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The north-western tribes of Canada.--Report of the committee, consisting of Dr. E. B. Tylor (chairman),… British Association for the Advancement of Science 1893

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Are the people constitutionally averse to change ?
What are the dates of the churches and monastic or other ancient
buildings or existing remains of former buildings ?
Do existing buildings stand ou the sites of older ones ?
How far back can particular families or family names be traced ?
Can any evidence of this be obtained from the manor rolls; from
the parish registers; from the tythingmen's returns; from guild or
corporation records ?
Are particular family names common ?
In what county or local history is the best description of the place to
be found ?
Evidences of historical continuity of customs, dress, dwellings, implements, &c, should be noted.
The collections under this head will be digested by Mr. Brabrook.
The Committee recommend that they be reappointed, and that a
grant be made to defray the expenses already incurred and to carry on
their work.
The North-Western Tribes of Canada.—Report of the Committee,
consisting of Dr. E. B. Tylor (Chairman), Mr. Gr. W. Bloxam
(Secretary), Dr. Gr. M. Dawson, Mr. E. GK Haliburton, and
Mr. H. Hale, appointed to investigate the physical characters,
languages, and industrial and social condition of the Northwestern Tribes of the Dominion of Canada.
Since the death of Sir Daniel Wilson the work of the Committee in
America has been directed by Mr. Horatio Hale and Dr. Gr. M. Dawson;
during the past year, however, the state of Mr. Hale's health has rendered
it imperative for him to give up the active part which he has heretofore
taken in the work of the Committee, and for which they feel that they
are deeply indebted to him.
The absence of Dr. Dawson from America on business connected with
the Behring Sea Arbitration and the fact that the whole of Dr. Boas's
time has been occupied at the World's Columbian Exhibition at Chicago
have rendered it impossible for the Committee to carry out their original
intention of terminating their work with this year's report.
A considerable amount of material has already been collected by
Dr. Boas and Dr. Chamberlain on behalf of the Committee, and this they
hope to be able to publish next year.
The Committee ask for reappointment, and, in order that they may
be enabled to draw up a final report and bring their work to a close in a
satisfactory manner, they ask that they may be permitted to retain and
utilise any portion of last year's, grant that may remain in their hands
after the payment of expenses for which they have already made themselves liable.


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