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From stone to screen : digitizing epigraphic squeezes Tweten, Lisa 2014-10-28

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From Stone to Screen:  Digitizing Epigraphic Squeezes  Image courtesy of Digital Initiatives Image courtesy of Digital Initiatives © Lisa Tweten CNERSCOLLECTIONST.OMEKA.NET  “What’s a squeeze?”      © Chelsea Gardner *So you end up with something like this which can be quite hard to read.  * Especially with letters missing and no idea what the text said originally.  Classical Athens     Kallistos / Wikimedia Commons / Cc-by-3.0; Porch of MaidensCC BY-SA 2.5 Athenian Tribute Lists – Lapis Primus  © M. Miles Epigraphic charts – how they put it all together  Image courtesy of Digital Initiatives Digital Initiatives   © Lisa Tweten Image comparison © Lisa Tweten / Digital Initiatives collection/squeezes         Twitter:@CNRS_Squeezes Facebook: Wordpress: Omeka:   Acknowledgements:  CNERS Department faculty: Dr. Gwynaeth McIntyre Dr. Siobhán McElduff Dr. Nigel Kennell Dr. Kevin Fisher Dr. Lisa Cooper Dr. Hector Williams Dr. Philip Harding  Student Volunteers: Chelsea Gardner (PhD Classics: Archaeology) Lisa Tweten (MA ACRE) Maude Côté-Landry (PhD Classics: History) Kat Solberg (MA CNAR) Heather Odell (MA CLAS) Haley Bertram (MA CNAR) Natalie MacDougall (MA CLAS) Kevin Lee (MA CNAR) Brian Burnstein (MA ACRE) Emma Hilliard (MA CLAS) Ryan Johnson (PhD Classics: History) Matt Boland (Undergraduate) Mark Penney (Alumnus) Richard Cameron (Undergraduate) David Assaf (MA CLAR) Andrei Mihailiuk (MA CLAR) Patricia Taylor (MA CLAR)  From Stone to Screen is funded by the Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies Department, and by TLEF’s Flexible Learning Initiative.  


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