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Roles of Countess Hunyani in Franz Lehar’s "The Merry Widow" and Ludmilla in Bedrich Smetana’s "The Bartered… Vandertol, Janet Lynn 2003

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ROLES OF COUNTESS HUNYANI IN FRANZ LEHAR'S THE MERRY WIDOW AND LUDMILLA IN BEDRICH SMETANA'S THE BARTERED BRIDE by JANET LYNN VANDERTOL B.Mus., University of B r i t i s h Columbia, 2001 A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept t h i s thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA A p r i l 2003 ® Janet Lynn Vandertol 2003 ABSTRACT The thesis for the Master of Music degree i n Opera consists of the performance of two roles i n f u l l opera productions. I performed the role of Countess Hunyani i n Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow on December 12, 2002 and the role of Ludmilla i n Bedrich Smetana's The Bartered Bride on March 9, 2003. L i r. /•; i ' ,\. THE CHAN CENTRE & UBC OPERA PRESENT M M R Y W I D O W FEATURING THE VANCOUVER PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA PERFORMED IN ENGLISH DECEMBER. 12-14,2002 8PM DECEMBER 15, 2002,3PM CHAN CENTRE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS NANCY HERMISTON. DIRECTOR RICHARD EPP. CONDUCTOR SUZANNE OUELLETTE. CHOREOGRAPHER TICKETS: ADULTS 520. STUDENTS/SENIORS H4 GROUPS Of 10 OR MORE SI2 EACH AVAILABLE THROUGH TICKETMASTER: IN IfRSON THE CHAN CENTRE BOX OFFIC: ' W W. TIC KE T M A S T E R .CA 'HONE G04 2 3 0 3311 DESIGN BY MIKE RATHIFN MIKE.RATHJEN@TELLJSNFI Synopsis Jlct / Paris, Pontevedrian Embassy While hosting a party, Baron Mirko Zeta, the Pontevedrian envoy, receives a communique from the Fatherland that orders him to ensure that the Pontevedrian widow Hanna Glawari's fortune not become the property of a foreigner through remarriage. Zeta decides that Hanna must marry Count Danilo Danilovich, a Pontevedrian bachelor and nephew to the emperor. Meanwhile, Valencienne, Zeta's young Parisian wife, has a "talk" with Camille de Rosillon with whom she is having a flirtation. He writes on her fan "I love you". Unfortunately, the fan is left behind and becomes the centre of great intrigue. Hanna arrives at that party with several male admirers in tow. Her millions have made her a desirable catch. Danilo stumbles in from an evening at Maxim's and prompdy falls asleep. Hanna enters the room and discovers her former lover. It quickly develops that their relationship did not end happily and Danilo states that he will never again say to her the words "I love you" since it could be misconstrued, as "I love your money". Zeta informs Danilo it is his patriotic duty to marry Hanna. A Ladies' Choice dance is announced and once again would-be suitors surround Hanna. She asks Danilo to dance and he offers to sell his dance to the highest bidder and donate the money to charity. This scares off the other men and Hanna and Danilo are left alone to dance together. Intermission Act / / P a r i s , Hanna Glawari's villa, evening of the next day Guests are gathered in the garden where Hanna has promised a real Pontevedrian party full of dancing and special guests. She then offers them the story of the wood nymph Vilia who fell in love with a mortal. Danilo arrives and Zeta informs him that Rosillon may be planning to propose to Hanna. Njegus reveals that Rosillon is in love with a married woman and therefore does not pose a threat. Danilo takes the fan in order to discover the identity of its owner. Hanna greets Danilo and mocks his reaction to her. The gentlemen at the party discuss the proper way to handle women. Hanna returns offering a truce and discovers what Danilo has been ordered to do. Luckily for Valencienne and Camille, Danilo has discarded the fan on which Valencienne adds the words, "I am a respectable wife" in the hopes that Camille will finally listen to reason and ask Hanna to marry him. They disappear into the pavilion for a final farewell and are caught by the Baron. Before they can exit, Njegus exchanges Valencienne with Hanna, and another intrigue unfolds. Hanna declares that she has heard the marriage proposition of Rosillon and has accepted it. Danilo furiously relates a story about a wretched young princess who breaks a young prince's heart. Hanna decides this must mean that Danilo loves her and she is determines to get him back. Jlct / / / P a r i s , Hanna Glawari's villa A room in Hanna's villa has been transformed into Maxim's cabaret as part of the evening's entertainment. Frustrated with the problems of his employers Njegus decides that life as a rich man would be paradise. The famous Maxim playgirls entertain the guests with Valencienne in the lead. Another communique arrives from the Fatherland informing Zeta that he and the embassy staff will lose their lives if they are unsuccessful at keeping the Glawari millions in the country. Njegus reveals to Danilo that it wis not in fact Hanna in the pavilion with Camille but Valencienne. Danilo changes his mind about Hanna and he tells her that she cannot marry Camille because she does not love him. The moment of reconciliation is at hand but first Valencienne's actions are revealed to Zeta who declares himself divorced and proposes to Hanna. She, in turn, reveals that a clause in her late husband's will states that should she remarry she would lose her entire fortune. Valencienne begs her husband to read the words on the fan out loud and he discovers that she has not been unfaithful to him. Danilo declares his love for Hanna, and she then discloses the second part of the clause, which states that her money would be "lost" to her new husband. All agree that understanding women is difficult. The Cast (PrincipCes December 12 & 14 December 13 & 15 Hanna G-[awari Rhoslyn Jones Maria-Christina Fantini <DaniCo Fraser Walters Gil Anderson (Baron Zeta T o d d Delaney Riley McMitchel l Vakncienne Alexandria Beck Soula Parassidis CamiCfe Ian Paul Matthew Stephanson !Njegus David Mitten Kevin Lowden Cascada Stephen Bell Tim Burns St. (Brioche Craig Johnson Ben Schnitzer (Bogcfanowitscfi John Conlon David English SyCviane Mieke Rickert Michelle Koebke Xyomow John Hales Timothy Dyck Ofga Rose-Ellen Nichols Jennifer Hutchinson (Pritschitsch Lyndon Surjik Michael M o r i (Prask\pwia Brooke Harris Leah Fie ld Cfrisettes Soula Parassidis L o { - ° Alexandria Beck 0 O ^ ° Sandra Stringer Whitney Sloan Christie Avril Jou-Jou Mia Harris Trou-Trou Katie Cross Meghan Morrison Gina McLellan Cfo-Cfo Nancy Hasiuk 9ti.argot Evie Vassilakak Dionne Sellinger Juliette Erinn Evdokimoff Heidi Fellner Speciaf Quest Entertainer Countess Jfunyani Janet Vandertol Amy Lafroy Chorus Virginia Acuna, Christie Avril, Katie Cross, Mia Harris, Nancy Hasiuk, Marian Horton, Gina McClellan, Paula McNeil, Meghan Morrison, Diana Oros, Sara Quist, Dionne Sellinger, Whitney Sloan, Sandra Stringer, Kathleen Susak, Evie Vassilakakis, Anna Whelan, Mame Willis, Stephen Bell, Tim Bums, John Conlon, Timothy Dyck, David English, Cory Esaryk, John Hales, Andrew Jameson, Craig Johnson, Bryn Jones, Michael Mori, Ben Schnitzer, Lyndon Surjik, Gerrit Theule, John Weng (BaCCet Darcie Omori, Kim Vaage, Claire Wardle Super Colleen Cotton V(BC Opera <Ensem6Ce The University of British Columbia Opera Ensemble was founded in 1995, with the appointment of Canadian lyric coloratura Nancy Hermiston as Head of the Voice and Opera Divisions. Beginning with a core of seven performers, Ms. Hermiston has built the program to a 50-member company, performing two main productions at UBC every season, and touring the Czech Republic and Germany for the last 3 summer seasons. Past main season productions have included Mozart's £e Nozze drFigaro and T>ie Gartnerrn aus L/e&e, Nicolai's TJie Afeiry JV/yes of Windsor, Robert Ward's TJie Crua'6/e and Humperdinck's enchanting tale of childhood, JTanse/ and C7rete/. The Ensemble has also performed Figaro, Tne Magic Mute, Janacek's Tne Cunrubg Z/tt/e Vixen, Gounod's Faust and Strauss' Z?/e F/edeimaus in Europe. Last year, the Ensemble performed an exciting double bill of Puccini's O/ann/ ScA/ccAi and Purcell's L>/do and Aeneas, in addition to a new Christmas production of Lehar's delightful operetta, TAe Aferry Widow. The Ensemble also performed in 2001 with Canadian Heldentenor Ben Heppner, in a special concert at the Chan Centre of the Performing Arts, broadcast on CBC Radio. Since the March 2001 production of TAe Crua'£/eviz.s a co-production with the City Theatre in Usti, Ms. Hermiston was invited to direct its Czech premiere in October 2001 and was accompanied by select students, past and present, who appeared in the production. In the summer of 2002, the Ensemble returned to the Czech Republic and Germany to repeat last summer's successful production of Tne CunningLittle Vixen. In addition, a new production of Massenet's Manon, sung in French, was mounted at the Usti nad Labem City Theatre. Recent performances in Canada include an appearance in 2000 with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra in Vaughn William's Serenade to Afus/c, and a co-production of Monteverdi's //F/tomo dr Cdrsses I/I patria with the Ensemble Ruggiero, sponsored by the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC. The Ensemble also toured the Lower Mainland and interior of BC with their children's show, Opera Nignt /n Canaddxn. 2001/2002. Vancouver (phiCharmonic Orchestra Entering its 39th year, the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra is a community orchestra offering five concerts a year. The orchestra provides an opportunity for serious amateur musicians to study and perform in the stimulating environment of a full orchestra. After the untimely death of Wallace Leung, our gTeatly missed music director and conductor, the orchestra is searching for a successor. This season promises to be an exciting year of musical collaboration between soloists, guest conductors and the orchestra. Please join us for our remaining season concerts. For our Wallace Leung Memorial Concert on February 22, 2003, soprano Man Hahn and the orchestra will perform works by Faure, Stravinsky, and Barber. The orchestra plays Brahms Symphony No.2. On April 12, 2003, clarinet soloist Karen Noel-Bentley will perform the Weber Clarinet Concerto No.2 with the orchestra. The evening will end with Sibelius' Symphony No. 2. On May 31st, 2002, the season's finale will feature Schumann's A minor piano concerto performed by Carla Dodek. Also on the program is Dvorak's well loved symphony No. 8. (RichmondAcademy of (Dance The Richmond Academy of Dance is a training facility for young Canadian dancers and helps to propel them toward a professional career. Its professional training program is considered to be one of western Canada's finest. The Orchestra Concert Master Etsuo Saito Violin Karina Abe Rodney Blackwell Gayane Bobloyan Kathy Bromley Joan Carne David Clark Jim Dery Barbara Dominik Shirley Dunfield Miriam Gibb Miyako Hewett Chris Kirts Kathryn Lee Barbara Peterson Cheryl Shizgal Viola Deirdre Rogers* Eric Edington-Hryb Amy Grobb Jennifer Montgomery Gillian Taylor Celto Jessica Werb* Irene Dodek Sharon Norman Annelies Reeves Wilrried Schmidt Mary Szendry (Bass A l Cone* Hendrik Greidanus Sean Cronin <F[ute Janet Banning Ruth Cornish Jodi Dawkins Piccolo Jodi Dawkins 06oe Ron Schubank* Justin Kuo Wai Kit Leung English 3Com Ron Schubank Clarinet Janine Oye* Cathy McCashin Irene Percival 'Bassoon Ward Hunting Patricia Keen Trumpet Kathleen Bowles* Hitoshi Ishizaka Ttorn Marianne Plenert* Lyle Hillaby Maureen Hole Steven Woodside TromSone James Marcia* Caitlin Samuelsson (Bass Trombone RodEUard Harp Andrew Chan Timpani BradPyke (percussion Merbell Pongoredjo Bernie Yeh (Production Team 'Director Nancy Hermiston Conductor Richard Epp Assistants to the director Krzysztof Biemacki Colleen Cotton Sandra Stringer Choreographer Suzanne Oueliette Stage "Manager Rebecca Craster Assistant Stage JM anagcrs Alishia Harris Rhiannon Farley Melissa Novocoski Set (Designer Cameron McGill Lighting (Designer Jeremy Baxter (Properties Valerie Moffatt Costumes Parven Mirhady Robert Prince "Wardrobe Gina McClellan Soloists Costumes Malabar Vancouver Opera Association Chorus Costumes Vancouver Opera Association •Wigs Elke Englicht "Makeup Nell Volrich Carmen Garcia (Production Assistants Alex Good Pierre Hungr Craig Johnson Neema Bickersteth Janet Vandertol %ppetiteurs Donna Falconer Christopher Wong Lucas Wong (Poster (Design Mike Rathjen (Program Sandra Stringer front of yfouse Sandra Stringer (Publicity Justin Welsh SpecialThanhs ? H ™, ^ ° 0 1 ° f M U S 1 C ' t h e C h a n C e n f r e Staff and Crew the Fredenc Wood Theatre: Janet Btckford, Ian Pratt, Lynn B u Z ' he Vancouver Opera Associate, the Vancouver Opera Guild, Savtd Spencer Encouragement Fund, Martha Lou Henley Charitable (Please join us for our upcoming performances: Opera Tea February 2, 2003 2 pm Robson Square Information: 604-822-3113 The (Bartered(Bride* Bedrich Smetana March 6, 7, 8 8pm March 9 3 pm Chan Centre for the Performing Arts (*sung in Czech with English surtitles) Tickets available through Ticketmaster at 604-280-3311, on-line at, or in person at the Chan Centre Ticket Office. This production was made possiSCe by tfie generous assistance from the fottowing: Benjamin Moore s s ) Colour Experts -^SS^J andSfiafiquc Sfiivji "Bartered ISride By Bedrlch Smetana The Chan Shun Concert Hall EKj March 6 - March 9,2003 1^ present P R O D A N A N E V E S T A THE BARTERED BRIDE by BEDRICH SMETANA Libretto by KAREL SABINA D I R E C T O R ~ J O S E F N O V A K _ C O N D U C T O R ~ N O R B E R T B A X A M U S I C D I R E C T O R ~ RICHARD E P P S E T D E S I G N ~ A L E S S I A C A R P O C A LIGHTING D E S I G N ~ J E R E M Y B A X T E R C O S T U M E S D E S I G N ~ O P E R A H O U S E O P A V A D A N A S V O B O D O V A sung in Czech with English surtitles C Z E C H C O A C H A N D S U R T I T L E S ~ M I L E N A J A N D A There will be two twenty minute intermissions. IkeCh ian The Chan Shun Concert Hall March 6 - March 9, 2003 A Message from the Director of the U B C School of Music Welcome to tonight's performance of The Bartered Bride, a highlight of our performance season offered by the School of Music at UBC. Each year the Opera Program reaches new highs as it finds innovative ways to integrate the young, dynamic and talented student performers into a memorable, engaging and professional production. Supported brilliantly by the Theatre Department's technical expertise and ever growing en-thusiastic attention from the community, the Opera program at UBC is taking its rightful place in the panorama of opera in Canada. The UBC Opera program has had several seasons of residence during the early summer at the opera house in Usti nad Labem, in the Czech Republic, and has performed often in productions and concerts around the coun-try, and in the old cultural city of Prague. We are delighted to welcome to this production Conductor Norbert Baxa and Director Josef Novak from the Czech Republic who have given this production an authenticity and direct link to its origins which you will certainly appreciate as the brilliant music begins and the drama, sets, costumes, direction and magnificent singing all perform their magic. A very warm greeting to you from each and every participant in tonight's production. Jesse Read Director, School of Music A Message from the Head of Theatre, Film & Creative Writing I am delighted to welcome you to this year's Spring Opera production at UBC. The Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing is very pleased to be able to collaborate with the School of Music Opera Pro-gram, the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, and our distinguished guests in producing this delightful version of The Bartered Bride. The School of Music and the Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writ-ing have been co-producing from time to time for over a decade now, and the shows keep on getting better each year. I know you'll enjoy this one. Robert Gardiner Department Head Theatre, Film and Creative Writing n at UBC UBCMUSIC A Message from Head of Opera On behalf of the Opera Ensemble and myself I would like to welcome you to this very special evening of opera. As you are aware the Opera Ensemble has traveled to the Czech Republic each summer for the past five years. Tonight we are delighted that the production team which has hosted us in the Czech Republic, Director, Josef Novak, Conductor, Norbert Baxa and Set Designer, Alessia Carpoca can be with us to present Smetana's masterpiece, Prodana Nevesta (The Bartered Bride). We will be re-turning to Usti nad Labem in May and June to present a remount of our 2002 production of Massenet's Manon as well as performances of Mozart's masterpiece Die Zauberfldte. After our European perform-ances, we will continue our summer schedule as Resident Ensemble at the Westbend Festival in Ontario where we will present perform-ances of The Merry Widow. At this time I would like to thank you for your continued support of the Opera Ensemble. Your support does make a difference. Many of our graduates are now involved in professional operatic careers and you have helped to make their dreams of that career come true. Can there be anything more satisfying than knowing that you have been an influential part of maintaining UBC's and Cana-da's tradition of producing great opera performers? I hope that you enjoy this wonderful masterpiece of the Czech repertoire and will look forward to seeing you again in our 2003-2004 Season. Nancy Hermiston Head of Opera and Voice Director - Josef Novak Graduate of the Janacek Academy of Musical Arts, he worked as a direc-tor, dramaturg and director in various theatres throughout the Czech Republic and other countries. For a number of years he was also on the staff of the Academies (equivalent to university departments) in Brno and in Prague. Since 1988 he has been also a guest pedagogue at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. He also made several television productions. He has directed over 100 opera and musical theatre productions in the Czech Republic, and over twenty abroad, particularly in Scandinavia, Slovakia, Germany and Bulgaria. Among the most notable were the first Czech production of Marschner's Hans Heiling (Opava, 1976), Verdi's / Masnadieri (Usti, Opava), Donizetti's Maria Stuarda and Mikado, by Gil-bert and Sullivan (Opava, Brno, 1977, 1979) This was the only produc-tion ever given after World War II of this work, so popular in English speaking countries. From the Czech repertoire were important stagings of the operas of Smetana and Janacek, namely Hubicka for the Prague National Thea-tre, Jenufa and Cunning Little Vixen in Usti and Lahti (Finland), and Bartered Bride in Russe (Bulgaria) and Mikkeli (Finland). In 1987 he was given the prestigious award of Ceskoslovenska Operni zatva (Czecho-slovak Opera Harvest) for his Wedding by Martinu and Infidelity Caught by Macha Re-staged Wedding in 1988 and 1995 in Helsinki, where he also had success with Mozart's Finta Giardiniera Puccini's Gianni Schicci and Suor Angelica, Orff's Die Kluge and in co-production with Opera Usti, Strauss' Die Fledermaus Verdi's Masked Ball Cimarosa's // Matrimonio Segreto and Rossini's Barber of Seville among others. There was also much interest in the production of Mozart's Nozze di Figaro at the summer festival in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, which was also broadcast on the Czech television. During the time he was director of the Usti Opera, the company toured in Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Finland, and Germany. For the last three years he collaborated with the UBC Opera Ensemble on the stage of the Opera in Usti, (Janacek s Cunning Little Vixen in Czech, Strauss' Die Fledermaus in German) and in Opava in Verdi's Sa//o in Maschera. Norbert Baxa - Conductor Nobert Baxa, the gifted young Czech conductor, is currently the General Music Director at the Usti nab Labem City Thea-tre in the Czech Republic. Mr. Baxa was appointed there in 1999, and at the age of 24, was the youngest music direc-tor ever appointed in a major Czech house. Mr. Baxa began his training at the prestigious Bratislava Conservatory as a singer and conductor, and continued his studies at the Music Academy in Prague. He worked as guest singer for the Prague Chamber Choir and as a vocal coach and accompanist for singers. He graduated in 1998 and was awarded the "Red Diploma", the Academy's top honour. In 1996, Mr. Baxa founded the progressive chamber music group CLUB 20, dedicating their performances to composers of the 20th Century. His extensive repertoire covers the operatic and ballet genres, with a special interest in the music of Czech and Slovak composers such as Smetana, Janacek and Martinu. In 2001, he conducted the European premiere of Robert Ward's The Crucible with a combined Canadian and Czech cast. Mr. Baxa is a frequent guest conductor throughout the Czech Republic and Germany, and has appeared in Hungary, Spain and Japan alUBC UBCMUSIC Thoughts on The Bartered Bride Nationalism in western culture developed in the later part of the nine-teenth century as part of the Romantic Movement. Smetana's devotion to his country of origin underwent a subtle metamorphosis when he turned to folk material and The Bartered Bride, based on a story that takes place in a Czech village, saw the light of day. Gone are the lords and ladies and lofty ideals. This is a simple story about village people. The music uses Czech folk dances and tunes for its model. Actually the title was badly translated from the Czech "Prodana Nevesta" which means" the sold bride". There is no bartering during the action of the opera. In 1866 when the original version of the opera was performed, it resembled more a "singspiele" or an opera comique, having spoken dialogue between a series of arias. By 1870 during several revisions, the dialogue disappeared to be replaced by orchestrated recitatives. Smetana followed The Bartered Bride with other operas in the same genre The Kiss, The Two Widows, The Secret. None ever reached the kind of devotion and popularity that his "Bride" did. But The Bartered Bride is much more than a national opera. The music has subtlety and consum-mate artistry, combining warmth with sparkle, vigour with refinement. Its high spirits never descend into farce and its characters are drawn in the most skilful musical terms. Each and every one of the characters has a fine musical personality. Marenka shows compassion, love, capacity for intrigue, grief and stub-bornness, while Jenik's love and sense of humour, as well as his frus-tration in a complicated situation are all very clear. The simple minded but loveable Vasek and the boastful and resourceful marriage broker, Kecal, don't even need surtitles to be understood musically. It is no wonder that The Bartered Bride pointed the way for yet another genera-tion of Czech composers like Janacek and Martinu. by Milenda Janda UBCMUSIC » a , U B C THE BARTERED BRIDE By Bedfich Smetana Thursday March 6th and Saturday March 8th. Krusina Justin Welsh Ludmila A m y LaFroy Marenka Neema Bickersteth Hata Caroline Harder* Micha Andrew J a m e s o n Vasek Alex G o o d Jen'ik J o h n Arsenault* Kecal Pierre Hungr Director Ian Paul Esmeralda Jennifer Farrell Indian Stephen Bell Friday March 7 th and Sunday March 9th. Krusina Ludmila Marenka Hata Micha Vasek Jenlk Kecal Director Esmeralda Indian Todd Delaney Janet Vandertol Rhoslyn Jones Katherine Landry Timothy Dyck Ben Schnitzer Keith K lassen* Gerrit Theule Craig J o h n s o n Katie C r o s s Cory Esaryk Circus Players Mia Harris, Michael Mori, Maya Tenzer, Karin M c C a i g , Kuei-Ming L Chorus Alexandra B e c k Stephen Bell John Conlon David Engl ish Cory Esaryk Erin Evdokimoff John Hales Brooke Harris Mia Harris Craig J o h n s o n Paula MacNei l Riley McMitchell Heidi Meundel Michael Mori Rose-Ellen Nichols Ian Paul Soula Parassidis Mieke Rickert Dionne Sellinger Lyndon Surjik Heidi Wood Supernumeraries Helina Patience A m y Belling Carol ine Sniatynski Karin McCraig Kuei-Ming Lin Stage Banda Rachel Lowry Sandi Chih Lidka Maya Tenzer Pepik Valerie C h o n g * Appearance courtesy of Canadian Actors' Equity Association re 'at UBC UBCMUSIC UBC Symphony Orchestra - The Bartered Bride Violin I "Gillian Mott Jason Ho Evet Kim Jenny Atkinson Amy Pei Angela Hodgson Regina Ho Drie Ignas Alisa van Dijk Ekaterina Sokolovskaya Alneliese Deacock Violin II 'James Wei Ruth Huang Megan Wolfe Laura Weingarten Jack Tsai Theresa Choi Michelle Huang Trevor Pearce LilyCha Janice Fehlauer Jenny Hsu Viola *Brooke Day Anthony Cheung Josh Belvedere Celine Lee Aaron Butler Szabolcs Kabok James Hill Genevieve MacKay Cello "Alexandra Sia Katherine Thompson Stephan Hintersteininger Alex Cheung Tina Hsu Sabrina Tsbu Richard St. Onge Bass 'Michelle Herrera Jennifer Chu Peggy Tong Enzo Figliuzzi Rosa Smedley . Flutes *Jack Chen Gloria Huh SandiChih Oboes * Emily Yu Tina Chang Clarinets 'Eileen Walsh Emily Shapiro Bassoons *Emily Mclntyre Meghan Dahl Horns 'Micajah Sturgess Mindy Chia-Yuan Liang Cheryl Lane Patty Cheng-Pei Kou Trumpets 'Nathan Sobieralski Chris Mitchell Rachel Lowry Trombones *Nick Francis James Tranquilla Michael Shafer Timpani Katie Rife Percussion Kimberly Ettinger Christy Fast Merbell Tonggoredjo ** Concert Master * Section Leaders Production Stage Manager Assistant Stage Managers Surtitles Rehearsal Pianists Technical Director Costume Coordinator Costume Assistant Wig Stylist Make-up Artists Props Supervisors Scenic Artist Scenery Construction Scenic Painters Props Builders Lighting Operator Follow Spot Operators Stage Crew Production Manager Business Manager Publicity Poster Design Publicity Assistant Alishia Harris Alexia Chen J u d y Chow Daryl Ritchot Tien Yen A n n a Whelan L u c a s Wong Donna Falconer L u c a s Wong Chr is Wong Ken Hollands Parvin Mirhady Robert Prince Elke Englicht Nel Volrich Carmen Garcia Janet Bickford Lynn Burton Francesca Albertazzi J i m Fergusson Don Griffiths Mel issa Novecosky Mark E u m Valerie Moffatt Mel issa Parker Jennifer Meng Krista Sung Kate Butler, Kaname Kawamoto Noa Anatot, Zosia C a s s i e Tammy C h a n , Gareth Convery Karen Eng, Hyeri Lee Mavis Lui , Annes Song Mel issa Tsang, Claire Williams J a y Henrickson Marietta Kozak J o a n Wellwood J a m e s A . Glen Jennifer Ramsay Acknowledgements The Friends of U B C Opera, The Chan Family, UBC Opera Ensemble, Vancouver Opera, Vancouver Playhouse, David Spencer Endowment Encouragement Fund, School of Music Office Staff, Theatre Program Staff, Val Pusey, Anne Chong and Family, Milena and Slavek Janda, Ian Pratt, Nik von Schulman. A special thank you to the Vancouver Opera Guild for their donation to this production. at UBC UBCMUSIC Plot S y n o p s i s for The Bartered Bride Act1 On the eve of the summer fair in a Czech village, the young people are rehearsing a song and looking forward to the celebration; all except Marenka. She is upset, because tomorrow the wealthy farmer from a near-by village, Tobias Micha, will come to introduce her to her future husband, his son Vasek. Her sweetheart, Jenik, who is a hired hand in the village, tells her how he ran away from home because of a mean stepmother. Pledging their love, the two young people declare they will be forever faithful. Mafenka's parents, accompanied by the marriage broker, Kecal, tell their daughter that she has to marry Micha's son be-cause of a debt, fvlfcha has two sons. The older son who has not been seen for quite some time is reported to have become a soldier and might even be dead. Kecal tries to coerce Marenka into immediately accepting the younger son, but she will have nothing to do with him. Act 2 The fair is now in full swing and all the young men are enjoying beer at the inn. They poke fun at Jenik who extols love above beer. Kecal points out the advantages of money. When Marenka happens to meet Vasek, she decides to take things into her own hands. She mystifies him about who she is and frightens him into swearing that he will give up "Marenka" who would only cause him great anguish and even his own death. Kecal seizes his opportunity and persuades Jenik to forswear Marenka with the promise of 300 golden coins if he will give her up to Micha's son. To his delight Jenik finally agrees signing a document in front of witnesses. Act 3 Vasek is very worried about his future, but a travelling circus band dis-tracts him. They give a brief performance in the village square to attract an audience. Vasek is charmed by the lovely Esmeralda. The Director of the troupe soon finds out that the bear act cannot go on because the actor who normally plays the bear is dead drunk. With Esmeralda's help the Director entices Vasek to agree to perform the bear act. By now the news of Jenik's perfidy has reached Marenka, who still secretly hopes that it is not true. Not allowing Jenik to explain, Jenik admits that he indeed signed the document. Broken-hearted, she decides to avenge herself by saying that she will marry Vasek. As everyone is called to witness Kecal's triumph, Jenik reveals himself to be Micha's elder son, and therefore is entitled to marry Marenka. At that moment, two fright-ened children warn the-villagers that the circus bear is loose and is running this way. To everyone's amazement the bear turns out to be Vasek. Micha, happy to see his long-lost son and realizing Vasek is too immature for marriage, gives Jenik and Marenka his blessing. at UBC Upcoming Events March 12 Wednesday Noon Hours Eugene Skovorodnikov Works by Brahms & Haydn 12:00 pm. Recital Hall $4.00 at the door March 14 Contemporary Players Improvisations 12:00 pm, Recital Hall FREE March 16 Robert Silverman, piano Bach, Copland, Liszt & Beethoven 3:00 pm, Chan Centre S30/S23 Subscriptions available* March 17 UBC Student Composers 12:00 pm. Recital Hall FREE March 19 4 Gallon Drum 12:00 pm, Recital Hall $4.00 at the door March 20 UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble 12:00 pm. The Chan Centre FREE March 21 Student Highlights 12:00 pm. Main Library, Rm 502 FREE UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble 8:00 pm, The Chan Centre FREE March 24 UBC Percussion Ensemble 12:00 pm, Recital Hall FREE March 27 UBC Choral Union 12:00 pm, Chan Centre FREE March 28 UBC Contemporary Players 12:00 pm. Recital Hall FREE UBC Choral Union 8:00 pm. The Chan Centre FREE March 30 UBC Collegium Musicum 8:00 pm, Recital Hall FREE U B C MUSIC April 2 UBC Chinese Ensemble 12:00 pm. Recital Hall FREE April 3 University Singers 12:00 pm, The Chan Centre FREE April 4 UBC Jazz Ensemble 12:00 pm, Recital Hall FREE University Singers 8:00 pm. The Chan Centre FREE April 7 UBC Student Composers 12:00 pm, Recital Hall FREE April 9 UBC Gamelan Ensemble 12:00 pm, Recital Hall or on plaza if sunny FREE April 10 UBC Symphony Orchestra featuring Lucas Wong Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 12:00 pm, The Chan Centre FREE April 11 UBC Symphony Orchestra featuring Lucas Wong Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 8:00 pm, The Chan Centre FREE May 11 Robert Silverman, piano Schubert, Brahms & Scriabin 3:00 pm, Chan Centre $30/$23 Subscriptions available* May 21 Baccalaureate Concert Features graduating music students 8:00 Chan Centre FREE For more concert information visit The School of Music website at or phone 604.822.5574 THEATRE AT UBC S t i l l to came... THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO by Beaumarchais D I R T Y HANDS Translated by David B. Edney A FESTIVAL OF THE MARCH 13-22, 2003 PERFORMING ARTS Frederic Wood Theatre MARCH 31-APRIL 11,2003 Various Campus Venues Box Office: 604.822-2678 £ Y 1 frederic wood flrjj^r^ For the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts Acting Managing Director Sid Katz Director of Facilities and Operations Cameron McGil l Assistant Technical Director Owen Schellenberger Director of Programming & Administration J o y c e Hinton Programming Coordinator Wendy Atkinson Events Manager Lindsay Jameson Director of Marketing & Customer Services Marie Edwards Head Lighting Technician Andrew Riter Head Audio Technician Jay O'Keeffe Systems Administrator Ted Clark Front of House Coordinators Carl Armstrong Andrew Elliot Concessions Coordinator Nathan Lee Ticket Office Manager Donna Caedo Financial Officer Flora Lew Financial Clerk Laura Lee Samuels Reception Clerk Kim Claybo Production Clerk Sherri Fetterly Tour Guide Rachel Lowry CREATIVE WRITING P K I j f j t f RESIDENCY PRIZE IN STAGE PLAY I N T E R N A T I O N A L Submission Deadline: March 31. 2003 Winner announced: October 1, 2003 The Department of Theatre, Film and Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia announces its upcoming Residency Prize in Stage Play Competition, awarding a prize of $10,000 to a playwright for an unproduced, unpublished full length stage play. The prize includes a one-month resi-dency at UBC. While on campus, the winning playwright will mentor Crea-tive Writing students, work with Theatre students and faculty on the devel-opment of the play for performance, and deliver the Stage Play Residency Lecture. The winning play will be published by PRISM international, Crea-tive Writing's literary magazine, with a public performance to be presented by Theatre at UBC. For information, including complete rules and regula-tions, please visit our website at O N T H E S H A K E S P E A R E F E S T I V A L O p D Y O F JVIE^HANT BJN§P ERRORS OF VENICE O^RE Y O U R I N F O R M A T I V E GULP, For Advertising or Subscription Information Call 604-278.5881 Touchstone Theatre presents Winner of the 2002 Sterling Award for Outstanding New Ploy Apple by Vern Thiessen . co-produced with The Apple Core Directed by Rachel Ditor Studio 16 1545 West 7th Ave. March 5th ~ 15th Benefit Performance for Breast Cancer Research March 8th "Apple is a lyrical love poem." Edmonton Sun Seoson Sponsor Titketmaster (604) 280-3311 \0&H*I$ frederic wood lh$itr?/ Canada's National Voice Intensive May 11 - June 13,2003 on the web: 


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