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Second report of the committee, consisting of Dr. E. B. Tylor, Dr. G. M. Dawson, General Sir J. H. Lefroy,… British Association for the Advancement of Science 1886

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Second Report of the Committee, consisting of Dr. E. B. Tylor.,
Dr. Gr. M. Dawson, General Sir J. H. Lefroy, Dr. Daniel
Wilson, Mr. E. Gr. Haliburton, and Mr. George W. Bloxam
(Secretary), appointed for the purpose of investigating and
publishing reports on the physical characters, languages, and
industrial and social condition of the North-western Tribes of
the Dominion of Canada.
The Committee beg to report that during the past year an extensive
correspondence has been carried on with representatives of the Hudson
Bay Company, missionaries, and others who are in constant contact with
the Indians, and that a large amount of material is gradually being
collected. A series of questions is in course of being drawn up, and it is
hoped that these will bring in much valuable information during the
winter. Mr. Horatio Hale has, unfortunately, been prevented from
making his promised visit to the Indian tribes during the past year, but
the Committee hope that next spring Mr. Hale will be able to carry out
his intention of visiting the North-West, and they have to acknowledge
their indebtedness to Mr. Hale for much of the information already
Mr. Kt. G-. Hsaliburton has promised to place at the disposal of the
Committee' the replies of Canadian Indian agents, through the Indian
Department, to circulars sent to them by him in 1870 and 1871, and also
a statement of the Chief Factor of the Hudson Bay Company at Queen
Charlotte Island respecting the customs, beliefs, &c, of the Indians there.
The Committee ask for reappointment.
' Report to the Council of the Corresponding Societies Committee,
consisting of Mr. Francis GJ-alton {Chairman), Professor A. W.
Williamson, Captain Douglas GUlton, Professor Boyd Dawkins,
Sir Eawson Rawson, Dr. J. Gr. Gtarson, Dr. J. Evans, Mr. J,
Hopkinson, Professor E. Meldola (Secretary), Mr. W. Whitaker,
Mr. Gr. J. Simons, and General Pitt-Rivers.
The Corresponding Societies Committee of the British Association beg
to submit to the Council a statement of the work done at Aberdeen by
the Conference of Delegates, with comments thereon.
Two Conferences were held—one on Thursday, September 10, and the
other on Tuesday, September 15—both meetings having been called at
3.15 p.m., and lasting in each case about one hour.
The following is the list of the Delegates nominated, and of the
Societies represented by them :—
Prof. J. W. H. Trail, M.A.
Mr. Thomas Lister
Rev. George Robinson
Rev. H. Boydon .
Aberdeen Natural History Society.
Barnsley Naturalists' Society.
Belfast Naturalists' Field Club.
Birmingham Natural History and Micro
scopical Society.


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