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British Columbia : terms of Union Preservation League British Columbia Terms of Union Preservation League 1874

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Array Whereas the Terms of Union between this Province and the
Dominion of Canada have not been fulfilled by the Government
of Canada;
And whereas, certain statements have been made bv members
of the Government of Canada to the effect that they   would  not
fulfil the Terms of Union entered into between British Columbia
and Canada,   but  would  seek  for a relaxation thereof ;   And
whereas an attempt has been made by the Local Government to
alter the Terms of Union without the consent of the People of
British Columbia, it is considered advisable to form a Society,
to be called the "British Columbia Terms of Union Preservation
League," for the purpose of watfthing and protecting the interests
of British Columbia, and for takingsueh action as may from time
to time be deemed necessary for the attainment of such object,
and that such Society should embrace the people of the whole of
British Columbia who are desirous of joining the same; and that
J. W. McKay, T. L. Stahlschmidt, Alfred Fellows, G. C. Keays,
Senator Macdonald, D. W. Higgins, G. J. Findlay, A. Langley,
R, Carr, G. J. Mann, Eli Harrison, sr., P. J. Roscoe, G. J.
Stuart, Dr. Tolmie, E. Dewdney, J. Spratt, W. A. Robertson,
A. C. Anderson, W. Lorimer, Dr. Tuzo, R. Finlayson, Dr.
Helmeken, A. B. Gray, H. Rhodes, C. Morton, R. E. Jackson,
W, Newbury, M. W. T. Drake, are hereby declared to be the
first Members of such Society.
I raj
And whereas, for the carrying into effect the objects of this
League it is necessary to have the following1
'  %'  [      ; BY-LAWS:    ::-'; r:-l|f   :   '{    '
1. The Officers of the League shall consist of a President,
Vice-President, an Executive Committee, a Treasurer and Secretary.
2. The Officers of the League shall be elected at the Annual
Meeting and hold Office until the next Annual Meeting.
3. The Executive Committee shall consist of seventeen Members exclusive of the President, Vice-President and Chairmen of
Branch Societies who shall be ex-offieio Members of the Executive
Committee, with power to add to their number.
4. Five Members of the Executive Committee shall form a
5. The Executive Committee .shall have power either to
organize or dissolve Branch Societies throughout the Province
of British Columbia, whenever and wherever  deemed necessary.
7. The Chairman of each Branch Society shall be Ex-Officio
ITinember of the Executive Committee.
8. The Executive Committee shall meet on the first Tuesday
of each month at the rooms of the League at 8 o'clock p. m., and
may adjourn from time to time*as occasion may permit.
9. The Branch Societies shall meet at the call of their respective Chairmen, or in case of their absence, of their respective
10. Special Meetings of the Executive Committee may be
convened bv the President or the Vice-President, or at the
request of four Members of such Committee; and such notice of
Special Meeting and the object thereof shall be given by the
Secretary as the occasion may  admit of.
11. The duty of the Executive Committee shall be to attend
to the general interests of the League; to keep the Members of
the several Branch Societies advised on all matters of moment; to
obtain and keep a correct copy of tbe Voters' List and to call
Meetings forthe appointment of Delegates as occasion may permit.
12. The duty of the Branch Societies shall be to Report
Quarterly, or, when occasion may require, to the Executive Committee all matters of moment in their respective Districts; to take
Special pains each year to see that the Lists of.Voters are correctly made out and revised; and that the name of no person who has
not a clear right to vote be allowed to remain thereon;, and that
the name of no person entitled to vote be omitted therefrom, and
to enable the Branch Societies the better to perform such duties a
correct copy of the Voters' List from each District shall in each
vear be furnished bv the Executive Committee to the Chairman
of each Branch Society to the end that enquiry may be made by
such Society and a Report thereon furnished in time to procure
any necessary corrections of the Boll.
13. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend the general anl other Maetmgs of the League, and to keep accurate
minutes of the proceedings thereat; to conduct all the correspondence of the Executive Committee and with all Branch Societies, to procure in each year certified copies of the Lists of Voters
and to perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the
By-Laws of the League or by Resolution of Executive Committee.
14. A General Meeting of the Members of the League
shall be held Annually on the First Tuesday in -January, and m
the event of no Election of Officers beino* had thereat, the then
officers of the League shall continue to act until the election of
their successors.
15. Special Meetings of the Members of the League 3 mav
be convened at any time and such notice shall be given of the
same as the President may direct.
16. In order to create a Fund to meet the expenses of the
League each Member shall pay a subscription fee yearly of $2 50
payable in advance.
17. The Funds of the League shall be under the control of
the Executive Committee.
18. That all Funds of the League shall be paid to the
Tieasurer, who shall keep correct accounts of all moneys which
shall pass through his hands, and shall be responsible for the
safe keeping thereof.
19. No moneys of the League shall be paid out by the
Treasurer except under the authority of a resolution of the Executive Committee.
29. The Executive Committee shall have power to fix the
salary of the Secretary and to appoint such other paid officers as
they may deem necessary, and to define their duties and fix their
remuneration. Except so far as the powers of the Executive Committee are expressly limited by these By-Laws, they shall have all
the powers •and.authority which might be exercised by the League
at a General or Special Meeting. The Executive Committee sh^ii
act asj-a Branch Committee for Victoria District and other neighbouring Districts if requested  and   deemed   advisable.
22. No alteration or Amendment of these By-Laws shall be
made except at a Special Meeting of the Members of the Lea^uo
called for the purpose, and such alterations shall lequiic a vote
of two-thirds of the Members present at  the   Annual   Meeting 
Viob-Pbesidbnt, RHODES, Esq.
A.   J.  LaNGLEY,
M., W/T. Dbakb,
G.J.   FlNDIiAY,
J. C. Matthews,
A. B. Gbay,
E. E. Jackson,
J, Pabkeb,
T. Chadwick,
W. Muirheai>>
G.   0||>KEJ&S,
C. Mojkton,
W.   LoBItfEU,
F. Williams,
W.   Newbuet


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