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"Chew On This"- Food Security, Eh? A Panel Discussion on Sustainable Food in a Canadian Context Frye, Amy; Riseman, Andrew; Smukler, Sean; Vercammen, James; Valley, Will; Weiler, Anelyse


Webcast sponsored by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, hosted by Common Energy UBC, Oxfam UBC, and the UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society’s Sustainability Committee. “Chew On This,” is a week-long series of lectures, panel discussions, and workshops. A diverse group of panelists will share their research and thoughts on the topic of Canada and what it means to have sustainable food in Canada. Panelists include: * Dr. Andrew Riseman, Associate Professor of Applied Biology and Plant Breeding in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems; co-chair of the Campus Academic Plan committee working to guide the future of the UBC Farm. * Dr. Sean Smukler, Assistant Professor of Applied Biology and Soil Science; Junior Chair, Agriculture and the Environment; research working with farmers to assess impacts of farm management practices. * Dr. James Vercammen, Professor in both the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and the Sauder School of Business; research focussing on food and resource economics. * Will Valley, Project Coordinator, Think&Eat Green@School; member of Inner City Farms. Will’s research interests include the analysis and application of community-engaged scholarship and food system education * Anelyse Weiler, Communications Coordinator, UBC Farm * and Sophia Baker-French, Registered Dietician; MSc Candidate in Human Nutrition; previous Research Assistant with Think and Eat Green @ School; prior coordinator at the UBC Farm School Tours program. Moderator: Amy Frye, Acting Director of UBC Farm

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