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By-laws of Union Lodge, No. 9, A.F. & A.M., New Westminster, B.C. : approved by the Grand Lodge of B.C.,… Freemasons. Union Lodge (New Westminster, B.C.) 1878

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1878.  BY-LAWS
UNION  LODGE,  No.  9,
1878.  OFFICERS.
ther James Speirs, W.M.
Robt.B. Kelly, S.W.
Henry Hoy, J.W.
John Allison, S.D.
T. W. Merrel, J.D.
V. B. Tait. Treasurer.
T.W. Gray, Secretary.
O. Jackson, I.G.
W. Howay, Tyler.  
i. The Regular Meetings of this Lodge shall be
held the first Monday in each and every month, at
the Masonic Hall, New Westminster, at 7:30 p.m.
A Lodge of Emergency may be called at any time
by the W. M., or in his absence, by the S. W., or
in their absence, by the J. W., but on no, other
pretence without such authority. The business to
be transacted shall be expressed in the summons, and
no other business shall be entered upon; and when
called for conferring of degrees, three days' notice
must be given.
2. The Masonic Year shall commence with the
Regular Meeting in January.
<^«s mtb Hints.
3. The Annual Subscription shall be $12 00 per
year (except for those members who reside 15 miles 8 BY-LAWS.
from the city of New Westminster, and their subscription shall be $9 00 per annum). All subscriptions to be paid quarterly, in advance.
4. The Initiation Fee shall be $50 00 for the three
Degrees, including the Grand Lodge and Register
Fees, payable as follows, viz.:
First Degree $30 00.
Second Degree    10 00.
Third Degree ".   10 00.
Any applicant for affiliation to this Lodge, who is
only an Entered Apprentice, and having been regularly admitted a member by ballot, shall have the
privilege of taking the Fellow Craft and Master
Mason's Degrees, but they must be conferred in
strict conformity with Article 7, page 83, of the
Book of Constitution, and the fees payable shall be
as follows, viz.:
Second Degree $15 00.
Third Degree   20 00.
5. The Affiliation Fee shall be $2 00, inclusive
of the Grand Lodge Registration Fee.
^ronosing Dpjcntbcrs.
6. All petitions for Affiliation or Initiation must
be signed by the petitioner, and be recommended
by two members of the Lodge. Every such petition
shall be referred to a committee of three, whose
duty it will be to report at the next regular meeting,
unless they be granted further time, when the applicant may be balloted for; or the ballot may be
postponed to the next regular meeting, as the Lodge
may determine. The petition must give the name
in full of the candidate, age, profession, and place
of abode, that these particulars may be correctly
recorded and mentioned in the summons.
7. No person shall be made a Mason without a
regular proposition at one Lodge, and a ballot at
the next Regular Lodge, which shall not take place
unless his name, profession, and place of abode
shall have been sent to all the Members, in the
8. Except in cases of seafaring and military men,
no person shall be made a Mason unless he has
resided in the jurisdiction for at least one year, or.
shall produce a certificate of character from the
nearest Lodge to the place of his previous residence.
9. No person shall be made a Mason in this
Lodge, who is not a freeman, of the age of twenty-
one years, his own master, in reputable circumstances, and living in a legitimate manner; and
also he must be able to read and write.
10. And no person shall be made a Mason, if on
the ballot there appears one Black Ball against him;
and at the ballot for admitting a Brother to affiliate
in the Lodge, three Black Balls will exclude him.
11. All petitions for affiliation must be accompanied by the Brother's Grand Lodge Certificate, JO
and a Receipt,  from the former Lodge, of all his
dues having been paid up.
12. The Brother proposing a Candidate for
Initiation shall, at the time of the proposition,
deposit in the hands of the Treasurer $10 oo. If
the Candidate be not elected the deposit will be
returned; but if the Candidate be elected and does
not present himself for initiation within three
months afier his election (unless sufficient cause
be shown for his non-attendance) the election
shall become void, and the deposit-money shall be
forfeited to the general fund of the Lodge.
13. If any Brother or Candidate, on being balloted for, be rejected, it is required of every Brother
and visiting Brother present, that they do not, on
the honor of Masons, at any time or under any
circumstances, improperly disclose the same; any
Member violating this rule shall be suspended from
Membership until a full and satisfactory apology
has been made to the Lodge, and any visitor guilty
of like conduct shall not be allowed to visit the
Lodge again, or become a Member, until a full and
satisfactory apology has been made to the Lodge;
and that any Brother present may not plead ignorance, the W. M. shall direct this Law to be distinctly
read in open Lodge, immediately after rejection and
previous to any communication being made to the
j 14. No unaffiliated  Brother shall be allowed to
visit the Lodge more than once in each year, except
with the consent of the W. M. and all the members
15. No visitor shall be admitted into this Lodge
unless he be personally recommended, or well
vouched for; or after"due examination by one or
more of the Brethren present, and shall have entered his name, Masonic rank, and the name and
number of his Mother Lodge, or the Lodge he
hails from, in a book to be kept by this Lodge for
that purpose; and during his continuance in this
Ledge he must be subject to its By-Laws.
(Sentral |3nUs.   -
16. This Lodge shall not on any pretence make
more than five new Brothers in one day, unless by
dispensation, in which case the number of persons
shall be set out in the dispensations; nor can a
rejected applicant for initiation, in the Province, be
Hallotted for in this Lodge within six months from
the time of such rejection. This Lodge, rejecting
a candidate, shall forthwith notify every Lodge in
the Province of such rejection. Nor shall a higher
degree be conferred on any Brother at a less interval than two weeks from his receiving a previous
degree, except by dispensation, nor in any case
until he has passed a satisfactoiy examination in
open Lodge in such previous degree.
17. A Brother who has been concerned in making
Masons clandestinely, or at a Lodge which is not a
regular Lodge, or for small and unworthy considerations, or who may assist in forming a new Lodge
without the Grand Master's authority or that of his 12
Deputy, shall not be admitted as a member of this
Lodge, or even as a visitor, until he shall have
avowed his guilt to, and been reinstated by, the
Lodge of which he is or was a member. Any member offending against this rule shall be dealt with as
a majority of the Brethren, in accordance with the
Constitution and By-Laws, may determine.
18. No member shall be allowed to withdraw his
name from the books of this Lodge until all arrears
shall have been liquidated.
fho shall
19. Any member who ~
spect due to himself and the members
as to appear at any meeting in a state
unclean and indecent apparel, or who shall
far forget the re-
bers of the Lodge
of insobriety,
or in unclean and indecent apparel, or who s
make use of any immoral or uncourteous language,
or who by any improper conduct shall disturb the
peace and harmony of the Lodge, or who shall not
obey the gavel of the Master when called to order>
shall for the first offence be admonished by the
Master; for the second, be compelled to withraw
from the room for the evening; and should he for a
third time be guilty of a similar offence, shall be
suspended, until he in open Lodge makes proper
acknowledgement of the fault and promises amendment.
20. Every member who speaks shall rise in his
place and remain standing while addressing the
Master; nor shall any Brother presume to interrupt
him, unless to address the Master to a point of
order, or unless the Master shall think fit to call
him to order; but after he has been set right he may
proceed,  if he observe due  order and decorum. B Y
mm. \v s
Should two arise at the same time, the Master shall
decide which is entitled to the floor.
21. Every member in speaking shall designate
each officer of the Lodge by his proper title, and it
shall be the duty of the Master to see this law duly
22. Any member who shall be guiltv of any misdemeanor not directly specified in the foregoing
By-Laws, shall be dealt w||b. according to the discretion of a majority of the members present at any
regular meeting, which decision shall be final—
subject, nevertheless, to an appeal to the Grand
23. Any Brother or candidate, at whose instance
and request an Emergency Communication shall be
called, shall pay the sum of $5 00 to defray the
expenses of such Emergency; and all fees for dispensations shall be paid by the Brother asking for
the same.
24. Every Brother desirous of re
Lodge shall give a written notice
before the expiration of the quarte
will be charged with the subscript
ceeding quarter.
25. All subscriptions and fees, b
advance, are therefore arrears if n
shall be treated accordingly at the en
when notice shall be g"8bn to every
rears; and members three moBKBii
not be allowed to vote or speak in
tiring from the
: to that effect
i", otheOTise he
ion forlae suc-
eing payable in
ot so paid, and
d of the quarter,
member in ar-
in arrears shall
the Lodge, and 14
when twelve months in arrears shall be liable to be
struck off the roll of membership.
26. No Brother shall be admitted an Honorary
Member of the Lodge, except upon a proposition
to be decided by ballot, as specified in the article
for the admission of candidates; but such Honorary
member cannot vote on any occasion.
27. The Treasurer shall keep an exact account of
all moneys received and paid on account of the
Lodge. The accounts shall be audited quarterly;
and the balance appearing to be due to the Lodge .
at the end of the year shall be paid over to the
newly-elected Treasurer, as soon as his initiation
shall take place.
28. The cash arrears of contributions, furniture,
and other appendages belonging to the Lodge shall
be, and the same, by the consent of all the members, are hereby vested in, and shall be deemed the
property of, the Master or Wardens for the time
being, in trust for the use and benefit of the Lodge,
and to be paid, applied, and disposed of as the
majority of the members shall, from time to time,
in due form, direct; and an inventory of the jewels,
furniture, &c, belonging to the Lodge, shall be '
entered in the Minute Book and a copy of the same
delivered to the Master at his installation, who shall
see that the same is correct, and then pass them
oyer to the Treasurer, who shall be responsible to
him for their safe keeping.
29. A committee consisting of the Master and
the two Wardens shall audit the Treasurer's ac- BY-LAWS. 15
counts quarterly, and the immediate Past Master
and Wardens, at the end of the Masonic year,
between the period of election and installation of
the Master, and shall superintend the finances and
property of the Lodge. A written report of their
proceedings, with a clear and ample statement of
the funds of the Lodge, shall be laid before the
next meeting of the members.
30. It is the duty of the Secretary to record the
Minutes, assist the W. M. and Permanent Committee in examining the Treasurer's and other
accounts, and to issue the summonses for all meetings, whether for Emergency or Regular Lodge
31. The Tyler shall deliver the summonses without delay, immediately he receives them. He is to
have the Lodge Room ready by the time specified,
' to attend regularly, and to be careful that the furniture and jewels are clean and in good order.
32. The W. M. and the two Wardens shall be a
Charity Committee, and shall have power to draw
upon the Treasurer for any sum not exceeding $25
at any one time, for the relief of a distressed worthy
^Brother, his widow or orphans.
^^. No new law, or repeal or alteration of an old
one, shall become valid until it shall have received
the sanction of a two-thirds vote of the Lodge at
two successive meetings.
34. When any question shall have been determined by the Lodge and confirmed, the same shall i6
not again be agitated within twelve months, unless
two-thirds of the subscribing members sign a
request in writing for that purpose.
35. A Lodge of Instruction may be held, under
the sanction of this Lodge, for the improvement of
the members, at such time as the W. M. may appoint.
36. The election of W. M., S. W., J. W.,
Treasurer, Secretary, and Tyler shall take place at
the Regular Meeting in December.
jj. A copy of the Bylaws shall be fairly transcribed in a proper book, and signed by every
member of the Lodge, as apledge of his intention
to observe and keep the same, and a printed copy
shall be delivered to him; they shall also be read
by the Secretary in open Lodge at least once in
every year.
38. Any member who shall so far forget the
respect due to himself and the members of this
Lodge as to make use of immoral language,
become a habitual drunkard, a gambler, or allow
gambling in his house, shall be reprimanded,
suspended, or expelled, as the Lodge may determine, after due trial.
JSobgc £chI.
39. The Seal of this • Lodge shall be in the
custody of the Secretary, under direction of the
Worshipful Master, and shall be affixed to all
proper documents; should it be hereafter changed, BY-LAWS.
the impression so adopted shall be transmitted to
the Grand Secretary at the earliest opportunity.
T. W. Gray, Secretary.
James Speirs, W.M.
Robt. B. Kelly, S.W
Henry Hoy, J.W.
Approved, 27th June, 1878.
Eli Harrison, Grand Master.
Eli Harrison, jr., Grand Secretary.
%  &
jm&$mxt gut*,,,
arranged for this lodge k ^Jk\ill//M
gttttel jlr.
No Mason can be interred with the formalities of.
the Order, unless he shall have been raised to the
Third Degree. Fellow Crafts and Entered Apprentices are not entitled to Masonic obsequies, nor
can they join in processions on such occasions.
All Brethren in attendance at a funeral should be
decently clothed in black, with crape upon the left
arm, and with white gloves and aprons.
The Brethren having assembled at their Lodge
Room, the Master opens the Lodge in the Third
Degree of Masonry, and states the purpose for
which it has been called together. 22 BURIAL SERVICE.
The service is then commenced as follows:
Master.—What man is he that liveth, and shall
not see death? Shall he deliver his soul from the
hand of the grave ?
Response.—Man walketh in a vain shadow; he
heapeth up riches and cannot tell who shall gather
Master.—When he diefh he shall carry nothing,
away; his glory shall not descend after him.
Response.—Naked came he into the world, and
naked must he return.
Master.—The Lord gave, and the Lord hath
taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.
Solemn music may here be introduced, after
which the Master, taking the J5acub $oll in his hand,
Let us die the death of the righteous, and let our
last end be like theirs.
Response.—God is our God for ever and ever;
he will be our guide even unto death.
The Master then records the name and age of the
deceased upon the roll, apd says:
Almighty Father! Into thy hands we commend
the soul of our beloved brother.
Response.—(Repeated thrice, giving the grand BURIAL SERVICE. 23
honors each time,)—The will of God is accomplished !    So mote it be!    Amen!
The Master then deposits the roll in the archives,
and repeats the following piayer:
Most Glorious God! Author of all good, and
giver of all mercy! Pour down Thy blessings upon
us, we beseech Thee, and strengthen our solemn
engagements with the ties of sincere affection!
Endow us with fortitude and resignation in this our
dark hour of sorrow, and grant that this afflicting
dispensation from Thy hands may be sanctified in
its results upon the hearts of those who now meet
here to mourn! May the present instance of mortality remind us of our approaching fate, and draw
our attention towards Thee, the only refuge in time
of need: that, when the awful moment shall arrive
at which we must quit this transitory scene, the
enlivening prospect of Thy mercy may dispel the
gloom of death, and that, after our departure hence
in peace and in Thy favor, we may be received into
Thy everlasting kingdom, to enjoy the just reward
of a virtuous and pious life.    Amen!
Response.—So mote it be!
Solemn music may here again be introduced,
during which a procession is formed. If the body
be not in the Lodge Room, the procession will
move to the house of the deceased, and thence with
his remains to the place of sepulture, in the following order: 24
The T}'ler, with a drawn sword;
Stewards, with white rods;
(if Masons; otherwise they will follow the Tyler;)
Master Masons;
Junior and  Senior Deacons;
Secretary and Treasurer;
Junior and  Senior Wardens;
Past Masters;
The Holy Writings,
on a cushion covered with black cloth, carried by
the Oldest Member of the Lodge; '
The Master;
The Reverend Clergy;
with the insignia
Pall Bearers;
placed thereon;
Pall Bearers;
The Brethren should not leave their places during
the procession. Upon arriving at the place of burial,
the members of this Lodge will form a circle around
the grave; the clergyman and officers of the Lodge
will proceed to its head, and the mourners will be"
placed at the foot. The services will then be resumed by the Master, as follows:
Once more, my Brethren, have we assembled to
perform the last sad and solemn duties to the dead.
The mournful notes which betoken the departure of BURIAL SERVICE.
a spirit from its earthly tabernacle have again
alarmed our outer door, and another has been taken
to swell the-numbers in that unknown land whither
our fathers have gone before us.
Our brother has reached the end of life. The
brittle thread which bound him to earth has been
severed; and the liberated spirit has winged its
flight to the unknown world. The silver cord is
loosed; the golden bowl is broken; the pitcher is
broken at the fountain; and the wheel is broken at
the cistern. The dust has returned to the earth, as it
was, and the spirit has returned to God who gave it.
While we deplore the loss of our beloved brother,
and pay this fraternal tribute to his memory, let us
not forget, my Brethren, that we, too, are mortal;
that our bodies, now so strong and vigorous, must,
ere long, like his, become tenants of the narrow
grave; and that our spirits, too, like his, must return to the God who spake them into existence,
"Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and
full of trouble. He cometh forth as a flower, and is
cut down; he fi.eeth also as a shadow, and con-
tinueth not." The Almighty fiat has gone forth—
"Dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return"—
and that we are all subject to the dread decree, the
solemn cause of our present meeting, the daily observation of our lives, and the mournful mounds
which indicate this population of the dead, furnish
evidence not to be forgotten.
Seeing then, my Brethren, that life is so uncertain, and that all earthly pursuits are vain, let us no
longer postpone the all-important concern of preparing for eternity; but let us embrace the present
J 26 burial service.
moment, while time and opportunity offer, to provide
against that great change when all the pomps and
pleasures of this fleeting world will pall upon the
sense, and the recollection of a virtuous and well-
spent life will yield the only comfort and consolation. Thus we shall not be hurried, unprepared,
into the presence of that all-wise and powerful
Judge, to whom the secrets of all hearts are known;
and on the great day of reckoning we shall be ready
to give a good account of our stewardship while
here on earth.
With becoming reverence, then, let us supplicate
the Divine Grace to insure the favor of that Eternal
Being whose goodness and power know no bounds;
that, on the arrival of the momentous hour when
the fading taper of human life shall faintly glimmer
in the socket of existence, our faith may remove
the dark shroud, draw aside the sable curtains of
the tomb, and bid hope sustain and cheer the
departing spirit.
This city of the dead, my Brethren, has an overwhelming emphasis in its solemn silence. It tells
us of the gathering, within its embrace, of the
parents' fondest hopes; of the disseverance of all
earthly ties to the departed ones who gave us birth;
of the darkness into which the bright prospects of
the loving husband and the devoted wife have suddenly been engulfed; of the unavailing grief of the
affectionate brother and tender sister; of the dread
sleep of death which here envelops the subjects of
many an early, many an instantaneous call into
eternity, given in the midst of health, of gaiety, and
of brightest hopes. BURIAL SERVICE. 27
And our departed brother, where is he ? All that
remains of him here on earth is now enclosed in
that narrow coffin, a lifeless mass of clay. The
deep, the agonizing sorrow of those to whom he was
most near and dear—the scalding tears which have
been shed upon his last earthly tenement—the manly
and fraternal grief of his Brethren of the Mystic tie
—are all by him unheeded. His every faculty has
fled; the purple current which sustained his life has
ceased to flow; the tongue, which was wont to give
utterance to the emotions and feelings of the heart,
performs no more its functions; the eyes, which so
lately reflected the movements of the intelligent
principle within, are now closed in death;—unfitted
to remain longer on earth, we lay him reverently
beneath its surface.
A little, narrow spot is all that he now can fill;
the clod will hide, him from our view, and the places
which have known him here will know him no
more forever. We consign him to the grave—to
the long sleep of death; and so profound will be
that sleep that the giant tread of the earthquake
even shall not disturb it. There will be slumber
until the Archangel's trump shall usher in that
eventful morn, when, by our Supreme Grand Master's word, he will be raised to that blissful Lodge
which no time can remove, and which, to those
worthy of admission, will remain open during the
boundless ages of eternity. In that Heavenly
Sanctuary, the Mystic Light, unmingled with darkness, will reign unbroken and perpetual. There, amid
the sunbeam smiles of immutable love, under the benignant bend of the All-seeing Eye, in that temple,
not made with  hands, eternal in the Heavens,—
there, my Brethren, may Almighty God, of His
infinite mercy, grant that we may. all finally meet, to
part no more.
The following invocations are then rehearsed by
the Master, and responded to by the Brethren.
Master.—May we be true and faithful, and may
we live and die in love !
Response.—So mote it be !
Master.—May we profess only that which is
good, and may we always act in accordance with
our professions !
Response.—So mote it be !
Master.—May the Lord bless us and prosper
us, and may all our good intentions be crowned
with success !
Response.—So mote it be !
Master.—Glory be to Cod in the highest ! on
earth peace and good will toward men !
Response.—So mote it be, now, henceforth, and
forever more.    Amen !
The apron is then taken from the coffin and
handed to the Master; the coffin is deposited in
the grave; and the Master continues:—
This Lambskin, or White Apron, is an emblem
of Innocence, and the peculiar badge of a Mason.
It is  more  pncient  than the Golden   Fleece   or BURIAL SERVICE.
Roman Eagle, and, when worthily worn, more honorable than Star or Garter, or any other order which
earthly power can confer. This emblem I now
deposit in the grave of our deceased brother.
(Drops it in the grave.) By this act we are reminded of the universal dominion of Death. The
arm of Friendship cannot oppose the King of Terrors; the shield of Fraternal Love cannot protect
his victim; nor can the charms of Innocence avert
his fatal touch. All, all must die. This grave,
that coffin, and this circle of mourning friends, remind us that we too are mortal, and that ere long
our bodies also_shall moulder into dust. How important then it is for us to know that our Redeemer
liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon
the earth, j
(Taking the sprig of Acacia in his hand)
This evergreen, which once marked the temporary resting place of one illustrious in Masonic
history, is an emblem of our enduring faith in the
immortality of the soul. By it we are reminded
that we have an immortal part within us, which
shall survive the grave, and which will never,-never
die. By it we are admonished that, though like
our brother, whose remains now lie before us, we
too shall soon be clothed in the habiliments of
death, and be deposited in the silent tomb, yet,
through the loving goodness of our Supreme Grand
Master, we may confidently hope that, like this
evergreen, our souls will hereafter flourish in eternal spring.
The brethren here move in procession around the 30 BURIAL SERVICE.
grave, each depositing in it a sprig of evergreen as
he passes the head. The Secretary then drops his
roll upon the coffin, and public grand honors are
given thrice, all repeating at each time :—
The will of God is accomplished ! So mote it
be !   Amen !
The ceremony is then contiisfied by the Master,
as follows :—
From time immemorial it has been the custom
among the Fraternity of Free and Accepted
Masons, at the request of a brother, to accompany
his remains to the place of interment, and there to
deposit them with the usual formalities of the
In conformity to this usage, and in accordance with
the duty which we owe to our departed brother,
whose loss we now most deeply do deplore, we
have assembled in the character of Masons to
offer up to his memory, before the world, the last
sad tribute of our affection; thereby demonstrating
the sincerity of our past esteem for him, and our
steady attachment to the principles of our beloved
The Great Creator having been pleased, out of
His infinite mercy, to remove our brother from the
cares and troubles of this transitory life, thus severing another link in the fraternal chain by which we
are bound together—let us, who survive him, be
yet more strongly cemented by the ties of union, BURIAL SERVICE.
friendship, and brotherly love; that, during the
brief space allotted to us here, we may wisely and
usefully employ our time, and, in the reciprocal
intercourse of kind and friendly acts, mutually
promote the welfare and happiness of each other.
Unto the grave we have consigned the body of
our deceased brother—earth to earth, ashes to
ashes, dust to dust—there to remain until the last
trump shall sound on the resurrection morn. We
can trustfully leave him in the hands of a beneficent
Being, who has done all things well; who is
glorious in his holiness, wondrous in his power,
and boundless in his goodness; and it should only
be our endeavor so to improve the solemn warning
now before us, that on the great day of account, we
too may be found worthy to inherit the kingdom
prepared for us from the foundation of the world.
To the bereaved relatives of him we mourn, who
now stand heart-stricken by the heavy hand which
has thus been laid upon the'm, we have but little of
this world's consolation to present. We deeply,
sincerely, and most affectionately sympathise with
them in this afflicting dispensation; and we put up
our most fervent prayers that "He who tempers
the wind to the shorn lamb," will look down with
compassion upon the widow and the fatherless, in
this their hour of desolation, and will fold the
benevolent arms of His love and protection around
those who are thus bereft of their earthly stay.
The Master,  or  Chaplain, will then repeat the
following prayer:—
Almighty and Eternal God,—in whom we live 32 BURIAL SERVICE.
and move and have our being,—and before whom
all men must appear at the Judgment-day to render
an account of their deeds while in this life—we,
who are daily exposed to the flying shafts of death,
and who now surround the grave of one who has
fallen in our midst, do most humbly beseech Thee
to impress deeply on our minds the solemnities of
this day, and to grant that their remembrance may
be the means of turning our thoughts from the
fleeting vanities of the present world, to the lasting
glories of the world to come. continually
be reminded of the frail tenure by which we hold
our earthly existence; that in the midst of life we
are in death; and that, however upright may have
been our walk, and however square our conduct,
we must all submit as victims to the great Destroyer,
and endure the humbling level of the tomb.
Grant us Thy Divine assistance, O most merciful
God, to redeem our misspent time; and in the
discharge of the important duties which Thou hast
assigned us in the ere'ction of our moral edifice,
wilt Thou give us wisdom to direct us, strength
to support us, and the beauty of holiness to adorn
our labors and render them acceptable in Thy
sight. And when our work on earth is done, and
our bodies shall go down to mingle with their
kindred dust, may our immortal souls, freed from
their cumbrous clay, be received into Thy keeping,
to rest forever in that spiritual house, not made
with hands, eternal in the Heavens.    Amen!
Response. —So mote it be!
The Master then approaches the head of the
grave and says:—
Soft and safe to you, my brother, be this earthly
bed! Bright and glorious be thy rising from it!
Fragrant be the cassia sprig that here shall flourish!
May the earliest buds of Spring unfold their
beauties o'er this your resting place, and here may
the sweetness of the Summer's last rose linger
longest! Though the cold blasts of Autumn may
lay them in the dust, and for a time destroy the
loveliness of their existence, yet the destruction is
not final, and in the Spring they shall surely bloom
again. So, in the bright morning of the world's
resurrection, your mortal frame, now laid in the
dust by the chilling blast of Death, shall spring
again into newness of life, and expand, in immortal
beauty, in the realms beyond the skies. Until then,
dear brother, until then, farewell!
The Lord bless us and keep us—the Lord make
His face to shine upon us, and be gracious unto us
—the Lord lift upon us the light of His countenance,
and give us peace!
Response.—Amen!   So mote it be!
Thus the services end. The procession will form
and return to the Lodge Room, and the Lodge will
be closed in the customary manner.


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