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Report of the Board of Management for the year ending 12th February, 1863 Royal Columbian Hospital (New Westminster, B.C.) 1863

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Sir,—In submitting the following report of the Board of Management of the
Royal Columbian Hospital for the year ending
31st Jan., 1863, there are a great many items of
importance that will necessarily have to be noticed
in their first report, and therefore they respectfully claim the attention and indulgence of the
During the fall of 1861, the growing import*-
ance of the Colony, and the rapid increase of
our population, especially in the mining season^
suggested to many benevolent and philanthropic
persons the great necessity that existed for a
general hospital in the city of New Westminster..
An institution, when inaugurated, to be conducted on liberal principles, open to all deserving
patients, and free from all denominational influences. On the 12th of February, 1862, an adjourned public meeting was held in this Court
House,, when the present board, according to provisional regulations, were elected for one year.
One of their first duties was to make an appeal
to the colonists for that material aid which the
charitable object deserved ; they are happy to
say that the call met with a response that would
have been laudable from a much larger community than ours.   As soon as the Board of Man
agement were iu receipt of sufficient funds, tenders were invited to construct a building according to plans and specifications kindly prepared
by Colonel Moody and the officers of the Royal
Engineers. We need scarcely make comment
at this period respecting the building, as it stands
a monument of the indomitable energy and determination of British Columbians to accomplish
a noble and munificent enterprise. A judicious
selection of real estate has been made, and liberally granted by the Government to be vested- ia
the Trustees, viz : Suburban sections 3*1, 38, 8>
35, 36, 9, about ten and a half acres, in Block
YI ; town lots 11 and 18, Block XXXI. The
board have secured by purchase the adjoining
lot the building,, and the Government has kindly
granted to the institution three additional, lots in
the same Block* consequently the property to be
vested in the Trustees. isr town lots 13, 14, 15,
16, IT and 18, Block XXXI ; and thesuburban
sections previously' mentioned ; and however
great the future of the Colony may be,, it will be
found that sufficient lands are held in trust to
meet all requirements, indeed we may reasonably
expect that the revenue derived from this source
hereafter will in a great measure . defray the expenses of the institution ; but it devolves upon
the pubilc to grasp boldly the subject and provide ROYAL COLUMBIAN HOSPITAL,   REPORT  OF  DIRECTORS.
:a home for the indigent sick. His Excellency
the Governor, in response to a memorial forwarded him from the people during last summer,
;gave to the institution a sum of two thousand five
hundred dollars. A further appeal for additional
iaid has been made by the Board of Management,
anjd they regret to inform the public that the re-
^^ received does not hold out any immediate
'.prospects of relief, but they do not doubt that
His Excellency will assist when the exchequer
of the Colony is more .flourishing than at this
present moment.
We now approach a subject in connection with
•charitable institutions, mainly supported by voluntary aid, always regarded as the most interesting and necessary statement, viz, the financial
New Westminster list,  $2842 <92£,
206 55,
200 00,
|    ....  235 04,
"       000 00,
I  000 00,
(Government Grant,  2500 00,
$5984 211.
T. W. Graham,  for construction of
building, according to plans Ac, $3396 00,
Fencing, painting, whitewashing &c, 495 00,
Small-pox  Hospital,   110 00,
Furniture,  &c,  312 52£,
Supplies,  959 83|,
Lot adjoining building,   110 00,
Superintendence,   1  15 0Q,
Sundry accounts,  44 12,
In hand,
Amount of Kecerpts,
$5623 08.
361 13J.
$5984 21|.
5984 2l|.
To meet the account of Dr. Jones,
Four months salary to do,	
"British Columbian" Office,  ......
Cunningham & Ashwell,	
Harris & Co.,  r	
Graham & Scrimgeour,   	
.Richard Holland,  	
balance of salary to do., 	
Colonial  Hotel,  	
James Syme, 	
W. D. Fen-is,  ....]§	
J. A. Webster, 	
-Smith .& Murray,   	
In hand,	
Balance due to creditors,
83 16 J,
166 66,
82 50,
45 8?i,
166 560
9 00,
114 00,
200 00,
5 00,
14 50,
11 00,
245 00,
91 81,
$1335 09.
361 13|.
$1013 95|.
It will be seen that this statement shows a
deficiency of one thousand and seventy-three
dollars and ninety-five and a half cents ($1013,-
95£.) However, the good people of Lillooet promised a much larger sum than they have contributed, :and we hope that when they see the
great necessity that exists for fulfilling their promises, they will kindly forward the balance.
Neither have the subscriptions from Hope and
Yale yet been forwarded.
At a general meeting of the Industrial Committee a sum of four or five hundred dollars,
plus the requirements for that purpose, was decided to be handed to the Board of Management;
however, as no advice has been received here of
the expenditure incurred by the Agents of "British Columbia" in London, that amount must, for
the present, remain in abeyance.
The Board-of Management desire to accord a
vote of thanks to His Excellency the Governor
for a grant of  $2500 00,
To the officers and men of .the Royal
Engineers, for the proceeds cf a
theatrical performance at their club,
the sum of     $354 50.
To the Chief Inspector of Police, for
granting the use of convict labor
in clearing and grading town lots
11 and 18, Block XXXI, the site
of the hospital. Several instances of liberality have occurred,
and toe board feel they cannot omit mentioning
one or two ; the first from Mr. L. Hoyt, for rendering his account receipted, as an additional subscription $13 05 ; the second is an offer of Dr.
Jones to give his valuable services free of cost, un-
$1 such time as the Board of Management are in
receipt of funds ; whether this offer should be
accepted or not, it is too liberal to be passed
over without receiving the thanks of the community.
Before the hospital was completed, the Board
of Management gave relief to three small-pox
patients, and four others. On the 1th <of October the institution was opened for the reception
of the sick. Since that date nineteen patients
have been received at the hospital. Eleven have
been discharged; and three have died. And
there are five patients yet in hospital. In addition to the above they have also afforded relief
to ten out-door patients.
Of the number admitted for medical care,
Six came from Yale,
Pitt River,
New Westminster,
Honorary Secretary-.
Their nationality was as follows:
Six   from   England,
Four   "     Ireland,
'One    "     Norway,
One    I     dinted States,
One    I     Holland,
One    B     France,
Four   §     Canada,
One g Sweeden.
It now remains for the public to devise some
means for the maintenance and support of the
hospital. That an effort will be made the board
do not doubt when they make known this fact,
that assistance must be given immediately, or
the doors will be closed and the patients turned
out into the streets. For the credit of the Colony
they hope for a better and different result.
The Board of Management, in offering this
report, have confined themselves to facts in connection with the hospital; nevertheless, they
will be happy to reply to any question that may
suggest itself to any subscriber. As the duties
■of the present board have expired, this meeting
will please ellect others to fill their places ; and,
before retiring, beg to thank the public for
their mark of confidence in electing them as the
first Board of Management of the Royal Columbian Hospital.


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