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Rules of the Law Society of British Columbia Law Society of British Columbia 1869

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Array §  a .     &
BvCLm of the Urn Society of British Columbia* ^PAH
, _ _ _ f?^
-David Bublng   i      :.;g, Esq.
VXCB-PRESIDEW—lfc- tie» Tryehitl I,  Esq.
JR1R—-John Foster McCrelght, Isf •
viA B&oington Ring, £sq*
Thomas X-ef-
John Fo;- ,_•
Uont&gue v.-illU.u Tyr   >J*t Lr,..-.-,v.   :.;;q*
ftohert Edwin *. m, lea* ,^ '  ■.  ^
eWig  I .
Mr*   • iider Bd»ux. ■ trie.
R 0 L i fc.
1.. the Society be c iety of Britiith
lumbia,*- «n£ i ihereo. ;isiet of B. i
leys cnci So3J s duly c&lled or admitted to
■ Supreme l i of the Colony, and &lso of Leu I .   and
Articled Clerks; and d fishing: » Esquirej i;
Iftood, ..re| J.:-,..:: i tfcCrelg'-.i,  I o; Ed n jA-
m, El -j Andrew Charles } tre|  ■ .a®
:lre| Mr* M £r.
Gt-oi '-.. ?  . iWx-'.-j  air.  Robert Edwin « | Mr.
•inders Set-      i    Oreeni Mr, Henry ' .
Hugh Bowls Ison Aitai&nj &nd Mr. M. . it,
shell be the original a® first Members I   '.:y.
Tli© ©fe4
1. The for          a of i          Jul
2. The                 .ion of leg,.
3* Tit
os.   '           lis of Attornv
desirous of practising in
4.               Uier&nee end orote
the Legt.-i profession.
tto#r of >oiety on the First city of August, Xm9p bM ®£%bv
th» IMrty-Firs      i     of December, 1869^  en , «erlptloa of
T#m Coll Hlt fey etotli M first at
J-rnu- ty in e#eh ymx%
4* fhe affairs of tfaa Moiety i UL|
consist1 DtrS|  (exclusive of the Attorneys-
(ciiereX) 11 fron   i sleet toy Ballot
& Presides*. Vlce~fresldent ind Trefcsurerv »ni tn
fee electee  ro t H shall I or<.:i I***;   . Bendbr-r o
5* Hfef   ( -Gene? •■'•:' ny^  of
i Colony of British Colua ai e of the 2.
6. The Council, President, Ti„-Pretident and Treasurer
shall (except In the c&se hereafter >rovided) be elected by Ballot at the Annual Ueneral Meeting of the Society, which shall he
held on the First We<.   «*y in the Month of Janui ?y in etch year,
and, when elected shall continue ifi office until the then next
Annual Meeting and until others are elected. The first Officers
shall he elected Immediately after the passing of the Rules.
7. She President, and in his absence the Vice-President,
or in the absence of Both, the Senior Member of the Council present, shsil ^reside at all Meetings, uz&  the Member of the Council
then present, who at the First El-   i, or after the First Annual
Election shall h&ve nad the greatest    .-r of votes shall be
deemed the Senior Member.
8. A General Meeting of the Society shell ha held on the
First Wednesdays in the Months of October, I   -y, April fend July
in each Yesr at such tine or olace it t-he Council shall decide upon.
And a Meeting of the Council shall be held on the lest •<   iay
in each month. At Qenersl Meetings one-half of the Meabe:    n
within Vancouver Island, &xsd  at Meetings of the •■   il four Mem-
bers shall form a quorum. The Chairman -hall be at liberty to
vote at aH Meetings and in • esse of a tie shall have <• casting
9. All Members other than Original I   r* aal the person
who for the time being shall be Attorney or Soiiei tor -Gent rtl, ,-:.nall
be elected at the Quarterly General Meetings b   ..lot. 3i •.: Hack
ball in Five shall reject, so however I'm t I    son be excluded
unless there be two black bells I two I   rs of
the Council shall examine the Ballot, E-   .uiididate for    ..,ion
must be orovosed by one Member sad . nether. 4 book
shall he kept in which stu 11 be entered in the hsadwr:     ! the
Proooser, (one week at letst previous: to the Meeting so    the
Members may deposit their Ballot,) the names i of the
Candidate, the I    of his Proposer ;n&  Um tat, of his entry.
The names of the I    er must also be written in the said book
in his own handwriting. lo person except those I   I First Meeting shall be deemed a 1    of the ttt    until he shall hav,
signed the Eules and paid his Subscription t.nd other Fees, if any.
10. Bo person shall be entitled to vote or enjoy the privileges of the Society, unless he shall conform to all tus Rules and
Regulations of the Society.
11. A l#aw Student or Articled Clerk shall not be- eligible to
hold office or entitled to vote st *>ny Meeting of the Society.
12. It shall be the duty of the Council, in ease of .  i >p~
riety in the conduct of any member of the Society being       to
their knowledge, or in case sny circ-    m*  »h 11 occur likelj to
endanger the welfare or good order of the Society, to csll a Special Meeting of the M   s of the Society, at lruiicn feting, If
half the Members of the Society entitled to vote shs.ll be present
and it be proposed that any Me., ber or Members shall be suspended
or expelled, a vote by Ballot for th*t ;urpose shall be t&ken to
he d(   I by three-fourths of the votes aiptsm-ttaj but tny resilu-
tion which shall be passed by such majority at sny such Meet:,
shall not be final until the Sfame shall have bean confirmed by a
simll&r majority at a subsequent Meeting, to be called not less
than Ten Days bM  not more than Thirty Bays after any such resolution shall rxaw, been passed* 3.
ealed by i snjority of two-tliirds of the Members prms
teuersl     , provldecJ     ay proposed     ■     . ,
3ted for one wee   -Tviously et such
i time being shall twm time to time appoint*
14*     No resolution     be tei    forw&r$ it
Keetlng unless Botlc# of such resolution shall be posted i
week i as tin
15*       eolel »#ni the I
■ the Secretary*       s requested In i :
Memberi^ steUng the time, place end obj'   f suefa II
e of i   '-.Be shall be given to the Her    by lett
n  o :. .  ;;lie Post -.eft to their |
^lacei of      s$ und  no et&er business shell be
16,     lathe i these litlfti    Ht«
ol the Council for the time beljf shall •
ruction unless there shell have been a previous c.


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