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Big wheels keep on rolling : the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel Thorkelsson, Paul Hunter 1996

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BIG WHEELS KEEP ON ROLLING THE CANADIAN MUSEUM OF RAIL TRAVEL by PAUL HUNTER THORKELSSON A THESIS SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARCHTTECTURE in THE FACULTY OF GRADUATE STUDIES School of Architecture We accept this thesis as conforming to the required standard THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA April 1996 0 P A U L HUNTER THORKELSSON, 1996 In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for an advanced degree at the University of British Columbia, I agree that the Library shall make it freely available for reference and study. I further agree that permission for extensive copying of this thesis for scholarly purposes may be granted by the head of my department or by his or her representatives. It is understood that copying or publication of this thesis for financial gain shall not be allowed without my written permission. Department of J ^ ^ g x D r i ^ The University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada DE-6 (2/88) ABSTRACT The project under investigation here is a museum facility to house the full collection of historic Canadian trains currently on display at the existing Canadian Museum of Rail Travel located in Cranbrook, British Columbia. The site of the proposed museum is on a narrow strip of vacant land bordered along one edge by an operating railway yard and on the other by Highway 3/21 the major transportation route through Southern British Columbia. The intention of this siting is to allow the proposed museum to act as a backdrop to the city providing both a buffer between it and the industrial developments beyond the rail yards, as well as a reconnection of the City to the railway on which its history and development has been so dependant. The building itself is organized as two buildings (or layers) lying along side each other like rail cars on a series of tracks. The first building (entry building) houses the public activities of the museum including entry and information, gift shop, tea room/ cafe, temporary gallery, administration offices, archives, shipping/receiving and entrance to the orientation theatre. The second building (the train shed) houses the body of the collection and museum including the restored train sets and cars, elevated discussion space, orientation theatre, and restoration workshops. These two main buildings are connected by a long narrow spine which provides circulation from the entry building through the orientation theatre into the train shed and the collection itself. The spine also houses display areas and visible archives along its length which provide the passing viewer with further explanation of particular aspects of the museum's collection. i i TABLE OF CONTECTS Abstract 11 Table of Contents 111 Building Elevations North Elevation South Elevation North Elevation (continued) South Elevation (continued) North Elevation (continued) South Elevation (continued) West Elevation East Elevation Building Plans Building Sections Ground Level Plan Ground Level Plan (continued) Ground Level Plan (continued) Upper Level Plan Upper Level Plan (continued) Upper Level Plan (continued) Section A-A Section B-B Section C-C Section D-D Section E-E Section F-F Section G-G 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 Model Images Model - Building Model - Building Sectional Model -Sectional Model -Sectional Model -Sectional Model -Sectional Model -Sectional Model -Elevation Elevation General View Side View Side View Interior Detail Building Entry Entry Detail 1 8 1 9 2 0 2 1 2 2 2 3 2 4 2 5 i i i LO CO He > g — -L. 0 c — < z c — 


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