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Graduate recitals Gorbasew, Alexander J. Sasha 1996

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GRADUATE. RECITALS by ALEXANDER J. SASHA GORBASEW .Mus., University of Western Ontario, 19 THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL. FULFILLMENT THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF MUSIC (HORN) in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES (School of Music) We accept t h i s . t h e s i s as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA October 1996 © Alexander J. Sasha Gorbasew In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Department of rA VIS t C_ The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada Date A/ot/ /J(r DE-6 (2/88) THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF MUSIC Recital Hall Monday, April 29,1996 8:00 p.m. MASTERS STUDENT RECITAL* SASHA GORBASEW, Horn with Alan Crane, Piano Horn Concerto in E flat major Francesco Antonio Rosetti (1750-1792) Allegro moderato Andante Allegretto non troppo Nocturne, Op. 35, No. 10 Reinhold Gliere (1875-1956) Sextet in E Flat major Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Allegro con brio Adagio Rondo Aaron Au, Yan Yan Mok, violins Tawnya Popoff, viola Cyrena Huang, cello Stephany Wolfe, horn - INTERMISSION-En Foret Eugene Bozza Horn Concerto No. 2 Richard Strauss (1864-1949) Allegro Andante con moto Allegro molto * In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree with a major in Horn. THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA SCHOOL OF MUSIC Recital Hall Sunday, October 27,1996 8:00 p.m. MASTERS STUDENT R E C I T A L * SASHA GORBASEW, Horn with Sylvie Beaudoin, Piano Sonata op. 17 Allegro Moderato Poco Adagio, quasi Andante Rondo, Allegro Moderato Suite op. 64 Invocation Intermezzo Choral Finale Adagio and Allegro Adagio Allegro L. van Beethoven (1770-1827) B. Hummel R. Schumann (1810-1856) INTERMISSION -Sonata op. 21 Animato Lento Vivace Trio op. 88 Allegro Moderato Scherzo Adagio Finale - Allegro ma non troppo E. Hlobil (b. 1901) C. Reinecke (1824-1910) Nicolas Braun, oboe * In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Music degree with a major in Horn. This recital is dedicated to my wife Francesca. 


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