into^ fire; tqu'neqaut,
-r— along; tq'oa'qa, — down;
tq'o'tltsoa, — out of; tQsi'oa,
— through; tqsd'steoa, —up;
tqsta,  — into   water;   tqtsoa,
— into;  G. tqui't;   tqtla'lis,
— into fire; tqsta, into water.
 (salmon), G. t'a'lema.
to keep on, to continue, XT. ia'la.
kelp, Ii. papok'oa'nim, H. wa^wate.
kettle, IT. hani'tl, — on floor; ha'-
nHtlala, — on fire   (—Htlala,
fire);   H.   G.   gy'aHtlalo'tatse
(—atse, receptacle).
  wooden, Is. k''6'latse (—atse,
receptacle),   H.   ky'etla'tl,   G.
to kick, Is. koa'c'it; H. k'a'naqEit,
— with toes; tse'qoit,  — with
killed, N. ky'e'Iagyuk'.
to kill, H. Elq, tlatlala', IT. halqa;
halai'6, means of killing ; halq-
siua'lis, killing on land at mouth
of river ; ha'lq'ainoq, murderer;
ha'lqagyilak',   ,made   to    kill;
halqabo'e, killing underneath,
killer whale,  L. IT. Tl.  ma'q'enoq
(= knowing to pursue secretly),
A. ha'lqaainoq, H.  G.  ha'lq'- Boas. J
[Nov. 18,
enoq (= murderer); H. ha'lq'-
aino'quilak'oe,     killer   kettle;
h&'lq'&ilak'fpainted killer whale,
kindly, N. e'ikyala (= good noise ;
see  Happy);  k'ek-ak'a'lis,   a
dance sail to mean: every one
kind to him.
knife for cleaning skins, L. ky'au-
wai'6, H. k'auwai'6.
 fish knife, Bt. k-qtssm.
 pocketknife, H. qtai'6, G, k'et-
 large, L. gy'a'qola, G. ts'u'tla.
 of hawinalatl, k'Vntlaio.
 stone knife, H. nEbai'6,
knot on tree, N. k'6'k'oa ; k'dk'oq-
p'e'kye, — on lower part of tree
(= knot on shinbone ; 1—p'e'kye,
to know (see To hear), L. k''a'tlam,
N. k-a'la ; k'a'lamotl, he — it;
k'a'Jak'olits, the World knows;
H. k''a6'tluo'gua, I know it.
 I do not know, H. Hd'ta.
knowing  everything on earth   (see
Story),   nu'qnemis  (see   Wise.
Name of the animals in myths),
knuckle, U. ok'oia'.
labret, H. k'a'tqtala (—qta, mouth).
lake, Is. tsS'latl, H. g'a'us.
lame, fit. d'E'mkoa.
lance, IT. wi'tlpa (—pa, point).
land, N. -—gyas, -—lis, —gyilis, H.
to land, Is. H. la'gyilis (= to go to
land), Is. a'tlesteH qua'k'un,
the canoe lands.
language (see To speak), H. k'^om-
Hsiaakya'la, white man's language (noise); G. awi'kyala,
Gyit'amat language — correct
large, £i.  N. wa'las;  wa'laraila, to
give fifty1 blankets to each in pot-
latch (= to make large); awo'-
gydq, large house; Tl. 6'mas;
omatsE'ms, large house; G.
ad'mas, fit. k''e'kyas, k^aie7-
kyas (= really large, much);
k''etsoa', large water; k''en-
tla'li, large fire; N. k-'e'qtlala,
large fire; k*4aHtlalatse, place
of great fire ; (k-'e'kyena, many
on drifting log).
large, Kf.—tse; gyd'ktse, large house;
gyig} 6'qts'e, distr. large houses;
qua'quaku'natse, targe canoes;
K. K'o'titse, large one pointing
to earth.
last, fit. wala'qtle (—qtle, hind) (see
to laugh, Bt. da'llila; datltsE'm,
laughter; G. da/tla.
Haunch canoe, Is. wiqstEn qiqua'-
lazy, N. L. k-'a'msa ; L. k'VmsEn,
lam —; K. K'a'mslHtle, — on
top ; fit. kysk-as.
to lead hamats'a around after Tsd'-
ek'a, N. wa'lek-a.
leaf, L. paa'k*; paa'k'inis, maple
(— leaf tree); Bt. meme'eqtlao,
G. qa'k'um.
to learn, N. g a'gotla ; g ag'otla'-
numa, I come to learn (see To
to leave, L. pa'o.
left, Ii. k'Emqdtlteaba (—tsana,
hand), H. k'EmEqa'ot; k'EmE-
qa'otlna, left side of body (—na,
body); G. adzgyut (—gyut, opposite).
leg below knee, N. 6'p'ekye, —p'e-
kye ; k''6k'oqp'ekye, swelling
on shinbone; H. k''6'spegya,
  above   knee,   Is.   onutsa'qste
(—nuts, side; —q^te, bottom),
H. as&'tt6t8iSqtTe (—nots, side; 1892.]
I Boas.
—qtle, hind), —tamo ; koak--
ta'maluk, having splint in leg;
k'uk'usqta'mo, skin of legs above
knee; G. kyukqota'moa. knee.
leggins, 13.. te'tElqts'oa ; G. dzudzu-
qts-I'tsa, dancing — (tsitsa,/ooO.
let us not! N. koa'lamts.
lid of box, N. kok'etaya'no, gyi'-
to lie down, L. kuli'tl (—itl, in house);
H. ka'lkuitl, lying person.
to lie down to sleep, H. la'Hstaitl
(—itl, in houie).
to lie on back, L. netle'tso, N. d'e'-
kyatla; D'eikya'Ia, lying on
back on sea; d'e'intlala, lying
on back in fire.
to tell a lie, N. tle'lkoala, fit. ke'-
light, N. na'k'ula ; na'qnaikya, day
by day (?); Naqnaaisilao'k'oa.
making the earth always lighted ;
Na'qnaikyim, making light;
naqnaais, earth being always
lighted; na'k*oatlaid, means of
giving light; Na'qnaikyimgyi'-
lak', made light maker.
to light fire, Is. H. lEk'ue'la.
light (not heavy), Bt. k'us.
lightning, L. tlEne'quit, G. qu'lt-
quta (see Fire).
lips, H. sali'qte (—qte, mouth).
liquid, Is. ia'qa.
to listen, N. H. ka'watEla, G. k'a'-
tEla (see To hear).
liver, H. tl'Egye's.
to load canoe, ts. ma'wa, N. mo'q«Ela
(—qs,in canoe), H.la'qsut (—ut,
v. a.), G. wa'mEqsut; wa'mo-
tltfit,  to unload (—otlt, out of
canoe; —ut v a.),
to lock. L. i a'k'Emt.
locked, L, k'oe'tlk'ient.
log, N. t'Ena(e(?);Bt.ya'k'oe, driftwood; p'aqoai,   a  log  always
drifting on same place.
long, L. N. gyi'lta; N. gyilta'la,
— river; gyilte'itl, — house;
gyi'lsgyiltEm, longheaded people ; H. G. gyilt.
 mouth of long shape, N. ts'e'k*-
 in composition with numerals,
N. H. G. —tsq.
long ago, L. H. k'aiu'tlutl ; H. k'ai-
u'tlutl'ats, in reference to invisible ol-jects.
to look, L. N. H. G. do'quit; N.
doq'ok'ala, — among; do'-
quitla, — into house; doqtsas-
taitlEla, he was —ing into house;
doqsEmaintlak, I— after; H.
doqoqtla'la; — back (-—qtla,
hind; —la, v.); dok'oitlila, — into house; dok'oaqala, — down;
doqsistala, —all around; doq-
sostewala, — up ; G. dumdu'k*-
qk*a, — among.
  up,   L. eikyak'E'mHit   (= to
make face up), G. Ha'tEla.
  down, Ii. pEnk'E'nmit (= to
make face down).
 along, H. koe'k'a (—k*a, reaching towards).
loon, H. ba'tla.
to lose, H. tekoso't.
loud, XT. ha'sEla (see Council), fit.
ia'ky'ek'la (= bad noise).
louse, L. k en, H. ga'ina.
to louse, Is. k-'u'tla.
low, H. nE'qwas.
low voice, N. ao'lak*ula; ao'lak'-
oak'awaso, the one speaking with
lowest voice (—k'awa, extreme;
—so, participle).
low, the lowest house of a row along
river, N. gua'pe.
low water, Is. ky'S'ts'aias, fit. tl'6'-
lungs, Et, qu'sa.
lynx, K. walasHE (= large tooth)
(—she, tooth). Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
made of—, N. —tsES ; t'e'sumtsEs,
made of stone.
to make, N. Bt. —gyila; N. 6'ma-
gyila, to make chieftainess;
he'iligyilik'ala, always wanting
tocure(heitl—, right); wa'num-
gyila, death; ha'mgyila, to feed;
lE'wagyila, heaven maker;
ha'lqagyilak', made a murderer;
K'oe'gyilak', made a whale;
T'e'sumgyilak', made stone;
k'oe'gyilisa, to make something
happen ; —ila ; tE'msila, to beat
time; H. a'mgyila, to cook;
—guila; go'guila, to make house;
wi'guilak', painted eagle; —ila ;
halq'ailak | painted killer whale;
tle'Huila, to make mat; G. gyu'-
guila, to make house.
to make fire with fire drill, H. sEla'.
man (homo), N. H. bEgua'num ; N.
bEg'n'8,man inwoods; baqla'k',
eating human flesh ; baqbaku'l-
atl, always eating human flesh;
Baqbakualanusi'wae, always
eating human flesh at mouth of
river ; bEgya'sit, widower ; ba'-
guala, to talk (man); ba'bakum,
youth; "EL. bEgua'numkyaso, a
real man; bgua'la, to talk (man);
bgdpe's, a talker.
man (vir), H. G. we'sEm; Bilqula' s
we'sEm, a Bilqula man.
  enoq, N. laqs'sntae'noq, who
knows to cut up.
many (see Much, Great, Large), N.
k''e'nEm; k-'e'kyes, eating
much; k'ak'e'ky'ein, I try to
eat much; lcayE'nkui, many in
hand; k'aai'te, many in him;
k''e'kyena, many on a log of
driftwood; k-'ai'uq, precious;
H. k'ai'nEm; k''aiHtla'la,
much fire; kykie'i, many things
adrift; k-'e'kyats, large.
maple, L. paa'k'mis (= leaf tree).
married, H. ha'isk'.
martin, Is. N. tlE'k'Ek*, Tl. tla'k'ik',
H. mE'stlk'an.
martin blanket, N. tlE'k'oqssm, H.
mask, Is. N. H. yi'qamtl (yiq—,
dance ; —amtl, head cover); H.
ha'lqamtl, killer whale mask
(ha'lqa, to kill); Hisi'uae, small
wolf's mask for Tlbkoala, worn
on head (—iuae, forehead);
nau'alak- (general term for dancing implements).
mast, Is. iau'apEk-, H. yai'uaspek*,
G. yu'p'iq (wind pole).
mat of bleached cedar bark, N. gyi'-
 diagonal, Is. N. G. tle'we, H.
tle'oa ; tle'Huila, to make mat.
 diagonal with black stripes, N.
—-for salmon, N. yipelo'.
 of bulrushes', N. kule'e.
 strands parallel to rim, IT. tsa'-
me, N. gja'/qEn.
meat, Is. Elts.
medicine, Is. pata'E, H. e'qsa.
to mend, N. hai'atlila (= to make
right); Hai'atlilak'as, mending
to meet, IT. kyi'mk'a (—k'a, reaching towards), H. ba'ko.
to melt, ice melts, Is. ya'qetla tloq.
menses, H. e'qenta.
middle, IT. na'k'aualis ; na'k'otleua,
the — one; na'k'elta, — on
water; na'k'otleoisEn s na'la,
middle of sky; nak'6'yuitle,
— in something on sea; L. na-
k-e'kie, midnight; nEk a'la,
noon; N. gyu'iue, the middle one;
gyu'iulis, middle one of all;
6'yue, the middle one in canoe;
noloyuegyilis, fool in middle of
canoe on world. 1892. J
midnight, L. nak'e'kie (see Middle),
H. k-'a'ikya, G. k-'a'sk'amiya
(k-'a'stisa, noon).
mild, N. iantlsme'tl, made — (in
milt, H. d'E'lgyim.
mink (Putorius vison), Is. N. mEtsa',
Tl. Bt. ko'na, G. kuna'q; N.
KHeH, in tales (probably borrowed from the Coast Salish
ka'iq); N. K. Tl. name in
myths: tle'sElagyila, sun maker.
to miss, L. t e'k'oa.
monster in sea, L. ia'knim (= cause
of evil), H. ia'knis (= evil in
moon, Is. mu'k'ola, A. H. no'si, G.
gyidzo'a ; A. in myths Kye'16-
yak-ame = the first one.
morning, L. na'H'it (= light), H.
wi'otl, k'oa'k'aai'la, G. na'q-
mortar, H. mEkoa'tse (—atse, receptacle).
mosquito, Bt. k-'a'eqa.
mother, Is. XT. abE'mp, H. G. abo'uk,
N. L. at (said by children), H.
ma'ma (said by children).
motion, N. Ef. —nakula ; XT. ma'na-
kula, to swim (= fish motion);
K-'dmEna'kula, getting rich;
H. leina'kula, to go toward;
tlana'kula, bark breaker;
k'okEna'kula, axe (see To hew);
k'eina'kula, to go straight ahead.
—— to go far off moving, k'ui'sEtla
(see Far).
mountain, L. ni'kye (borrowed from
Nootka (?)), A. k-ok-s, .H.
g'd'guis, G. wave's.
 with snow on top, H. nask'Em-
a'la   (na'e,    snow;   —sk'Em,
round thing). ^&"
 goat,    L.   mE'lqtlo,    H.   G.
ts'ak";      ts'a'k'gyila,      where
^fe   many -—.
mountain kid, fit. memE'ntl.
 blanket, L. N. pElpslask-E'm,
H. ts'atsaqka'utl.
 tallow, N. ia'sEk'.
mouse, N. L. gyigya'tsk', A. tsa'mi,
H. askya'nek*qs (female).
mouth, Is. N. A. H. G. sums; N.
—qste, tl'e'tSEqste, skin of —
(a'oaqste, mouth); ak'aqstalis,
with open mouth on beach (ak*—,
open mouth) ; pE'nkyutaqste,
chin (= below opposite mouth);
te'kuqsta, carrying in mouth "
na'laqstala, carrying day in
mouth; k'amquaqstalis, feathers in mouth on beach; ha'paq-
steya, beard; ekyut'eqsten,
palate (= above opposite mouth);
H. —qtae ; ha'pqtae, mustache; sitqta'la, a cod; hasq-
ta'la, council; saliqte, lips;
k'atqta'la, labret; po'qtae,
oesophagus ; qtlqta'e, pipe stem ;
tl'oqta'la, sick at—; agya'qtala,
to scold.
open mouth, N. ak*—; a'k'etl, —in
house; ak'aqstalis, with open
mouth on beach.
inside "'of mouth, Is.- N. —etlqa'oe ;
N. ll'elsetlqa'oe, skin —; wa'-
petlaqd'ya, saliva; H. tl'oqoe-
tlaqaua'la, sick —.
mouth of .river, XT. a'siwe ; —siwae ;
hanHsi'wae, canoe at —; gyo'q-
si'wae, house at —; tliqsi'wae,
clover root at—; tsaisupatsi'wae,
river mouth dammed up ; ha'lq-
siualis, killing on land at mouth
of river; Bt. K''6mnsiwa, European (rich at mouth of river);
G. wasta's; gyuqtlis, house
at—; N. kwa'kemalla,facing
mouth of river; kwa'kyutis,
shorter one of two points at
mouth of river (compare: gua—,
north; guape, the lower one on Boas.]
river;  —kyut,  opposite; —is,
to put into  mouth,   N.  k''a'sEla;
woqsEm k-'a'sEla, — from both
mouth full of water, XT. hama'la (see
To eat),     pp
to move, change home, N. k'o'stis.
to move head while dancing, N. qua'-
neka ; gye'SEla (in songs.)
to move wildly, to boil (water), IT.
murderer, XT. kue'qagyila (=killing
with club) ; ky'e'laky'enoq.
muskrat, kyila'k'.
nail of finger, L. N. G. ts'E'mts'Em,
H. ts'EmJs'E'mk-ame.
name, N. tle'qk'am ; tle'k'ahj, to— ;
tlatlik-ela'lait, every one —s
him ; a'nkoaqtlas ? what is your
— ■? tlek'atE'ntlas Na'ntse, my
name is Na'ntse.
nape, L. a'wape, H. k'oa'kHkEjoje.
narrow, Is. ania'pitoq t'e'Hila, narrow (small) road.
navel, Is. k'EtEld'k'oitse, H.pd'k'tse,
G. pE'tsdze.
near, Is. Bt. nsqoa'la.
nearly, ha'lsEla —; ha'lsEhi'min
we'tsEm, / was nearly not in
neck, L. k''6'k''dn; N. oqtltia'toe,
posterior part; dqa'ue ; —qaoe,
anterior part; £L k''ok''6'ne ;
—qaoa; petsEqa/oa, wind pipe ;
k''6tsaqa'oa, collar bone; k*'6-
k'oqa'oa, Adam's apple; tl'.ak'-
qa'qa, neckring of bark; tlo'*
qoaqaola, — is sick ; — skyena,
— posterior part; tlo'qoaskye-
na'Ja, — is sick.
neckring of Ha'mats'a, Tl. t]a/k'ak*,
A. k''a'lamdtL
[Nov. 18,
needle, L. k-'Ena'io, H. k'oa'qpa
(—pa, point).
 for  macerating  bark, A.   BT.
nephew, Is. N. tlole', H. tlo'El.
nest of bird, H. siwa'tse (—atse, receptacle) ; k'Elqgila'tte.
net (various kinds), A. tlakim, qa'-
utEm, IT. gyigy'e'tlEm, H.
yik'qk', k''6kHoayai'6.
nettles, IT. ts'E'ntsEnqtlEm.
new, L. a'tit SEm.
news, N. ts'e'tlwala (see Famous),.
to nibble, Is. k-'em'ttsao.
niece, Is. N. tlole'k'as.
night, L. k'a'nutl, H, nekk, G. g a'-
nutl ; It. nEk'e'kie, midnight.
nine, N. fit. G. muwo's.
nineteen, G. mouasgi'u.
ninety, G. .mppEnky4sk-'a'p6pEna.
no [i, wi, ky'e], N. wi, not; ky'e,
ky'e'us, no, none; wi'lok', none
(obsolete); wi'Emk' 'asEla'sdqtie,
with what he was not satisfied;
wi'k'as, wi'k*'asEla, not to have
enough; wi'utl, not to get what
one wants; ve'kyae, not quite
full (—kyae, top of box) ; wl'-
tsEm, not in time; wio'sukuila,
making that there is no time to
escape; ia'qsum, bad; fit. ky'e,
no; iakH, bad; G. we'tlimas,
it is not right, N. 6'tsatla.
nj$se, N. H. —ala ; N. ba'quyala,
summer song (ba'qus, time when
no ts'etsa'ek'a is held) ; ts'e'-
k'ala, ts'etfd'ek a song; k'oe'-
ktoaqala, raven's voice; ha'ssla,
loud; kua/kunqs'ala, council;
haua'q'jgla, baton; sa'oltaJa,
noise of falling objects /tleana'la,
noise of falling to pieces; qE'-
nt'ala, to snore; dE'nqEla, to
sing ; fit. tlB|ja'la, bad tempered ;
tle'qala, to beat time; hai'lala, 1892.]
to scold ; ke'q'ala, noise of saw ;
G. Gue'tala, Tsimshian language; fit. —k'oala; N. tso'-
k'oala, noise of dancing apron;
ao'lak'ula, low voice ; gyd'qgyd-
k'oala, noise of breaking; H.
aikn'ek'ula, good noise; G.
Heiltsa'k-oala, Heiltsuk language ; IT. H. G. —kyala ; XT.
he'ikyala, noise; kumleqkyala,
noise; ts'e'koikyala, voice of
gull; ha'inakyalaso, hatedy Bt.
k#'6mHsiuakyala, white man's
language; ky'e'kyala, wooden
trumpet; G. awi'kyala, correct
noise, N. H. ku'nqula ; N. Ku'm-
kumleqa'tse, name of rocks near
Ft. Bupert=noise place; H.
kunqla-'lis, noise place.
noon, Is. nEk'a'la, H. k''a'ek'ea, G.
Nootka Sound tribe, N. Tse'qtlis'atq.
north, XT. gua'e, gua'lse ; gnae'noq,
northern tribe ; H. atl'E'l.
north wind, Tl. qaio'tl, A. yuya'la-
nose, Is. Hi'nts'as, H. Hmak, G.
Huma'q, N. —itlpe ; L. kwa'-
w itlpe, perforation of septum ;
N. tl'e'tsitlpe, skin of —; Bt.
—itlpa ; u'itlpa, bill; tloqoetl-
pe'le, nose is sick; tlE'nk'oitlpa,
point of —; k'oa'k'oiilpa, perforation of septum.
nose ornament, Tl. kyu'kuis.
upper part of nose, H. owak'a'ois.
nostril, fit. ai'nts'as (see Nose).
not, N. ky'e, G. ky'u.
notch, IT. k*aq ; k'aqaqtla', with two
points ; Bt. k'aqde, notch of arrow.
novice   in   forest,   XT.    gyi'egyila
(=makingchief); d'e'k'Ematla;
tse'tlsla,   —  after  his  return.
from the forest.
obsidian (?), Tl. tsk'uls.
ocean, XT. Bt. tl'a'sak*; tlask'e'noq,
people of—| tla'tlasik'oala, those
on—I L. a'owekH, foam^l).
asophagus, H. po'qtae Csee Mouth).
often, N. —pes ; dok'ula'psEntlak',
I see him —; ts^qk^a'pESEn, I
am — sick; —^Elk-; ts'Eqk-'-
E'lEk'En, / am — sick (see Expert).
oil, Is. k'Ele, H. tle'na.
olachen, N. H. Ua'qun ; H. tsa'quila,
where — is always dried; N.
ts'E'mt'Ek-, half dry; wi'dt'En.
old man, N. k-'u'liak', L. nd'mas;
XT. NomasE'nqelis, the oldest on
earth (—Enq, edge);&. no'mas.
old woman, Is. N. H. tlEkua'ne.
old, Is. k-e'idtl.
old (inanimate objects), IT. k'a'tla
(see Long ago).
O'mamis, name of a place.
on,(l) — long object, N. G. 6'kyena ;
N. k-'e'kyena, many on log; G.
goa'kyena, to sit on long object.
 (2)  — fiat object, IT.   6'tsue ;
k-a'sEltsue, to walk — ; goa'-
tsaoas, settee; H. d'tsoa; totsoa',
to walk over plank; goa'tsoa,
to sit on plank ; goa'tsaitl, to sit
on bed in house; G. ka'ltsoa,
to walk on plank.
 (3) — round object, N. ok'une.
 (4)   —   a  pile   (on  surface),
H.    —tlala;   dla'qolatlEla,    to
• stand on planks; goa'latlEla, to
sit on planks. *
once, L. nE'mp'ana.
one, XT. nEmo'k'; NEmo'kuis, the
only one; NEmo'kyustalis, the
only one who came up out of
ground; Bt. mEn; G, noq ;
misk'Em, one round object;
mitsq,   —  long object; mE'n- Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
Eqtla, — cup ;  mEntsq, twenty
'wk%.-.-(one man).
one another, N'. G. —ap; N. mak'-
a'p, to throw —; G. alqa'p, to
kill —.
one eyed, H. k'oa'qsto.
only, N. 6'ma.
open, N. ak-—; ak'sta'la, open box;
ak a'tla, open mouth; a'k'etl,
open mouth in house; aqstu't,
to open.
opposite, IT. —kyut : nEqkyu'tis, the
one — outside; nsqkyu'ta, —
rocky place (—a, stone) ; nEq-
kyu'titl, — in house ; kwakyu'-
tis, the shorter one of two points
at mouth of river ; L. pE'nkyu-
taqste, chin (— below opposite
mouth) ; e'kyut'eqsten, palate
(= above opposite mouth) ; hei-
tlkyuttsana, right hand (=right
opposite hand) ; K''6mkyu'tis,
rich one opposite on land; H.
—kdt; hai'tlkotlna, right side of
body; hai'tlkotkyane, right
hand; G. —kyut, adzkyut,
m    left side.
orator, G. ha'tlEqtEqs.
ornament of ear, fit. mo'koato,
distr. mu'mkoatd (— ato, ear;
mok, — tied (?) ).
other side of, L. IT. apsut, —sut;
k'oi'sut, far other side.
otter, Is. Tl. qti'mti, H. k'u'la; G.
kutlsk-'e'qta ; H. ky'a'ma, —
overhanging, N. tla'k''anuk.
our, N. sins.
outside, N. fit. —lis, is ; N. bEg'u's,
man in forest; aq'a'lkus, blood
on ground outside; H. tl6'k''us,
country bare of plants; N. Bt.
— lis, Els; N. tu'qwuis, to
jump upon ground outside; kui'-
Hals, to fall—; d'apE'ls, to flood'
ground;  Is.   la'veils,   outside;
tsEqtsEtk-oa'ls, swamp ; H. d'6-
k'olisEla, to look out of house;
k'usE'ls, wolf.
out of, Is. N.—otlt; 16'otltd, to go out
of canoe; k'o'qotltsut, to take off
blanket;H. —otltsoa ; tqo'tltsoa,
to jump — ; so'tltsot, to take out
of box ; gyaq'ptltsoa, to come—.
outside of house, H. G. —aqse;
ts'oa'qse, heraldic column; go-
a'qse, to sit —; G. gdi'qse, to
sit —; ky'a'taqsut, to paint—.
outside of whole body, N. 6'gwitae.
outstretched legs, N. ile'is (=Cormo-
rant Island).
over, N. —tlane; k'a'tsetlane, to
walk over log ; G. —tlna ; k'a'-
tlna, to walk over log.
owl, H. tHtHni.
paddle, L.' siwa'io, H. g'au'ma.
to paddle, L. XT.- se'quit; IT. he'-
mEnatlEn "s'e'qoa, I always—;
H. g'au'sa.
pain ceases, IT. 6'mat'et.
to paint, Is. ky'a'ta ; ky'a'taio, brush,
pencil; Bt. ky'a'ta; ky'a't'e-
noq, painter; ky'a'taqsut, to
paint outside of house; ky'a'tl-
SEmt, to — outside of house; ky'-
a'tgyot, — inside of box.
paint, white for face, L. kuE'q.
  red for face, L. k'ums,   H.
 blackjorface, Bt. ts'o'tsEtlEmk.
palate, L. e'kyuteqsten (= above opposite mouth).
palm of hand, H. pak 'atlkya'ne
(—kyane, hand).
panther, L. mami's, K. bEte', H.
natl'ai'a, G. maya's.
parents of twins, N. yikwi'tl.
part of, N. —k'tis. 1892.]
participle, N. —so ; —sue, the one,
who —.
 passive, —k'; k'Vmgyik', bitten; hamaa'k*, eaten.
parting of hair of woman, Is. kH'e'-
Hita; H. k''aqtpa'ls.
pxrtridge, L. k-uku'm.
to pass by, to go past, N. la'k'a (la—,
to go ; —k'a, reaching toward);
ts'e'k'oe, passage.
passage where travelers meet, N.
past, N. —teis; qua'kunateis, broken
canoe; H. —otlte ; gyil'okd'tle,
broken canoe.
P'a'isis, name of place.
to pay, Is. k-6'na.
to peel off cedar bark, L. A. si'nga.
pelvis bone, Bt. kwa'kolEqtle (—qtle,
pencil, Is. ky'a'taio (= painting
penis, N. oqsak-a'oe ; moqsak'a'oe,
with tied —.
people, Is. ba'k'um, H. bEgua'num ;
XT. —enoq; Tlask-'e'noq, people of ocean; ma'q'enoq, pursuing secretly; H. ha'lq'enoq,
murderer; H. —itq, K'6'k'aitq,
perfect, real, N. aowi'la, rough sea ;
G. awi'kyala, correct language.
perforation, IT. fit. koa— ; L. koa's-
koane, — of ear; koa'witlpe,
— of nose (—itlpe, nose); H.
koa'koathoa,—of ears (—athoa,
ear); koa'koitlpa,—of nose.   .
pestle, Bt. mEkoa'id.
pillow, L. k'e'i'nutl, H. k'ai'notl.
pine, Is. qa'qumis (—mis, tree), A.
pipe, Ii. H. wa'q'atse (= smoke receptacle), G. k-a'k*patse (k'ak*-
pa, smoke),
pipe stem,  L. tla'noe, H. qtlqta'e
(—qta'e, mouth).
to pity, N. waiatimtEntla'soq, I —
him; wa'iatigyilak', not pitying any one.
place, N. —lis; iua'lis, where always
—— XT. —us, as, —las ; k'e'us,
wash line (drying place); kH'e'-
tdkwas, grassy — ; k-6'lsElas,
w/iere always feasts are given ;
sakwa's, cutting place ; gy'o'ld-
tas, porpoise place ; goa'tsaoas,
settee (sitting on place); H. 1e-
gui'las, fire —; alaea's, graveyard; G. tle'las, store (selling
place);   ku'l'ilas,   bed (sleeping
 N. —at; ts'e'kuat, egg'island.
 H. —eles ; tleae'les, store.
 H. —a'se, tlq'ea'se ; hanea'se
s gy'iloa, place of canoes in
woods; gy'iloaaia'se,—of canoes
on beach.
 H. — enoq ; koe'saenoq, where
always snow; iolaenoq, w/iere
always wind.
 where always something happens,
— tEms, IT. k'oa'iastEms, where
always whales; gyu'qtEms, village site; k-ui'lastEms, feasting
place; ha'k-oqtEms, fighting
place ; G. —tEma ; gyu'qtEma,
village site.
to plait a braid, Is. k''a'sk'Elqtle,
H. k-'a'tla.
platform of canoes, H. ha'wanak'k'.
 of house, Is. pa'eitl, H. CHsaua-
i'tl (—itl, in house).
to play,   N.   a'mtla;   hama'tlala,
women —.
point, —pa; XT. wi'tlpa, lance;
Ts'i'lkyEmpa, feathers on top ;
mo'meqpa, white headed ; gua'-
pe, lowest house on river; ma'qpe,
end ; awi'tlpe, — of land ; ope,
point; ma'tilpe, point of Md'-
tagyila; aiHpa, sharp—; ie'iHpa, Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
dull (= bad point) ; k''6'm-
pigyilis, richest inland; gyo'-
k'opasila, house at point; e'i-
gyispalis, sand point; EC. koo'm-
pa-ut, to break off—; tlE'nk-oitl-
pa, point of nose ; ha'ntlEmpa,
— of arrow '■; goa'pa, to sit on —;
SE'msEmspa, Sisiutl (= mouth
at both ends); G. ssi'upa, sharp;
paspE'luqpa, dull.
poison, N. v/&'\&gyilsL(in song=mak-
ing people die), A. Bt. au'qsdle.
pole, —pEk'; N. iau'apEk-, mast
(= wind pole); sEntle'pEk*,
flag staff; ts'e'qpEk', dancing
pole; moqpEk', heraldic column
(= tie pole, — to which blankets
are tied); ha'mspEk*, hamats'a
pole; Bt. yai'uaspEk", mast
(= wind pole).
pole for roasting salmon, Bt. tl'o'm-
 .of tent, H. tl'a'qsEm.
poor, N. wa'natle.
porcupine, N. me'Hite, H. nut, G.
nula'k'ame (= greatest fool).
porpoise,  N.   gy'd'lot;  gy'd'lotas,
— place; H. tl'a'tlEla, G. gyi'-
post of house, Is. tlam, H. ts'o'witl
(—itl, in house).
 carved, H. ts'iHtsoe'tl.
potato, Is. k'as.
pollatch, Is. N. ia'k'oa; ia'k'ola,
^-;,;''what is given in —; Haaqk-ola'-
tlEmek-a, woman always giving
away presents in potlatch ; ha'q-
k'olatl, always distributing
blankets; p'asa', to distribute
blankets; p'asa'gyila, to make
potlatch ; p'e'p'ayala, to promise to distribute blankets; ma'qoa
(in songs), to give ten blankets to
each guest; ma'qoagyila, to give
a feast during which ten blankets
are given each guest; ma'qola--
gyilis, maqsista'lisa, to give ten
blankets to each person of all
tribes of the world ; tla'qolelem,
to give feast during which twenty
blankets are given to the opposite
gens; wa'lasila (= to make
great), to give feast during which
fifty blankets are given to guests ;
la'qt'ut, to give a feast to the
opposite gens; la'qt'dtpEs, one
' who always —;; ma/le (obsolete),
to distribute blankets ; hama'lagyilatl, always distributing blankets; ama'qut, to give away
copperplates or other objects, a
pile of objects; ama'qulatl, always giving —; H. ia'Ha, potlatch ; tldola'qa, — dance ; tli-
E'nq, time of—; Tl. k uitla'-
qalus, potlatch.
potlach, notice to friends that a potlatch will be given, IT. tle'lala,
H. tlea'la.
  invitation to potlatch,  L. N.
tle'la, EC. tle'tla.
powder, L. ts'o'laio.
to praise, N. a'miaqa ; a'miaqet, the
one praised ; H. k'antsamiqala'-
soe, God (= our praised one);
N. tsElo'k'a (see Famous).
precious, IT. k#,ai'uq.
topretend, N. —butla; hama'butlEh,
I — to eat; me'qabutlEn, 1 —
to sleep.
pretty, IT. aikya'oe (= good forehead); G. aikH s bEgua'num, a
— man.
puffin, H. owi'tlpa (—illpa, nose).
to pull, Is. kH'i'mimt.
to pull canoe into water, L. wi'quit,
H. tluqsta'ut (—sta, water; —ut,
v. a.).
to pull out from among, N. nEq'ak'-
a'la (—ak*a, among).
to pull out hair, Is. k'ula'; k'ulai'6,
tongs. 1892.]
pupil of eye,   L.   ts'a'ts'olik*,   Bt.
ba'koanEmstoa (= man in eye),
purpose,   IT.   he'numa ;   —numa;
k-'ak'otla'numa, Icometolearn.
to pursue, Is. k'a'k'eHit.
 secretly, N. ma'qa ; ma'q'enoq,
killer whale (= knowing to —).
pus, Is. tl'dp.
to push canoe into water, Bt. tlqsta'ut
(—sta, water),
to push canoe ashore, fit. tlqsiali'sa,
to put, XT. muqtsa'la, —round thing
into box (muq—, round thing;
—tsa, into; —la, v.); muqwi'l-
SEla, — round thing outside on
ground;sKn'a,\lts'nt, ky'atsa'la,
— long thing into box ; lEq'a'tl-
tsut, to — blanket into box ; H.
gyetsoa'la, something long that
has been — into box.
to put on blanket, N. k''6qtsa'la, H.
 hook into water, L. ts'E'qstEnt.
Qa'eqaes, name of tribe.
Qa'isla, name of tribe.
Qo'eas, IT. name of extinct tribe.
quail, Tl. kui'lkau.
quarts, A. N. qu'ela.
quick, Is. ha'nakue, Bt. halakyelak's;
ha'lakEla, to work—; he'Hala,
to walk —I i'Ha, fast,
quiet, XT. tEnu'lk'oatla, omatatla'la.
quilt, Bt. niakma'.
quiver, H. ha'ntlEmatse (= arrow
quotative, IT. —lawe.
raccoon, I». Tl. N. H ma'yus; Nuq-
■ nemis name, mayusosta'layilak';
A. kue'k'qt.
rafters, L. pu.'qbala," Bt. owau'tlt'a
(running from, ridge to side
«c«ZZs),kaiiaa'us (running lengthwise, horizontally over the last
rain, L. H. G. iu'koa; H. iukue'noq,
rainy country; iukoaila, it is
rainbow, L. aai'Htlala, H. miHsa'k*.
to raise, L. tla'H'it.
herring rake, L. tletai'6.
rapids, Is. ts'a'la.
rattle, L. N. Tl. H. ia'tEn ; N. kua'-
qatEn, tlokoala rattle.
raven, L.N. k-oa'wina; k'oe'k-ua-
qala, raven's cry; H. go'e, G.
ga'aq ; N. le'labalis, flying from
one end of world to the other;
lE'wagyila, heaven maker.
to reach towards, N. Bt. —k-a; IT.
la'k'a, to go past; k'oa'k'a, to
surpass ; kyi'mk'a, to meet; H.
koe'k-a, to look along ; tsE'k'a,
to throw toward; tsEk'a'nut,
to throw at —.  fllP
to reach, N. k''6'tis, reaching to
real, N. Bt. —kyas ; N. gyilEmkyas,
really feared; he'meskyas,
real chief; bEgua'numkyaso,
— man ; ku'nquakyaso, w/iat a
thunder! Bt. k''e'kyas, large.
receptacle, L. IT. Bt. G. —atse; L.
N. wa'qatse, pipe; mEna'tse,
drum; na'k'atse, bucket; ts'Ep-
a'tse, small dish; XT. a'watse,
foam place; k-'d'latse, wooden
kettle ; Bt. ha'ntlEmatse, quiver;
siwa'tse, nest; k-,Elqaila'tse,
nest; da'dok-ola'tse, armpits;
te'qatse, bladder; kH'e'patse,
large blanket basket; tEngua'lse,
grease box; kH'ElqsEma'lse,
white — blanket box; okwala'tse,
woman's working box; mEna'tse,
drttmyts'Epa'tse, dwA/gy'aHtla- Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
16'tatse, kettle; G. k'a'k'patse,
pipe; gyeba'tse, wooden kettle;
gy'atitlalo'tatse, kettle.
to recover one's property, N. e'toqa.
red, Is. N. H. tla'k'oa; L. tla'k'oa-
tae'kn, evening sky; tla'qsEm,
red blanket; Bt. tla'oqsto, —
blanket; tla'k'oeioa, red cedar-
bark head ring (—eioa, fore-
head); tlak-qa'oa, redcedar-bark
neck ring (—qaoa, neck); tla/-
k-6tas, alder; G. tla'qsto, red
blanket; L. N. A. tla'k'oa,
relatives, L. tla'la, L. XT. natlEm-
  Is. IT. H. —smp;   gagE'mp,
grandfather; nEgu'mp, father-
in-law; L. N. apE'mp, mother;
omp, father; gy'imp, sister-in-
law; H. Hu'mj), father; qtlEmp,
uncle ; G. —ap ; gaga'p, grandfather'; apf, father.
refuse, H. —aoa ; hamasa'oa, rest of
food; k'ok'oaka'oa, chips (=
refuse of chopping) ; kekeqa'oa,
sawdust; —qtlee (hindpart (?));
ha'mts'aqtle'e, rest of food.
to return, L. e'tsecta ; N. k-antlo-
gyiaqa'la, when I return (old
form); k'antlogyiaqe'lleto (new
to take revenge, L. k-'ese'td.
rib,   L.   N.   k'E'lEm,    fit.   ha'kya
(—kya, back (?) ).
rich, IT. k''a'yamala ; k''6'matlan,
lam —; K''6'mpigyilis, richest
on earth; K''6'mkyu'tis, the
richer one opposite; K''6mk''-
dmkili'kya, richest of all; K-'6-
mo'k'oa, rich; K''dniEna'kula,
getting rich; K''6'mdyue, rich
one in middle; H. K-'6mHsiwa,
European (rich at mouth of
river (?)).
right, N. he'itlala, it is —; he'ilkyut,
right side; heilkyutlEnutlEine,
right side of face ; heitla'lit, to
arrange bed; he'iligyila, to cure,
to mend; heili'gya, shaman;
H. ha'itlkdt, right side; haile'-
tlatl, to cure; haile'kya, shaman; G. ha'itlkyut, right side;
hailikyala, shaman.
right, it is not right, N. 6'tsatla.
rim, IT. H. oe'sta (see Around).
 hollow rim of lid of box, N. ha'-
to rise, L. laq ai'kyeta kd'aHila,
smoke rises (= goes up); kHaq-
pa'lla it, river —; N. la'tuse'a,'-
gyilis, sun rises ; A. toatusEla'-
gyilis, sun rises (&ee Down
river, XT. H. wa, G. wap (= water).
road, Is. t'e'Hila ; G. k-'a'iltowa, to
walk on —.
to roast salmon, BE. tl'o'pa ; L. tl'6'-
puk', roasted salmon.
robin, N. Tl. H. ku'ltEin.
to rock cradle, L. te'kula.
rock, N. —a; wi'nak'oa, rocky
place (see Stone).
roe (unlaid), X>. H. d'E'lgyim (H.
k-'u'tE (?) ).
 (laid), H. d'as-6'k.
salmon roe, L. k'e'ni, H. kai'ne.
to roll up a thing, N. le'k'oa, L.
kH'i'lHSEmt (to wind a ball of
roof, Is. soo'k'.
roof boards, H. ha'was.
roots, N. L. tl'o'pikH, H. tl'o'kum.
 edible, L. mo't'aqsten, qa'tEiu
(=mee'n, Catloltq), ts'a'kyus ;
tliQsi'm, clover root; A. qd'kum,
Indian rice; t'd'qsots.
rope of seaweed, H. sa'nap'at.
rope, Is. ts'a'eqan, H. ts'a'iq.
 large, heavy, N. ta'tuwiqoll.
 of cedar bark, L.  mo'koanoe,
EC. milk*. 189.2.]
rope of skin, H. k'd'tse (see Skin).
 of spruce roots, Is. tl'o'pikH,
H. tl'o'kum (see Boot).
 of cedar twigs, L. tlE'nakya.
rough sea, N. p'6'lek'ola'mas, making sea rough; auwi'la ; auwi-
lakyitlanuk, having rough weather and sea ; H. ila'qola.
to speak with rough voice, N. tla'la-
round, L. kiTflSEm, H. lo'qsEm;
lo'qsEmitl, round thing on floor;
IT. muk'Ola, moon (= round
thing put down); pa'k'aqtlemo,
round thing is in box.
 outside of round thing, —k-am,
to look   down   (pEn—,   down;
—k'Em, outside of round thing,
face; —Hit, v.); eikyak'E'mHit,
to look up; N. d'sqEme. outside of
round object; mamosk'amBE'n-
koa, carrying four round ones ;
AiHtsumsk'amlitl, covered with
haliotis in house; lo'sEmnit, to
uncover face; kua'kuqsEm, biscuit;  Bt.  nask'Ema'la,   mountain with snow on top; ta'k'umt,
to cover face; tl'a'skam, front
of box;   o'sk-ame,   outside  of
round   thing;    ts'e'koisk'Em,
wash bowl; goa'sk'amils, to sit
outside on round thing ; tl'o'q-
sEmla, mountain bare of plants;
qau'sEmt, to wash canoe ; alHsi-
ma'la, blood on a round thing.
to run, IT. ts'ae'tlsla, — into Jiouse ;
Bt. gy'eqsesta'la, — around
(—ista, around); gy'e'qoalut,
— towards.
 river, N. tshia'la, H. tse'HEla.
sacred object, N. k'a'mina.
sad, Ii. tsiqe'la na'k-oe (=heart is
sail, Is. ia'oapsm, H. yai'uastEm ;
yai'uatsk, — hoisted; G. yai'-
wadzEm (from: wind).
saliva, L. wa'petlaqd'ya (== water in
salmon, H. G. mea' ; H. ma'agyila,
where always salmon; H. G.
mame'a, to catch—; H. mame'-
asilas, where always houses on
beach for catching salmon; N.
ma'wa, salmon trap.
  dog salmon,  L. k'oa'qnis; H.
 spring salmon, L. sa'ts'Em, H.
hai'sEn, G. k aps.
 cohoes salmon, Tl. tsawu'n, G.
 sockeye salmon, N. metli'k'.
 sp.? Tl.  hanu'n; sp ? A. tlo-
  humpback salmon, N. G. ky'-.
  hooknose salmon, H. was,  G.
to catch salmon, L. wa'yala.
salmon, split, L. t'a'lEk'.
 dried, L. ky'd'loq, H. qam'a's..
 roe, dried, H. k'akHk.
salmon berry bush,  It.  k*'oa'tlmis
(—mis, tree),
salt, Is. tEmsH; tE'mp'a, salt taste
(—p'a, taste). *mk
sand, N..eiky'es (—good beach); ei-
gyispalis (see Sea)y sand point
on beach ; G. aigyitsui's.
satisfied, N. mE'ntlee, H. pa'nkia
(see Stout),
to save, XT. na'la.
saw, H. keqseyai'd; keq'a'la, noise
of — ; kekeqa'oa, sawdust,
to say, N. nekHsewe'tikn, they —
to me.
scalp, H. kunuqtle'e.
scar, Is. k'oa — ; k'oate'oae, — on
forehead; k "oatsa'n e,—on hand;
k'oatE'miga, — on cheek.
— Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
to   scold,   H.    agya'qtala   (—qta,
to scratch, L. tla'qa,  t'at'i'qtsanak
(—tsana, hand),
sea, Is. Bt. tEmsq, G. dEmqs (?), L.
ao'waky (foam (?) ).
 in sea, —is ; IT. tsa'ek'is, secret
in water;  k*'a'mis,  crab; Bt.
ia'kms,  monster —; k'a'lkun-
tsis/body on bottom of sea.
 on sea, N. —tie ; nak'd'yuitle,
middle of something on sea.
sea egg, large, L. mEse'k', H. ts'E-
 small, Is. Tl. Bt. a'mtEm.
seal, Is. N. me'kuat, ditr.  me'em-
koat; meme'koatk', eating — ;
A. H. G. sagu'm.
 young, L. kHE'miasto, H. wu-
sealion, L. N. G. tle'qen, H. mau'-
akya;  mau'akyaHtEM,  sealion
 young, H. k'ta.
sea monster, Bt. ha'nak'atse (= canoe
sea otter, N. H. k-'a'sa ; N. k''a'sas-
qEm,  — blanket; H. k''ak'a'-
soil, — blanket; G. a'ngusta.
 young, H. tsi'sa.
sea snail (holothuria), Tl. H. a'las.
sea weed, dried, Bt. tlk''ast.
to   search   among,    H.    le'lt'ak'a
(—ak'a, among),
secret, IT. ts'e'k'a.
to see, N. do'k'oala ; d'o'qtsas, seer-
(shaman seeing soul  of dying
person); G. do'k'ula; Bt   d'6'-
self torture  ceremonial,   N.   hawi-
to sell, N. la'qoyo, la'qut; laqota'io,
something sold,
semiliquid, L. k-E'nkya.
to send, K. ia'pa.
settee, N. goa'tsoas (— sit in place).
seven, IT. a'tlibu, G. matlo's ; masE-
mo's, — round objects; mats-
k'6's, — long objects ; matlqtla'-
us, — cups.
seventeen, G. matla'sgiu.
seventy, G. matlpEnky&sk''a'po-
to sew, Is. k'a'na ; k''a'naio, thread;
H. g'a'na ; g'anama'las, thread.
shadow, L. gyagu'mas.
shaft of double headed harpoon, H.
to shake, v. a., Is. ia'wiHelitl, qoa,'-
yusEla,N. k'ua'yakula(—akula,
motion (?) ); na'natlis, shaking
his greatness (song).
 , N. —nila, —Hula; ya'iawinila,-
ya'wiHila, shaking himself (host
at tsetsa'ek'a).
shaman, N. Tl. paqa'la, L. N. nau'-
alak', he'ilikya (only when conjuring disease = mender), Bt.
tsa'ek-a, haile'kya, G. haili-
shame, H. ma'Hts'a.
shark, H. k'oa'k'oina.
sharp, Is. a'iHpa (= good point), G.
to sharpen, L. t'e'n'it.
sheets, L. wa'taio, Bt. k''6'k'oegya
(—egya, back).
shellfish, Bt. kyaoe'k'am.
shinbone, N. —p'ekye, 6'p'ekye;
k-'ok-oqp'e'kye, knot on lower
part of tree (see Leg below knee).
shirt, L. k',ESEna/e.
shoe, Is. t'e'paio, H. k'e'naq.
to shoot, L. ha'ntlitl, G. ha'ntla;
ha'ntlEm, arrow gun.
shore, far from—, L. tla'tlasatl (see
 to go close to shore, L. la'gyilis
(= to go landward).
short, N. tsE'kua ; tsEkua'la, short
river; ts'e'tsakuila, to shorten
life; Is. tsEkuE'qst, a—man; 1892.]
tsu'qpitfi, short (—pitfi, small);
H. ts'Ek'; qa'pHo, a —man;
IT. nEma'lis, short lived.
shoulder, Is. tla'stlale, Bt. G. 6'quina.
shoulder-blade, L. pa'lots, Bt. tla'k-'-
to show one's teeth, Is. Hi's'it.
to shred cedar bark. A. tsqa.
a shrew, H. tlHSEla'k's (k'S, woman).
to shut door, L. kH'E'mimt.
sick,N. Is. ts'e'Hila;ts'e'Hilana'k'oe,
heart sick = sad; ts'ena'tola,
ear is —; ts'intsala, headache
(= sick inside); ts'E'qkan he-
menatlama, I am continually
sick; ts'Eqk-'E'lkEn, ts'Eqk''a'-
pESEn, I am often sick; H.
tl'oqoa'la; tl'dqoatoa'la, ear
is —; tl'dqoetl'aqaua'le, mouth
inside—; tl'oqk'ea'le, head—;
tl'oqoetlpe'le, nose —; tl'oqo-
ma'le, face —; tl'dqstoa'le,
eye —; tl'oqoaqa'ola, throat —;
tl'oqoaskyena/la, neck near
nape—; tl'dqeioa.'\& forehead—;
tloqoaqtlali'.-Ela, inside belly—;
tloqoapo'ala, on chest —; tldqo-
ala'so, in chest —; tl'oqta'la,
mouth —; tl'oqoana'la, all
over —; tloqoa'la s gyi'lEm,
tongue —; G. ia'kn.
sick eye, N. g'ogume'k'End.
side of a thing. 6'nutse ; a'tlanutse,
one behind the other; Bt. asa'~
notsEqtle, leg above knee (side of
hind part).
■ N. onutlEmala ; heilkyotlEnu-
tlEme, right side of face ; gua'-
nutlEme, sitting at side of —;
gyogyokonutlEmala, house on
each side of—; gyo'gykonutlEm-
ala, something —- —.
side of a flat thing =■ edge, H.
sinew, L. H. ad's'm.
to sing for pleasure, Is. sa'iala, H.
ne'noya, G. ha'na; ha'nqto'a,
— while walking.
to sing to dance, N. dE'nqEla, L.
k'E'mtEn (?).
singing master, N. na'k'at, da'k'ola,
H. ha'Hts'as, distr. haia'Hts'as ;
the three assistants of singing master,
N.  gua'nutlEme  (= sitting at
to sink angle, Is. ts'E'qstEnta k'e'taid.
river sinks, L. kyo'tla.
Sintlae, N. ancestor of a gens ; sin-
tle'k'am, face of—; sintle'pEk',
sinus of hair, H. tsi'kyE.
St'siutl,    jabulous     double-headed
snake, N. Bt. si'siutl, H. sE'm-
SEmspa (= mouth at each end),
sister calls sister, L.N. nEme'mak-as
(—k*as,   woman),   H.   mEnu'-
yak's (—^k's, woman),
sister, elder, Is. N. Bt. G. no'la.
 younger, L. N. H. G. ts'a'ya.
brother calls sister, L. N. fit. G. wa'-
sister-in-law, N. Bt. gy'imp.
to sit, N. H. G. goa—; N. goa'qsala,
— in canoe; goa'goagyilitl, — in
middle of house; goa'ne, — in
corner of house ; goa'goagilelas,
sitting down in house without
back support; goa'tsaoas, settee;
goa'nutlsme, sitting along side ;
I "EL. goa'tsaitl, — on bed; goa'-
sk'amitl, — inside a thing;
goagoa'k'itl, — on top of; goa'-
tsoa, — on flat thing ; goa'latla,
to sit on planks; gra'lallEla, sitting down on chair, on planks;
. goa'qtoa, — on top, point of a
thing; goa'pa, — on point,
front end ; goala', — on stone ;
goa'gyena, — on long thing;
goau'ioa, — on point of a thing;
goa'qtlae, — on hind end; go-
a'qtfe, — on beach; goa'sk'am- Boas.]'
[Nov. 18,
ils, — on round thing outside ;
goa'luqtleas, \—on roof; goa'qs,
— in canoe; goa'HtEma, settee ;
goa'qse, — outside of house; G.
goa'itl, — in house; goa'qtoa,
— on top of, on point; goa'kyena,
— on long object; goa'sk'am
s t'e'sEm, — on stone; goa'itlo-
wa, — under cover.
six, G. k-'Etlo'q ; k''Etla'sk'Em, —
round ones; k''Etla'tsq, —long
ones; k*'Etla'iqtla, —cups.
sixteen, G. k''a'tlagiu.
sixty, G. k''atlapEnk''a'popEna.
skales, Bt. gau'm.
skillful boatbuilder, fit. a'tl'Eskio.
skin, Is. N. tl'es; tl'e'siape, — of
upper part of arm ; tl'e'lsepoe,
— of cliest; tl'e'tsEqtle, — of
crown of head ; tl'e'sEme, — of
face; tl'e'tsitlpe, — of nose;
tl'esi'ue, —of forehead; tl'e'-
tsane, — of hand; tl'etsetlqa'oe,
— of inside of mouth ; tl'e'tsEq-
ste, — of mouth; H. k'u'tsE ;
k'uk'uskya'ne, — of hands;
k'utsEme'kye, —of back; k'u's-
me, — of face; k'utsikyatlkya'-
ne, —of back of hand ; k'uk'ut-
sea'pe, — of upper part of arms;
k'uk'usqta'mo, — of legs above
knee; k'utsepo'a, — of chest;
k'uk'utsi'tsa, — of feet; N.
k'uta'otl, skin blanket; G. tl'es.
 of heels, BE. amea'tltsitse.
to skin. Is. sa'p'a.
skull, Ii. qa'uik'.
skunk, H. ia'qp'ala (= bad smell).
sky, N. 16'ua, na'la;   nena'lanuk,
changing (having) weather ; H.
slabs of wood sewed to hand of hawin-
atl, N. se'quitEm.
slave, Is. N. k''a'kyu, H. k-'a'kd,
G. k''a'HO;  N. k'ak'akuista'-
lista, making slaves all around.
slave, a whole tribe enslaved, N. e'iatl-
Ela (in song),
to sleep, Is. N. me'q'it; meqabu'tlEn,
Ipretend'to—; ky'e'sEnme'q'-
eqsta, I do not want to —/ H.
gy'a'tla;  gy'atle'qste, wanting
to—;G. ku'l'itl ; ku'l'ilas, bed.
sling, Tl. yE'nkH'aio.
slow, Is. oya ; H. G. we'Hala (=± not
fast), to walk —;   aua'kya,   to
work —.
small,   N.   Ii.   ama'E;   ama'snqe,
smallest   (=   edge  of small);
ama'pito, small; amamemEne'q,
small things   (—mEneq,  small
 s., —pit5 ; N. tsuqpitd, short;
gyokpilu, — house.
 distr., —mEneq; N. gyokniE-
neq, — houses; quakunamEne'q,
— boats.
smallest, —Enqe (= edge); ama'-
Enqe, smallest; ts'etseqk'E'nqe,
— dancers.
smallpox, N. tlEma'e (= boil), ia'-
knim (cause of evil).
to smell, Is. me'sEla; N. aiHp'ala,
good—; H. aiHp'ala is We'sum,
good smelling man; ia'Hp'ala,
skunk (= bad smell); ua'qp'ala,
— of smoke; G. Hu'mk'ata.
smoke, L. N. koaHi'la ; KuaHilano'-
kume, who has most smoke (i. &.,
always giving feasts); H. ua'-
qEla ; ua'qpis, smoker; ua'qp'ala, smell of —; uaqoaqtoa,
smoking in walking; uaqoaq-
a'qtis, smoking on beach; uaq-
a'tse, pipe; G. k'ak-pa, to smoke;
k'ak'paqtoa, — in walking;
k'ak'patse, pipe.
 hole, Is. qsalla, H. waqa'wa.
smooth; N. k'e'tsis, —beach; k'e'-
tsitl, — house floor.
snail, Is. k-oa'ts'Ek', Bt. k'oa'tas.'
snake, L. N. se'itlEm ; se'ilis, — in 1892.]
belly; BE. si'tlsm, G. k'a'k'El-
to sneeze, Is. asHi'sit.
to snore, Is. qE'nt'ala.
to snow, Is. H. G. k'ue'sa ; H. k'ue'-
sa.inoq,where it is always snowing,
snow (on ground), L. G. ne'e, BE.
na'e ;   nask'Ema'la,   mountain
with snow on top.
soft. Is. tElk'.
sole of foot, H. t'e'pEm.
solemn, N. beku'm ; Be'bekumlisila,
making solemn in house,
something in eye, N. gyistd'e.
son (see Child), Bt. hau'ltse, only —;
wala'qtle. youngest —  (—qtle,
hind);   no'lak'ame,   eldest  —;
g'au'ioa, second —.
  chief's eldest son, N. tleo'lE-
son-in-law, Is. nEgu'mp.
song,   N.   ts'e'k'ala,   winter   song
(=Tsetsa'ek'a, noise); baquya-
la,   summer   song    (= Ba'qus
noise);  k*'a'mtEm ;   tsa'qatla,
— in quick measure,
soring, N. k-'ana'tla.
sorcery (see To bewitch),
soul, N. bEgua'e, bEq'una'e (bEg—,
sour, N. sa'k'a, BE. ts'e'qp'a (—p'a,
span, Is. patl, H. op'E'nkH.
spark, Ii. anope'q'it, H. pe'gyak'ala.
 spark spirits, N. mEnak'itl.
 to emit sparks, Is. tlE'msa.
sparrowhawk, H. t'i'Htegus.
to speak, male, N. ba'guala, H. G-.
bgua'la (= man's noise); bgo'-
pES, good speaker.
 , female, N. G. ka'kyala, H.
k'kyala    (—  woman's   noise);
k'kyape's, good speaker. *
 N.ia'k-'antal; ia'k-'egyatlEla,
to deliver oration; ia'k-'antenoq,
to speak with rough voice, N. tla'la-
  good of one,  N. ai'Hp'aqsta
(aiH, good; —p'a, taste; —qsta,
mouth (?) ); ia'qp'aqsta, to —
bad of one.
  N. ha'sak'awasue,  trying   to
speak loud; eiwa'la, to speak
about one's wishes (song).
to spear, L. sekya'.
spider, L. yi'k'a, A. H. hauma'qa.
spike (of spruce, etc.), A. kH'a'ma-
m5, BE. mam e'edi.
to spin, Is. me'ta, N. k-'Emk'a'.
spindle,TS. Hi'lp'aqsto.
to spit, Ii. kui'c'it.
to split, N. kue'q'it, kua'qsant.
 wood,"S. tlE'mH'it, BE. koa'k'—;
koak'ta'maluk, splint in thigh.
 canoe splits, N. ho'uqoa.
 cedar bark, L. pE'q'it, A. pa'sa.
 salmon, L. t'a'lek*, H. ky'e'a.
•spoon, N. ts'e'qtla, large —; H.
g'otai'o, — made of mountain
goat; ky'a'tsenak'; tsya'laio,
large —; G. "hamdsai'6 (= eating instrument).
spring of water, L. ts'E'tHEla.
 of year, H. G. wla'gyioa.
to spudder, L. tsEo'quit.
squid, N. t'a'k'oa ; k'ak'6'mis, —in
cheek; t'a'ekotl, where squids
are eaten ; H. tk'oa.
 sp. (?), N. ky'i'nut.
squirrel, Is. tami'nas, Tl. mal, H.
to stand up, N. dla'uis ; dlask'ama'-
tlin, I — facing sea ; dla'witl,
— in 7tou8e; dla'qoe, proper
place of each gens in feast; BE.
dlaau's,— outside; dla'qolatlEla,
— on top of a long thing ; dla' -
auwitl, — in house.
to stay at home, N. nEk'a'; nEk e's,
always — ; Nak'6'mgyilisila, always staying in their own country. Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
star, Is. t'o't'6 ; ama'qemisist'6't'd,
shooting —; H, t'o'toa, G. Hi-
starfish, L. N. k'atsk*.
steady, L. t'a'aq.
to steal, N. L..gyilo'tla ; L. gyilo'-
• tlik*, thief; N. gyilo'tle,— on sea.
steamer, N. he'k'ayala, Bt. qu'lteala
(=fire inside).
to steer* H. tla'lamla; L. tlin'it,
— canoe, pressing paddle from
canoe; tld'k'umn, — pressing
paddle towards canoe.
stem of canoe, Is. a'kyiue.
to step on something, N. t'e'patla.
stepchild, L. k'oao (?), N. wawa.
stepmother, H. a/patso.
Stern of canoe, L. N. 6'qtle ( = hind-
stick for spreading salmon, H. tla'-
"stick shoe," N. k''a'k'anas.#
stomach, L. na'k'apoe, H. pd'qums.'
stone, L. N. H. G. t'e'sum ; N. t'e'-
sumtsES, made of — ; t'e'sum-
gyilak', made —.
 N. Bt. —a ; N. nEqkyu'ta, opposite rocky place ; kya'k'a, founded on stone; nEtno'k'oa, alone on
rock; wi'nakua, rocky place;
H. goala', to sit on —.
to stop a water course, N. tsu'pa;
tsatsupatsi'wae, stopped mouth
of river.
store, "EL. tleae'les ( = buyinghouse);
tle'ilks, storekeeper; G. tl'e'las,
tl'e'lgis1, storekeeper.
stores of dry salmon, Is. heitle'laio.
story, N. nu'yam, distr., nu'nim;
nu'qnemis, name of all animals
in myths.
stout, Ii. psntle'is.
straight, L. N. nEk'a'la; nEk a'qala,
slow measure rhythm (== straight
down); H. k'e'inakula, straight
ahead; N. hayim (in song).
strait, H. wuna't'hus.
strap   of basket,   L.   k''a'tlin,   Bt
to strike with fist, N. miH'i't; miH-
stek'E'mt, —face ; miH'i'kyent,
— back ; mi'Hila, drummer ; H.
memx'; mtepta'ut, to bend by
striking with fist; G. miHi'lis,
 against, N. t'iH'a'tlEla.
 BE. a'lqa, G. alqa ; alqa'p, —
one another.
 with palm, H. tla'sa.
 a dog. Bt. watse'la.
 with hammer, H. mokoa' (see
To bend).
strong, L. N. tlo'k'uimk; tlo'kum,
cause of strength ; G. tloq.
sturgeon, Tl. ha'nak'ois, Bt. k* 'ta'is.
to suck, H. tsa'ma ; tsa'mamis, to
sugar, L. e'kyisila.
summer, Is. he'ianq, BE. G. hai'nq
( — anq, time of).
sun, L. tle'sEla, N. a'ta, —as deity;
BE. G. tle'Hsioala.
sunrise, N. toatusElagyilis ; H. lat-
usslagyilis (= goes down river
on earth) ; G. k*'eky6'ia.
sunset, Is. la'peta, G. la'is.
superlative, L. N. H. G. —k'ame ;
N. i'Hak'ame, fastest; gye'-
k-ame, greatest chief; no'lok'E-
mae, greatest fool; no'lasnEk'E-
maE, eldest child; nEmd'k'oa-
k'ame, all alone on rock; H.
! no'lak'ame, eldest child.
supernatural, N. H. tlokoa'la.
to support, N. tla'tEla ( = to make
stand) ; tla'lamin, supporter.
surface of sea, N. H. —tie; dlas-
k'ama'tlin, / stand facing sea ;
gyilo'tle, to steal on sea ; tlatla-
siko'tlikH, here is a canoe with
Tlallasik'oala (—kn, present;
—tie, on sea); H. k'auk'oansE- 1892.]
la'k'tle, canoe drifting to and
fro; ma'tlela, to swim; G.
haneilwa'paqe, canoe on water.
to surpass, N. k't a'k*'a.
to swallow, N. nEk'ola'laqom ; nEk'-
E'k', swallowed ( = eclipse of
sun); H. k*'u'nquit.
swamp, Is. tsEqtsEk-oa'ls (—als, outside), na'Hila.
sweat, N. k'6'sa; H. k'd'Hpis, sweating.
to sweep, H. ky'e'tla.
sweet, Is. Tl. auap'a ( = good taste).
sweetheart, Is. w a'tela.
when always high swell, BE. t'o'qslis.
to swim, N. ma,; L. ma'nakula
( —fish motion); Is. tE'mselaio
(?); Bt. ma'tlEla (man, = swinging on surface); mama'lama,
children trying to swim; H.
k'ola'la (fish), G. k'oa'la (fish).
tail of quadruped, L. hats'E'qstee
(—qste, bottom), H. ha'ts'iqte
(—qte, bottom); N. nu'naqste,
— of wolf ( = wolf's end).
     of    bird,    BE.    na'kyaqtlae
(—qtlae, hind).
 offish, Ii. ts'a'sne, Bt. ts'ane't.
 of whale, H. t'ek'aqte' ; white
tailed fox, mo'k-'uqt ( = white
tailed); A. kue'qt, raccoon.
to take, N. aq'e't.
tall, Ii. gyi'ltEqst (gyi'la, — long),
H. noa'kila.
tallow, N. k'a'tsek ; H. tl'a'tai, gd'-
luk', — of mountain goat.
taste* N. Bt. —p'a ; G. BT. ainp'a,
sweet; L. tE'mp'a, salt; H.
ts'e'qp'a, sour—.
tear, L. koa'kuistoe ; tse't&aokula,
to weep.
to tease, N. me'iila.
to tell, 1m. ne'tlaso; — myths, N.
temples, pElnutlEma'e ( = thin side
of face), BE. pa'spEle' (see
ten, G. k''a'po ; k''a'p'usk'Em, —
round ones ; k''e'putsq, — long
ones; kapo s bEgua'num, two
thick, L. wok.
thief, L. gyil'o'tlik".
thin, Is. pE'lpitd ( —pito, small);
k-a'tlais (person).
things lying about, L. t'a't'its, H.
to think, Is. gye'gyek'a.
thirsty, Is. na'k''eqst ( = wanting to
drink), BE. tso'setlqta ( = dry
mouth), G. tso'sEms, na'k'abu.
thirteen, G. yuduqgi'u.
thirty, G. yuduqpEnk''a'popEna.
thorn, N. k''a'k'ane.
thou, Is N. sd'wa, yutl; BE. k'qsd,
k'qsoa'eoa ; G. yi'qso.
thread, L. k''a'naio ( = sewing instrument), EC. g'a'nEma'las.
three, G. yudu'q; yudu'qsEm, —
round ones; yudu'tsq, — long
thrice, N. yu'duqp'ana.
throat, H. k"'u'nkoas (see Neck).
through,H..—sioa; tqsi'oa, to jump—;
laqsl'oa, to go —; maqso't, to
throw —.
to throw, N. ma'k'a; mak-a'p, — one
another; mak''a'io, stick of
shaman for throwing (—ing, instrument), ma'mak'a, trying
to —; maq'e't, to drop; H.
maqsu't, to — through; maqso'-
stui, — up ; maqtla'lisa, — into
fire; ma'k''ak-a, — among;
mak'a'neqant, — along; ma'-
qautlts'ot, — out of; ma'qtsot,
— into; mak'a'qot, — down;
G. ma'quit.
 into canoe, N. lEkya's; la'la-
kyutse, throwing every one into
canoe. Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
to throw,'' to throw song out of canoe,"
k''amt'Em6'tltut (k-'a'mtEm,
song ; —6 tit, out of canoe ; —ut,
v. a.), (i. e., a singer in the
canoe which goes to a feast greets
the host with a song).
 into water, H. Hue'tltaut (man,
animal), ts'aqsta'ut (a stone,
—sta, water).
to throw, fit. ts'Ek-anu't, —towards ;
ts'aqsiaa'lsa, —ashore ; ts'Eqa'-
litlila, — into house.
to throw copper, paddle, board (fiat
objects (?) ) into house, N. sEpa-
thumb, Is. N. k'6'ma, H. k'6'na, G.
k'auna'; EC. kona'Hsitse, big toe
(—Hsitse, foot).
thunder, N. ku'niqua; ku'nuatEla,
noise of—; ku'nquakyaso, what
a —! G- lu'qlisla.
thunderbird, Is. N. Kunkunquli'kya,
N. ts'o'na; ku'n'das, homeof—.
tide (current), EC. ts'a'la.
to tie, N. moq ; mo'qpEk-, heraldic
column (pole to which [blankets']
are tied), Is. mo'quit; N. moq-
sak'a'o, with tied penis; G.
time of, —Enq; L. he'ianq, summer;
tsawu'nq, winter; BE. tliE'nq,
potlatch; hai'nq, summer; tsawu'nq, winter ; G. hainq, summer ; tsonq, winter.
  to be on time, N. he'ilts'a (see
Bight); wi'ts'a, not on time;
nio'sukuila, making that there is
no time to escape.
tired, N. ma'mEntleas, making
him —; mE'ntl'et, tired of eating certain things ; BE. tla'laso.
Tlame'latse, N. house in which tse-
tsa'eka is held.
tobacco, L. N. H. tla'uk'.
to-day, L. qoana'laq, H. goa'k''Ela-
ioq. $§§|
toes, N. k'oa'k'oasitse (—sitse, foot),
Et. k'oa'k'oaHsitse (—Hsitse,
     big   toe,    Bt.     k'ona'Hsitse,
(= thumb of foot).
together, N. k-'ape'; k-'a'peg'atl
gya'qEn, they will come together
to me; k''a'peg'awastlis, they
will come together to you.
■■ N. ha'mk/olisEn, I eat with you.
  N.  gyinlikyEle, parents with
 N. nEma'la, A. we'wauk'ua'si.
to-morrow, L. tlE'nStla, Bt. tla'ns-
 day after to-morrow, EC. tli'nse-
tongue, L. BE. G. gy'i'lsm.
tongs, for pulling out hair, L k'ulai'6
(=°pulling instrument).
 for taking stones out of fire, Is.
ts'e'stlala (—tlala, fire); EC.
tooth, Is. N. Bt. G. gyigy ; N. gyi'-
gyatlsn, I have —ache; gyi'-
sEqstal, cover of box (= teeth
around (?) ).
 N. (oHwe), —He ; k'aqHe, having lost a tooth (= notch tooth);
nae'nsHe, with decayed teeth;
IdpHepito, you have no teeth;
H. —Hsia ; tse'tseHsia, having
lost a tooth; le'k*'eHsia, having
lost all teeth; ha'peHsia, chin
beard (= hair toothy.
top of—, L.N.H. —qtle; L.ma'kyaq-
tlaowe, top of tree; k*'a'msiqtle,
lazy on top; tl'e'tsEqtle, skin
of crown of head; Bt. ga'luqtleas,
to sit down on top of—.
 N. —oqtoe, H. G. —qtoa ; H.
goa'qtoa,* to sit on —.
 a pile, N. dky'e ; okuyalis, on
top of a pile on beach ; d'magya-
lis, highest of all (?); EC. —koia,
—kyioa ; tokoia', to walk over a 1892.]
pile of planks;   goau'ioa;  G.
goa'gyioa, to sit on a pile,
top of basket, box, N. —kyae; we'-
kyae, not quite full; Bt. ky'a't-
gyot, to paint inside of box.
torch, H. and.
to touch, N. tlo'pala; ma'kyapala,
— almost;  makyitle'sela,   almost touching roof,
towards,   H.   —alut;  tqua'lut,   to
jump —; gy'e'qoalut, to run —.
town,    N.    gydk,     H.    gd'kula
trail (see Boad), N. la'qso, to walk
on—; EC. to'wi.
trap for fish, N. mo'e ; ma'muqsila,
taking care of—; G. a'mala.
trap for game, A. kHpaio, la'um.
to travel, N. e'iowa; se'qoa, — in
canoe;    k'une'sta,    —    about
(—esta, around); K'unesta'la-
gyilis, always traveling about,
tree, L. tla'qtlos,   A. k'oa'as,   EC.
lEk'oa' (=fuel) ;koaaiyo'k'ula,
lEk'oa'gyila,   country full   of
 Ii. N. —mis ; k-'oa'tlmis, salmon berry bush; qa'qumis, pine;
paa'qmis, maple (= leaf tree);
iaiaqpa'lamis,  fir;   tl'a'qomis,
alder (= red tree),
to tremble with hands, dancing, Is.
tribe, N. H. le'lk'olatle, N. G. gyd'-
ukldt; H. gd'uklot (= village
to troll, H. k-'e'ma, dd'koa.
to be troubled, N. nd'tla, tsinaqua'la
(in song),
trousers, Is. k'qsis.
trout,  Is. N.  k'd'la, quitla'la,   HE.
tk'a'ne ; gdle'ste, speckled —.
trumpet, N. ts'e'kdkyala, BE. ky'e'-
kyala (—kyala, noise),
to try, N. wa'Hsala, let us try ! ha'-
maa,  trying to eat; na'nak-a,
trying to drink ; kwa'na, to try ;
H. ha'mats'a, trying to eat.
Tsetsa'ek'a (winter dance), N. tse-
tsa'ek'a (= the secrets).
 house in which — is held, tlame-
    host   giving    —,    ye'wiHila
(= shaking himself ).
Tsimshian, N. H. Gue'tEla (= north
people); EC. Atla'itq, a tribe living west of the Qae'qaes ; Mes-
ma'miHt, tribe of Metlak'dhtla ;
Gue'tEla, — language.
Tsono'koa, a fabulous woman (ts'd'-
na, thunderbird; —d'k-oa, female (?)).
turned upside down, BE. k'pe'tla;
k'pe'tla itl, — in house (see To
to turn round, L. k'ui'sk'EmH'it
(—k'Em, face); mE'ls'it.
tide turns, EC. ts'a'ista (—sta, water).
twelve, G. matlgi'u.
twenty, G. mEntsq.
twice, L. ma'tlp'ana.
twig, Ii. ma'mee.
twins, N. tl'a'leatse( — atse, young).
two, N. matl; Ma'tsEtnEnk'olawis,
always carrying two round ones
in each hand; G. mald'q;
ma'sEnis, — round ones.
two hundred, G. k apds bEgua'num ( = ten men).
ugly, N. iakya'oe ( = bad forehead),
uncle,   N.   k'ule'   (addressed),   H,
to   uncover   face,    L.    lo'sEmnit
(—SEm, face),  H. t'E'lk'Emtl
(—k'Em, face),
under,  N. pEn'a; pEn'a'tse, lower
side; be'benak'aua, the lowest;
—aboe,   underneath;  aoa'boe,
underneath;  halqabo'e, to kill Boas.]
[Nov. 18,
— ; BE. oa'poa ; wunk'a'poa,
bottom, lower side (= edge underneath); esa'poa, lower side;
. ma'taput, to fly under; toa'put,
to walk under cover.
unexpected, N. k-'oe'Hit'a'astl, happening unexpectedly.
to unload canoe, N. mo'tit61 a ; Bt.
wa'mdtltut (— dtlt, out of
unsteady, Is. gyE'tEla.
to untie, N. k'ui'tla; k'ui'tlaqala,
to untie from trees (—aqa,
upper part of river, N. na'lae ; ue'I-
pe, house highest up river; ne'-
nelgyas, country highest up
river ; ne'ltse, up river.
up, N. —usta ; lagyusta'la, to ascend;
NEmokyuslalis, the only one
coming out of ground ; k''e'mis-
tal, washerwoman ( = hanging
up); gyalamustala, salmon first
ascending river; tl'Epustala, to
ascend mountain ; gya/qusta, to
come up ; tsii'Hustut, to hold up;
wi'kyustoa, not to be able to hold
up against; k'asustala, to walk
up I H. G. —osteoa ; la'kdsteoa,
to walk up; d'oqsdstewala, to
look up ; tqsdste'oa, to jump up.
to turn upward, H. d'a'tek'eila.
to urinate (male), H. kH'E'lk'oa.
to urinate (female), H. aia'sa.
urine, Bt. kmloqpe's.
useless, N. gydkk''a'laam,—house ;
EC. a'intia ; a'mtlask'am, a
uvula, H. ms'smis.
vein, BE. haia'speatsee.
vertebra, H. k'o'tsd (see Bone),
village, N. gyoq, EC. gok', G. gyoq ;
N. gydqtEms,   G.  gyd'qtEma,
village site.
virgin, N. ky'ea'la.
to visit, N. e'wak'itq, whom everybody visits.
volcano, A. tlumqama'qis.
to vomit, L. ha'qo it, N. hd'k'oa;
hauk'ua ! vomit!
waistcoat, k*'e'qsawok'.
to walk, N. k'a'sa ;*k'a'sEltsue, -r-
on flat object; k'a'tsetlane, —
on log; ka'seqala, — down;
ka'tsestala, — around; k*a'-
sustala, — up; k'asEnqEntala,
— along edge; k atsnutsEntala,
— along long object; k'ak'asky-
ina'la, — and find; L. la'tlEn
k'a'sat, I — ; k'ak'sa'lagyilis,
walking together ; k'autlanea'la,
to walk meandering ; G. k'a'tl-
tdwa, — on road ; k'a'ldzoa, —
on plants; k'atlna, — over
log; ka'tsistala, —around.
 G. latus, to walk down river;
la'qa, — down; la'kmlwa, —
 N. tayukuina'la, — and find;
tayok'oa'lagyilis, walking together; EC. tond'olsa, —along;
toa'put, — underneath ; A. td'-
quit (N. = war dance).
 G. si'q'uit, — up river.
 on trail, N. ts'e'k'oa.
 N. nauqsa'yd, hauqsa'lo, — on
trail; hdqsta'la, — into water
(—sta, water).
 EC. uaqoaqtoa', to smoke walking ; G. ha'mstoa, to eat walking ; ha'nqtoa, to sing walking ;
k'&'k'paqtoa-, to smoke walking.
 softly, N. sE'ltala.
wall, L. tsa'k-am ; N. gydk'opa'sila,
— at point I Bt. gauwi'm.
wanting to, Is. N. —eqst; me'q'eqs-
tEn, 1 want to sleep. 1S92.]
not obtaining what one wants, N.
to go to — ; H.
td'q'uit   (see   To
war, N. hd'utld,
    dance,   N.
warm,    N.   ts'E'lqua;    ts'E'lquat,
place where it is warm; EC. kd'-
qoa, G. ky'u'qula.
to warm one's back, L. pEne'kyalitl
(—ekya, back),
warrior, N. winae'noq ; a'listalits,
great— (perhaps victorious),
to  wash, L.   tetek'EmH'it,  — face
(—k'Em, face); la'asta, — body
(= to go into water; la, to go ;
—sta, water) ; tsE'ntsEnk'oa, —
hands;  BE.  ts'd'tsoqma,  qau'-
SEmt, — face (—seiii,  face) ;
ts'd'qoeta, — body ; muqsta', —
body (—sta,  water); ts'd'k-oa,
— hands ; dei'seta, — with cedar
branches; ky'i'lpa, — clothing,
washbowl, BE. ts'e'koisk'Em (—k'Em,
watchman,   Is.   k''a'kala   (see   To
water, L. N. wa'p, EC. waa'm.
 N. EC. G. —sta; N. k''ola'sta,
water of life; tsuqsta, to jump
into   —;   koa'asta,    cup;   Bt.
tlqsta'ut, to push canoe into — ;
tqsta, to jumpinto — ; nak'a'm-
sta, cup ( — drink water); G.
gyuqsta'is, house in —.
 is, in sea, N. k''atsi's, bottom of
sea;  na'nis,  bear in sea; BE.
k'alia'ois, anchorstone.
 on water (see Surface).
wave, 1m. k'Ele'e ; aquma'le, breaking
wave; BE. ganE'mala.
we inclusive,   L.  N. no'guamEnts,
EC. nd'guants, G. ndgua'nis.
we exclusive, N, G. nd'guanuq, Bt.
weak, G. we'tlimas (= not strong).
weasel (Putorious), N. gyegyi'lEin
(= climber).
weather, N. na'la; nena'lanuk,
having — (i. e., being able to
change —).
to weave basket, L. yi'p'a.
  cedar bark mat,  Tl.  ky'e'ta ;
ky'e'tamitl, weaving frame ; H.
 rush mat. L. d'ta.
wedge, N. tlE'mkyaio, A. tla'nut.
weir for fishing, N. mo'a, A. kd'lem,
G. ma'meas.
west, BE. qa'is ; qa'eqae, western people.
whale, N. H. G. k*'o-i'm ; N. k'oe'-
place of whales.
 Tl. t'dto'sk'amis (a. p. (?) perhaps = Star face in sea).
whetstone, Is. t'e'kyaid.
whirlpool, 1m. k'd't'is (—is, in sea).
whirlwind, L. hald'pek'a.
whiskers, N. hapqste'e (= mouth
to whistle, N. hd'uqoa.
whistle, N. mEtse's, —ofhd'mats'a:
ts'e'kdkyala, trumpet; A. k*oa'-
k''dmdlaku'la, — of me'itla;
ky'e'kyala, trumpet; k'ds, —of
tloola'qa; te'qatsk,—oftsa'ek a;
H. Hue'k'oa, ^ small.
white, L. mEla', EC. md'k'oa, G.
white blanket, H. kye'lqsEm.
who is that? A. ak'oiqk'au.
wide, N. le'qd ; le'qdis, wide beach.
widow or widower, mourning, N.
aa'msila, G. g'oa'itldwa (= sitting in- house).
widow, N. bEky'a'sit (= without
widower, N. k'Eky'a'sit (= without
wife, N. G. ganE'm; N. ganE'mtl,
H. g'anE'm. Boas.]
[Nov. 18,1892.
wild, ha'mats' a growing—, N.qua'sa.
wind, Is. ia'la; ia'oapsEm, sail;
iau'apEk', mast; H. G. iua'la ;
BE. iua'lis, place where always
wind ; iai'uaspEk*, mast; iai'-
uastEm, sail; iai'uatsk, hoisted
sail; G. iai'uatsEm, sail; iu'p'iq,
  north wind,  N. tta'k'oa,  H.
«ci"«<Zpipe,BE.petsEqa'd (—qad, neck).
wing, H. ma'tlmatEm (see To fly).
 first feathers of—, L. p'E'tlEm.
 hind feathers of —, L. ts'E'l-
winter, L.N. tsawa'nq, BE. tsawu'nq,
G. tsdnq (—anq, time of).
wise, N. nd'k'at; na'k'atse, the
great wise one; nd'k'amd, born
wise; nand'ak'aua, the wisest
one; BE. nd'ak'aua, the wisest one.
to wish, N. a'Hula.
wolf, Is. a'tlanEm (see Inland); N.
Nuqnemis name, Nun; Nunkye'-
qtoe, chief of—; Mamalelek'ala,
dle'kyin, BE. k'usE'ls, G. asila',
wolverine, N. wa'gigya, na't'bee.
woman, L. tsEta'q.
 L. N. k-aky—; N. G. k'a'kyala,
woman speaks (= woman's
noise); N. k'aqk-ekya'la, — is
always talking; H. k'ky—;
k'kyala, woman speaks; k'ky-
ape's, female talker.
 N. —k'as; —k-a; nEme'mak'as,
sister; k'dk'otsaqsEma'lak'a,
Koskimo woman ; hai'atlilak-as,
mending woman (=female shaman); ts'6'tlemak'as, granddaughter; a(tak*a, pet daughter;
ne'nenk'as, bear woman; BE.
—k s; mEnu'yak'S, sister; tlHSE-
la'k-sa, shrew; ts'o'qtlEmak's,
granddaughter; g'auioa'qtlek's,
second daughter; hau'ldsek's,
only daughter.
woman, N. H. —aqsEm ; N. ITim-
k-ea'qsEm, Nimkish woman;
Gua'gulaqsEm, Kwakiutl woman; H. Awi'wiky'a'qsEm,
Awiky'e'noq woman; Bi'bilqu-
la'qsEm, Bilqula woman ; k'oe''-
k'oeHtenoqa'qsEm, K'oehtenoq
woman; Tlatlasik-oa'qsEm, Tla-
tlasik oala woman; Heilt&ok'o-
a'qsEm, Heiltsuk- woman,
 N. H. —uk'oa, —dk'oa,  —in
names; N. A'nk-oalayu'k'oa,
making it cloudy ; Lalak*'aiyu'-
k'oa, made to go ahead of all;
Tsdnd'k'oa, thunderbird woman (?) Bt. Tlaletlilayo'k-oa.
womb, H. ma'edtlatse.
wonderful! Tl. N. sa'kyas, aui'la
(= real).
wood on beach, Is. k*'e'qatl.
 dried, A. kya'p'as.
| damp, A. ts'e'mos.
woodpecker, red-winged, Is. sa'k'oala,
Tl. tla'tlanitl, L. tla'tlanEe'k',
BE. tla'tlapekH.
wool of mountain goat, Is. p'a'lEm ;
pElpEla'sk'Em, blanket of—.
wool and fine hair, BE. kya'tltEma.
word, N. wa'tldEm.
world, N. wl'nakuis.
to yawn, Is. ha'Hila.
yellow, H. te'qa.
yes, H. la'a, G. kyaa'.
yesterday, Is. tla'nsutla, Bt. tla'ntse.
  day before yesterday, H. tla'-
yew tree, Tl. H. tlE'mk'a.
you, Et. k'aek'soa'ea, G. yii'qsd.
young man, L. N. ba'bakum, N.
young of —, N. Bt. —atse ; N. ma'-
matlatse, half breed (= young
of European); k-'d'tsatse,
—. crab ; H. tsaea'tse, — beaver.    


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