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Assisted immigration Pearse, B. W. (Benjamin William), 1832-1902 1870

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Office of Immigration Board,
Victoria, British Columbia,
12th August, 3870.
NOTICE is hereby given, that a scheme of Assisted Immigration, on an extended scale, being
contemplated by the Government, applications will be received by the Secretary of the
Board, from persons bona fide settled in the Colony who may be desirous of participating in the
geheme, upon the following terms and conditions:—
1. The Applicant will be required to give security, or actually deposit the sum of Seventy-
five Dollars ($75) towards the Passage Money of each Adult, and the sum of Thirty-seven Dollars
(§37) towards the Passage Money of each child, not exceeding Twelve Years of age, and not
being a Child in arms, and a further sum of Twenty-five Dollars ($25) towards the Outfit of
each Adult, or one-half that amount for each Child not exceeding Twelve Years of age, not being
a child in arms.
2. The Govern men t will contribute the sum of Fifty Dollars ($50) towards the Passage
Money of each Adult, and the sum of Twenty-five Dollars ($25) towards the Passage Money of
each Child under Twelve Years of age, excepting only children in arms.
8. Applicants desirous of getting out whole Families, will deposit or find security for a sum
proportionate to the above amounts for each Adult or Child in such Family.
4. The Outfit of each person will be subject to the approval, as to quantity and quality, of
Her Majesty's Commissioners of Emigration or other the Agent or Agents appointed by the
Governor of British Columbia.
5. In cases where the above mentioned Outfit is not required, the amount deposited on account
of the same will be returned to the applicant so making the deposit.
6. The intending Emigrant will be required to report himself or herself at some Port of Embarkation in England to be hereafter notified.
7. Settlers desirous of obtaining Farm or Domestic Servants under this scheme, will be required to produce written characters of such Servants, which characters will be subject to the
approval of Her Majesty's Commissioners of Emigration, or other the Agent or Agents appointed
by the Governor in this behalf.
8. Such Farm or Domestic Servants will be required to sign an agreement, binding them to
serve their Employers in the Colony for a term of years, at a stated yearly Salary.
9. Upon the arrival of the Emigrants in this Colony, the Employer or Friends of the Emigrants will be required to take charge of them immediately, and notice beforehand will be given
of the time the Vessel is due.
10. Any Emigrant not so immediately taken away, will be lodged and boarded at the expense
of his or her Employer or Friend.
11. Applicants will be required to fill up Forms, copies of which may be obtained from the
Magistrate of the District, or from the Secretary of the Board in Victoria, from whom respectively any further information may be obtained.
By Order of the Board.
Deputy Chairman.
Members of tiie Board.
The Right Rev. the Bishop of Columbia, Chairman,
B. W. Pearse, Assistant Surveyor General, Deputy Chairman,
Hon. John Robson,
William John Macdonald, Esq.,
Henry S. Mason, Esq., Secretary.


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