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St. John's Day, December 27th. Special meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge Freemasons. Provincial Grand Lodge of British Columbia 1868

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ST.   JOHN?S' I>AfS\  DECEMBER" 27th.
Agreeably to notice the Provincial Grand Lodge of British Columbia, assembled at Masonic Hall, in the
City of Victoria, at high Twelve on St. John's Day, where the Lodge " Vancouver," with visiting brethren
from all the Lodges of our sister jurisdiction in the Colony, were then in Regular Communication and after
having been announced as waiting admission, were admitted, received and saluted with the customary Grand
The Provincial Grand Master having been warmly welcomed and conducted to the East and his officers
having occupied corresponding stations in the Lodge, he thanked the assembled brethren for the cordial reception which had been given them. He tendered his reciprocal good wishes, assured the Lodge of his earnest
desire to forward i*s interests and trusted that his appointment and the formation of his Provincial Grand Lodge
would be conducive to the prosperity of the Order generally in this Colony. As much time had already been
consumed in completing the business of the Lodge for the past year, be would at once proceed with the object
of his present visit, viz : the installation of officers elect.
The following brethren were then invested and proclaimed officers of the Lodge for the ensuing Masonic
year, viz : ,..,
R. W*; M. W. WAITT,.-Master, Bro. REV. THOS. SOMERVILLE, Chaplain,
Bro, S. DUCK, Senior Warden, "   SAMUEL HARRIS, Senior Deacon,
u  F. H. LAMB, Junior Warden, "    Wm. JACKSON, Junior Deacon,
"  F. J. WEISSENBURGER, Treasurer, "    WILLIAM DALBY, Inner Guard,
'  H. E. SEELYE, Secretary, "    P. J. HALL, Tyler.
The important and impressive ceremony of installation having been concluded and the R. W. the Provincial Grand Master and Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge having vacated the chairs, the R. W, Master
on behalf of his Lodge, presented, with a most appropriate address, a magnificent gold Past Master's jewel, to
the retiring Master. R. W. Bro. R. H. Adams, and thanked the Provincial Grand Master for his attendance
as follows :
u Right Worshipful Sir :—-On behalf of the Officers and Members of Vancouver Lodge, over whom I
have been called upon, by their suffrages, to preside, permit me to thank you, and through you, the Officers of
the Grand Lodge, for the very able and agreeable manner in which you have performed the ceremonies of our
installation. The ability and zeal which has ever characterized your actions in connection with our Ancient
and Honorable Order, would alone make it a pleasing duty, as the Master of this Lodge, to tender you the
warmest thanks of its members. But the pleasure is doubly enhanced in the present instance, owing to the new
character in which you appear before us, and 1 have no hesitancy in assuring you that among the pleasing recollections of after life, not the least will be, that of having participated in the first installation by the first
Provincial Grand Master of British Columbia."
To which the Provincial Grand Master replied :
" Right Worshipful Sir :—In responding to the most kind and fraternal sentiments which you have
expressed for yourself and those whom you have the honor of representing, permit me to return my heartfelt
and reciprocal gratitude. Although received and honored by you in my capacity as Provincial Grand Master,
1 flatter myself that I am one of yourselves, and that my humble abilities, so kindly and generously referred to,
are without avail in fulfilling the duties of my office unless with the assistance and co-operation of you all. Let;
me thank you for this free expression of your kindred good wishes and to assure you of my humble endeavors
whenever required by the principles of our Ancient and Honorable Order generally.
The Lodge was then closed in due form.
The celebration of. the day was concluded by a Grand Bill given by Vancouver Lodge, under the Patronage of the Provincial Grand Lodge, in the evening, at Alhambra Hall.
Provincial Grand Secretary, 


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