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Graduation recital compositions Wallace, Frank James 1990

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GRADUATION RECITAL COMPOSITIONS  By FRANK JAMES W U M J E B.Sac.Mus. O n t a r i o B i b l e College, 1981 B . M u s . , W i l f r i d L a u r i e r U n i v e r s i t y , 1987  A THESIS SUBMITTED I N PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FCR THE BEG,REE CF MASTER CF MUSIC  in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School o f M ; i s i c )  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA October 8  1990  Frank James Wallace,  1990  In presenting this thesis in Sdial  fulfilment cf the requirements for an advanced  degree at the University cf British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head cf my department  or by his or  her representatives.  It is understood  that  copying  or  publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my \i»itten pennission.  (Signature)  Department cf  C.  The University cf British Columbia Vancouver,- Canada Date  tffcr  DE4 (2/88)  H H M M n p W S S S I ^ ^  5 \°>0  TAP I r OF CONTENTS Page Composition R e c i t a l  Program  i  A .  FANFARE FOR 3 B^? TRUMPETS  1  B.  I N A GARDEN CF SMALL TREES [BONSAI]  2  I  C.  2  II  3  III  4  IV  7  V  9  TRIO R3R PIANO.  V I O L A AND VIOLONCELLO  Movement 1  11  Movement 2  21  Movement 3  23  D.  SUITE FOR VIOLIN.  E.  VOTER SEASONS  .  11  NO. 1  31  34  Prologue  38  Winter Night  40  Spring's  42  Dawn  S p r ' n g Morning  44  Sum?.r Noon  47  An E a r l y F r o s t  62  Duskfall  64  Cold Snap  72  Epilogue  fl  .  THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF 1VL5C Recital Hall Friday, April 14, 1989 8:00 p.m. GRADUATION RECITAL •  Frank Wallace, composition  Fanfare f o r 3 Trumpets  Kamraan Hafe <z, trumpet Jonnine Wahonen, trumpet N; i 1 W>1 e s, trumpet  In A Garden of Small Trees Grace Quaglis,  piano  S t r i n g of Jewels Computerized Music  Trio Adrienne Park, piano Chris Sandvoss, v i c l a Elinor Harshenin, v i o l o n c e l l o  - INTERMISSION -  Violin S u i t e , No.l Kevin Kornelsen,  violin  Water Seasons 1. Prologue 2. Winter Night K-andie Kearley, soprano solo 3. Spring Dawn Colin de Bourcier, tenor solo 4. Spring Morning 5. Summer Noon 6. An Early Frost Karen o r r Olinyk, mezzo-soprano solo 8. Cold Snap Andrew Hillhouse, baritone solo 9. Epilogue  Soprano Margaret Harding Kandie Kearley Audrey Winch Sandra Zink  Tenor Col in de Bourcier Andrew HillhouseDavid Pay Graeme Wearmouth  Alto Janice Hill Lynne McMurtry Karen Olinyk  Bass Paul Funk Ken Morrison Daniel Silverberg John Wright  * L P l r t i a l J u 1 f m m e n t o f t h e requirements 1 for the Master of Music SIC degree with a major in composition.  - • -•- - I II.-'. •- •  - -  A. FANFARE FOR 3 B& TRUMPETS  ® Frank James Wallace, 1989  la  E IN A GARDEN OF SMALL TREES [BONSAI]: SUITE FOR SOLO PIANO  ® Frank James Wallace,  1989  2s  BONSAI r  J = 36 Freely P g ^ U  1  I  § F . J WoUace (989  V  o una corda ^—^ 1 ,, . -  -ti  <TKSC i  5 li-1 i— jjj- i = H — f ; rl-  l^ftrf.  -, ,  t  3 s A : V.f ,' 7 j r i Ftd.  rS= tr. jr.  «-  t l ^ r l — -  « £  £PP  • - r t  poco retard.  '  ,  ritard.  03  j n  n  5  n u  n ftjnTvet'o' /i-lhR) u u u U'jj CKXi.'OJt.  r, „  XL  5)  9.  0 j mp  1  jj—  1?,  j  'j  r  TRIO FOR PIANO, VIOLA AND VIOLONCELLO  ® Frank James Wallace, 1989  nev  20.  <nu> ~3-.tr Ad*  D.  SUITE FOR VIOLIN, NO.  Frank James Wallace,  6wt2 (w Vwut) n*f  WATER SEASONS Text by Frank W a l l a c e Prologue: From n i g h t ' s dark to day's l i g h t fcm dawn to dusk, snow, r a i n and mist, f r o s t , s l e e t and fog are taken from sea, given to r i v e r . What strange! Winter  Water held sky holds ocean's  pleasure.  Night:  Homeless snow in rags and t a t t e r s d r i f t s sidewalks.  along the  I t gusts across s t r e e t lamps to momentary s t i l l n e s s the wind chases i t once more.  Spring's  icy until  Dawn:  The f i r s t dawn of spring season, the r i s i n g sun, throwinq aside h i s heavy cloud blankets, c a s t s with s l e e t l i n e and a f i n e golden r e e l to l i g h t l y hook the f i r s t purple crocus through melting snow.  S p r i n g Morning: Young r a i n s of spring c l i n g to the greening maple branches embroidering bright diamonds a l l gleaming on a brown brocade. Sumner Noon: A storm b a t t a l i o n ' s soaked s t r e e t s .  glitter  and roar  invades the heat  With thunderous shout and b r i l l i a n t f i r e they tramp the lawns and beat a pommelling r a i n ; they spray b u l l e t s o f h a i l at windows and walls, porches and eaves, gardens and walks, branches and trees. W i t h a v i c t o r y shout and one l a s t f l i c k e r i n g mutter a r e gone.  they  Nothing remains to mark t h e i r passing but broken twigs' and Le.aves and puddles that f l a s h as they weep in the gutter.  An Early Frost: Arctic air paid his respects t h i s morning and scattered elegant white c a l l i n g cards myriad in sparkling points along the edges of the sidewalks. This afternoon he r e s t s in deep shadow out of reach of the sun.  Cold Snap: Winter s t a r s ! They charm the night with their laughter. Lightly they throw t h e i r radiance down through a labyrinth of branches, a s l i d i n g labyrinth of branches. That wind-swept ice which l i e s in wait at the edqe of the lawn r e f l e c t s their nimble games, t h e i r , g h o s t l y sonq, t h e i r g h o s t l y , laughing song.  Epilogue: From day's l i g h t to n i g h t ' s dark, from dusk to dawn, snow, fog and rain, in y e a r l y measure are taken from r i v e r , given to sea. What strange!  Sky held ocean holds a world of pleasure.  WATER SEASONS: SONGS FOR A CAPPELLA CHOIR  0  Frank James Wallace, 1989  5ot)C)$ jcr aca^fUa C#oif\ l£f\r: fJMue  j. yPflLCCjltft  ~  36  3.  Dam)  -  42.  Ajoityi^  -  41-  ~  bZ  5 . 5uft^et\ l)ooi) 6. ai) Eagu) fiyat ?  DU^ll  6 . COLtttMP  ~ ~  9-  0 W?  n n ri n  d i d o  u u u u • C i Jo  72  nPLAMATIOH OF HOTATH*  HOTATIO* SYMBOL  1.  EXAMPLE OR PAGE BAA  2 _L_L f5l-5now  HEAHINS - speak the bracketed consonant f o r the noted d u r a t i o n . In cases where t h e consonant 1s the beginning of a word, the f i r s t vowel sound of t h a t word must be sung at the beat where the word 1s w r i t t e n 1n f u l l . Do not r e p e a t the I n i t i a l consonant. -straight gllssando beginning Iraedlately on the beat and p i t c h noted, ending on the p i t c h noted. Notes 1n b r a c k e t s b e n e a t h , on o r above t h e gllssando l i n e merely show d u r a t i o n , not p i t c h , ( e . g . , p. 19 bar 56, p. 45 Bar 16) - small unstemmed n o t e s In b r a c k e t s d e f i n e enharmonic e q u i v a l e n t s f o r e a s i e r score reading. - the p a r t s a l l s p l i t on the next page as shown ( f u l l page s c o r e ) . - pulse the vowel as shown.  j  -wavering gllssando beginning Imnedlately on the pitch and beat noted In t h e d i r e c t i o n of the l i n e to an Indeterminate p i t c h . - each vocal section Is written on only one l i n e on the next page. (4 l i n e score) - s t r a i g h t line waver around noted p i t c h , up t o a quarter tone each s i d e . - w a v e r i n g g l l s s a n d o from f i r s t p i t c h , through second noted pitch ( a p p r o x i m a t e ) e n d i n g on p i t c h 1n brackets. - t h i s consonant 1s unvoiced. - widely varying g l l s s a n d o between t h e notes, ending with an upward scoop, as expressed by a person t r y i n g t o g e t h i s / h e r balance on a slippery s u r f a c e . - upward scoop.  •  36.  Pftpix^ue -A !  6of j^rc - lc£uc f W  Rem dark, "f ft  i  .j  ^  ttiht, isnn fr  fy  to iiiik, ..«T==—p  Ace J>ro- liflit, qj'i-lcgut ij  w Jro - Ic^oi  feCTfj ^re-fop*, tfi-lo£U£  From i!ark, . k m. «f  from tarV,  k 3 ItiVli,  k. '  io :  f 'I I From nijfitsjirk b iap UJt, 't {omfeim''W Adi,  are; ta-koi .(rcmsa,  "7  &>p  q  m ? i f j  v  M y T f r T f i J A  i w fat - - los  5W •  F—f to p  g  ,  ' .'itTTU in "f ip  l  ptntvV/ifiig 0ixii'nt p Jtfflprt 1ei) TLvg^uWjricjr wi/iW winfcw pff stmfn 5  ITtttfu  Honw — — Ui5  —J. fat-baa _is>  iii  JUt'i-  A f f f i i f o j - >TT  isjwilc™ - - U« 1uro:(s> =— r — = v »f = — , • I t - ^ , —w-L-T—r..^..I., . 1 .  og^udttSiWa — fe\ cv.(t6 h"  ui nff-vii  T^&fl f  — irifb < f Wff f-f—-TC-. crdt —  • • a-lct^ i-cj sit-jalls  " - ItfrT: top -.  CTMff  a-land i-ai —a ^ :  V if 1 1' —  ^  f ^  ^ — r — ^ f r r i ..— L : ...LLL k t p t h Hone  H gusb  -  *  iili®Sffilll  11 U  4t.  Wtaro Ni^or »z V ^ I f e l j c j ^ v *  It gusts -fel• - is)  -  *  •  ft  #  r  fr,  t  (i.^fipiiiip  sfcvwt lamps  to irotrsnla™ ' stillfera^yP  strat  to momentanj  i still-  s-atab stmet Umjs  h) - M  ci\a - sea tf onccWa. (mm)_  n n n n 10  u u u u  T Li T  L i i J  4Z. -  6 ^ 6 WW) -1  wa-ki^ sun, -Utowu^ a-  ta  ctau^ kUn-tafcs,—  Turn: wa- km^  ti  -f  ff A .  iif •the 5un  * . L  .. f  TV  :  i  ' «l«L Ue Yc . 1. . ,  ^ine doUen r«,l , » ,  wctli sLkL liiK - and a  jW gpUtn m l  cuts  •i'  flfl&jfcj i * |y"iHT\u.  "Is  ; ,  "X  -a jl  ,  casts  t  } f f } r . i f , <im r^&fi"  5un,  -BttSu* C5kStd  JrA lira an* a  stat_ tine. ,\nd  io  . . ^ T T V , i5  1 '"J trr T&n nra\.  • ^ine golden <c(ZL_  •  45.  5i'WjCft DAM)  -I p  ri  XI  Cro  - to5 threi^h melting ±  XI Uracil mcL - tlrg, Ircl-kr^ Sr»w.  ligHt - Jy—  -UivDugli melting  snow..  hrb  46  f^cmif-i  Sra'uty  (Spi-'u^mornm^ ,  ijoun£ r a i n s S p n n ^ )  em : —  : bfoiinr - irfy Wi^it j iia. — nonets  a  V o l - - • SVihg  Wcwn '  b<0 -  51 fcreuW - in^- bA^Jit (Ml ~ . mon^S  Uoiier-'ui^  bri^it  ~  SL  mon^a  ^  bri^t  Aii -  all  am- bte'uWir^..  ^  motvfe all ^aa'S't-  ,v„  hroun  p Wo-  4?.  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B2  t ~ , 5&fm—_  battali-on  —  • battalL-en, s t a i n '  storm  totfali-m  m Mrta-to  baHa-ll-on  .  42.  k storm bafta-li-on, storm battali-on  4 sform battalion,stcrm batta-lion, storm Mtali-on  A 5tcnn bathli.-on.sUm battalion,stsrm r,;ufttai,stcrr. tet, ^ , ———. • y A storm lattali-cn^torm battalion,sW battallorij storm battali-onjsbrm bat-  B H H H H H  53,  -bli-cn  mmmsmmmMiM  bai-ta-lt-orv  Wt-b-U-i  in 7? n'rflir?):-) Wr U U.LI U $.0 >>33  Siuptpen \)oct) - 0  trilliant^ivi-Bwu trany- Uvi  lawns-_  trU&rt {iretiw)tramji.-iw.  (aims.  Wiiltot'jVelfttj tranp ihc  lawns, b-am^i . bv  ktitlwtfknc&n) irwvp the  tawni, i m p . ilv.  bl  At  _  W.  ft a>i> beat a pommelling ram,!  1*2  bfflfot ftetog W f t»  billiard  fas  laws, toiiip to: (jwt*  stan? -J%fct3-ll-on ai^ bfifi J pap?iltt$ran,2pccnmellii£rain,A.yemn>tll&j  es i t ^ l ^ S W f i ^ l V-.HiV.tf^s  ,  T- 5|41li • ! , ; • ' !  ibr-:. W-ti-lKn  vb -.vat 5 pwdl .njrjin, a pommellm^oin^a •  55 -j.  thaj beat a pmmeilir^rain; thy A1 tig teat a,j»mmjll^rain;_ fej W.  fl  JJcmwlUi^  prawlUr^: " camelling  pmircllin^  j^mmdUn^  12 jxroAyain, a jpmtmlUi^  pemreUing y  pirrcUii^  iL  13  beat a pommsair^r^apemirolU^ ;  jotito.^  prwclli^  "am, a ycWU^ • ponmcaii^  pmmelll^  «r  jfcmwllir^'  Bl  M . iponrolU^ • . pmrnlU^'  pommelling  . joirmell'ir^  pmtneUivJ  jwnrfi^  .pommeUii^'  pommalU^  pommelli^  52:  TO-MUscf^*  rinUrtwIta,.  ^^wA,.  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A1 —  btanckts^ trees, bran-cbss-af  Ail friersaM»alH5,  Wjwtes,  tl WkfecfbaiL, buiUfeijjhsil, jCTwcOiy  j a W U ^ s , p s ™ ^ wlks, pnrcU!^])™.!!^  12 (oil, Uka^aU, pemrntm^ KtAic^, pomn,^  pnmcilirg^^,, p^mcUu^'brsnchK, f^™:^  13 (art  WWs^ hail, p o , ^ ^ ^ ^ p m r n a U r g b ^ c K i i j p x n m e U X x ^ jbT  81 bulltbcj hit, Uliti^ U.I, jwmtlUi^valls, pmeUui^/pmroltamlKs, pnr^pmrclli^ B2 Ujts ^tel,kulUts dj bail, (cmmeUi^ walls, p ™ ^  hull, Wkbcf hail,  ^dU^prim^  yoniireUXi^r^  n  '•  Wrft?WdpiiQ'Q  >j a u, u <•£> D u u  a a  *  5a  ZiuwpeKfyoot)-12  59-  51  61  A1  11  T3  01  U  I  '-?  -  n n nil 1 1 TTl 1 u u u u 1 C 1 a 1  Summer D«NI  mm  & m=  1  pow a poco cU3i'dar«do  f1 DOCO 3 PMD rltarijnJO me  ivajM 4t»ooWiji  tin ^ u  ( ijoo I toco  K'c-i^ft  fp •Sirp'C fvCrg  rr.yk to  ttair  but' broken tvi^-a yh [sat^s  rc — rr\iin5_  -  fat fish  tel^eJi i ki  mark to mark ttau*  -ini,  bui  broken twigs, leaves  iw^, I le wawvces  and jjui-ite, jju&Us  3ni  ani fw b>ilsi's ani u^--tttaas, pu&  ••uoo — uu '  am  1 •  •uuo — uu — = f = 1  J1 c  > uoo — uu _  l_J.  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