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NEXUS portal, Vol. 1, issue 2 University of British Columbia. NEXUS Research Unit Apr 30, 2007

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Fourth Annual NEXUS Spring Institute April 30, 2007 Volume 1, Issue 2 U n i v e r s i t y  o f  B r i t i s h  C o l u m b i a 3 0 2 - 6 1 9 0  A g r o n o m y  R o a d V a n c o u v e r ,  B C  V 6 T  1 Z 3  w w w . n e x u s . u b c . c a NEXUS Portal April 30, 2007 ANNOUNCEMENTS & AWARDS 2 NEW NEXUS GRANTS: MARIJUANA 2 NEW TO NEXUS 3 NEW NEXUS PROJECT: CBCRA 3 NEXUS PROJECT FEATURE: CACTUS 4  Inside this issue: On April 26th and 27th NEXUS hosted its 4th Annual Spring Institute: Rethinking Health Practices in a Social World - Focus on Gender & Health Behaviour.  The Institute was a tremendous success.  April 26th began with the Sex and Gender Analysis in Research workshop, co-sponsored by NEXUS and the Women’s Health Research Network, attended by 45 people. Drs. Lorraine Greaves & Joy Johnson presented attendees with an interactive opportunity to think about the concepts of sex and gender and to discover how to apply the concepts in their research and other aspects of their work. Attendees of this workshop benefited from the launch of Better Science with Sex & Gender: A Primer, developed by Joy, Lorraine, and Robin Repta to assist researchers across fields in under- standing and incorporating sex and gender analysis in their work.  In the afternoon, Drs. Joan Bottorff and John Oliffe presented a second workshop: Getting Published - Tips for Preparing Manuscripts for Peer Review. Joan and John presented their experience of preparing and submitting publications and answered questions from the 32 people attending. John and Joan said, “Every manuscript has a home” and encouraged attendees to write, write, write. On April 27th we were joined by 52 people to continue our exploration of gender and health behaviour.  We had some excellent, thought- provoking presentations from NEXUS investigators, trainees and keynote speakers.  In the morning, keynote presenter Dr. Donna Stewart discussed Gender Inequities in the Global Village. NEXUS trainees, Rebecca Haines, Chris Richardson and Monica Durigon, shared their research on gender’s influence on addictions.  In the afternoon, NEXUS trainees, Zena Sharman and Sharalyn Jordon, and NEXUS co-investigator, Dr. Paul Galdas, presented their research on the impact gender identities have on health behaviour. Dr. Ross Gray rounded out the day with his keynote presentation, Why Men’s Health is Probably Worth the Bother.  There was enthusiastic dialogue during our poster session and lunch. We were very pleased to have an opportunity to join together to share ideas and to discuss research. International Tobacco Control On March 15th, 2007 Natasha Jategaonkar, Project Manager, Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) joined NEXUS to present a seminar, “Monitoring the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: The Response of International Civil Society.”  Her presentation provided background information about the FCTC and described the current work of the FCA in monitoring the implementation and effect of the FCTC. More information about the FCTC can be found at www.fctc.org More photos next page (and larger on our website) Announcements & Awards NEXUS Explores Marijuana — Two New Grants from SSHRC Page 2 NEXUS Portal Student Awards: • Rebecca Haines (Postdoctoral Fellow) was recently awarded the Mary Jane Ashley Award (2006) for her achievement in her PhD work with the Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies (COPAS) at the University of Toronto. • Peter Hutchinson (Postdoctoral Fellow) received a MSFHR Postdoctoral Award for his project: A Preliminary Study to Assess and Develop a Métis Community Readiness Model and Indicators of Success. • Larry Mroz (PhD Trainee) was awarded a Nutritional Research Fellowship from the Department of Food, Nutrition and Health, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, UBC. • Chris Richardson (Postdoctoral Fellow) was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the CIHR Strategic Training Program in Tobacco Research.  He will examine the construct of gender and its relationship to emerging tobacco dependence in adolescence. • Alicia Semaka (PhD Trainee) was awarded a MSFHR Junior Graduate Studentship for her project: Development of Clinical Standards of Care for Huntington Disease Intermediate Allele Predictive Test Results. • Zena Sharman (PhD Trainee) was awarded a MSFHR Senior Graduate Studentship for her project: Characterizing British Columbia's Rural and Northern Home Support Workforce: A Mixed Methods Investigation of Workers and Their Working Lives. • Angela Wolff (PhD Trainee) received the Xi Eta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing’s Graduate Student Research Award.  Staff Awards: • Shahadut Hossain (Statistical Analyst) received a MSFHR Post Doctoral award. • Michael Halpin (Project Director) received a Canada Graduate Scholarship from SSHRC to pursue a Master’s degree. Advocacy at the BC Compassion Club Society (BCCCS), to study the phenomenon of therapeutic cannabis use and to develop recommendations for best practices related to: a) supporting consumers in making informed decisions about their use of therapeutic cannabis and b) communicating the health and social implications of therapeutic cannabis use. Dr. Lynda Balneaves was awarded a 2-year grant for the project, Perceptions of the Health Effects and Social Implications of Cannabis Use among Therapeutic and Recreational Cannabis Consumers.  Lynda will be working with NEXUS members Drs. Joan Bottorff, Bonita Long, Jane Buxton, John Oliffe, Alison Brazier (Postdoctoral Fellow), and Rielle Capler, Director of Research and Dr. Joy Johnson was awarded a 2-year grant for the project, An Analysis of the Media Discourse Related to Marijuana Use.  She will be working with NEXUS members Drs. Aleck Ostry, Pam Ratner, Jean Shoveller, Lorraine Greaves, Rebecca Haines (Postdoctoral Fellow), and Mary Lynn Young, from UBC’s School of Journalism, to: • describe the dominant messages related to marijuana use in the Canadian national news media and in select sites on the World Wide Web; • to determine the extent and nature of messages about the consequences of marijuana in the media discourse on marijuana use; and • to determine the authoritative sources that are driving the media discourse on marijuana use.  Workshop 1  Dr. Greaves’ presentation Coffee Break Dr. Stewart’s keynote Workshop 2 Spring Institute Photos New NEXUS Project develop messages for young women regarding the relationship between smoking and breast cancer.  Phase 1 of this study will involve a literature review, the development of an inventory related to messaging strategies for young women, and one-on- one interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders and young women between the ages of 15 and 24 years.  The study will provide direction for a larger national study to identify messaging strategies for Canadian adolescents and young adult women regarding the risks of active and passive smoking for the development of premenopausal breast cancer. Dr. Joan Bottorff was awarded a 2-year grant from the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance for Messages for Young Women about Tobacco Exposure and Breast Cancer: Phase 1.  Joan will be working with NEXUS Postdoctoral Fellows, Drs. Alison Brazier, Rebecca Haines, and Chizimuzo Okoli, along with other investigators, to better understand how to We welcome the most recent NEXUS members Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 2 New to NEXUS CO-INVESTIGATORS TRAINEES We would like to welcome the following Co-Investigators:  Dr. Paul Galdas is an Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, UBC. He is investigating how men's health behaviour differs from community to community, focusing in particular on the gendered nature of South Asian men's health behaviour. Dr. Carole A. Robinson is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health and Social Development, UBC- Okanagan.  Her research interests include: palliative care, predominantly in advanced care planning and end-of-life decision making; effective relational practice with families managing chronic and life threatening illness; interventions that assist families to prevent or manage chronic, life threatening, and life shortening illness; reflective practice; and palliative care in rural and remote settings.  Dr. Ric Procyshyn is a Psycho-pharmacologist with the BC Mental Health and Addictions Services. His research interests include: smoking in the context of mental health; antipsychotic polypharmacy; antipsychotic associated metabolic disorders; mechanisms of antipsychotic action; and pharmacoeconomics.  Dr. Helen Ward is an Associate Professor with the Department of Respiratory Medicine, UBC. She is interested in occupational and environmental health; epidemiology of respiratory disease and gender differences in respiratory health. The following individuals have recently joined NEXUS as Trainees:  • Kelli Sullivan, MA, PhD student (supervisor: Joan Bottorff) - project: Exploring the Social Context of Mother- Daughter Shared Smoking  • Yvonne Bombard, PhD (c) (supervisor: Joan Bottorff) - project: The Nature and Extent of Genetic Discrimination Among the Huntington Disease Community in Canada More details about our new members can be found on the “People” section of the NEXUS webpage  (www.nexus.ubc.ca) NEXUS TRAINEES:  POST DOCTORAL: 8 DOCTORAL: 22 MASTER’S: 7 AFFILIATES: 4 ALUMNI: 12 Messages about Tobacco Exposure and Breast Cancer The investigators are currently in the process of applying for funding to conduct further research about the process of knowledge translation regarding tobacco cessation interventions within the mental health community in Vancouver. the CACTUS project.  An afternoon participatory dialogue activity was hosted to address some major questions that surfaced from within the CACTUS project, including: • Is it therapeutic for  clients and providers to  smoke together? • Whose role is it to  address tobacco use? • Vancouver Coastal Health  will be smoke free by May  31, 2007. What needs to  happen to make this a  success? The CACTUS project is a NEXUS research initiative aimed at exploring the role of tobacco in the lives of people living with mental illness and the role tobacco plays within the context of the mental health system in Vancouver.  An important aspect of this research was the team’s commitment to communicate the results of the survey back to the mental health community. This past March (2007), the CACTUS team held a community based forum to discuss some of the survey findings and to engage in a dialogue with members living or working within the mental health community.  The day was geared towards providing information about CACTUS (Cultivating Awareness of  the Context of  Tobacco Use) Visit our webpage for up-dates and detailed information about our current and past projects! www.nexus.ubc.ca Researching the social contexts of health behaviour U n i v e r s i t y  o f  B r i t i s h  C o l u m b i a 3 0 2 - 6 1 9 0  A g r o n o m y  R o a d V a n c o u v e r ,  B C  V 6 T  1 Z 3  w w w . n e x u s . u b c . c a NEXUS is a community of academic and clinical researchers and graduate students pursuing health behaviour research from a variety of perspectives including Nursing, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Sociology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geography. Its mission is to develop knowledge, interventions, and policy recommendations based on a critical analysis of the social contexts that 1) create barriers to health, 2) affect health seeking, and 3) influence system responses. NEXUS is building expanded research  programs related to these three themes in health behaviour using the analytical lenses of gender, diversity, and place. NEXUS is funded by NEXUS Lead Investigators  Dr. Lynda Balneaves Dr. Joan Bottorff Dr. Jane Buxton Dr. Lorraine Greaves Dr. Joy Johnson Dr. Bonita Long Dr. John Oliffe Dr. Aleck Ostry Dr. Pamela Ratner Dr. Jean Shoveller Dr. Judith Soon NEXUS Co- Investigators  Dr. Annette Browne Dr. Susan Dahinten Dr. Joyce Davison Dr. Paul Galdas Ms. Sukhdev Grewal Dr. T. Gregory Hislop Dr. Mieke Koehoorn Ms. Martha Mackay Ms. Mary McCullum Dr. Ric Procyshyn Dr. Birgit Reime Dr. Carole Robinson Dr. Helen Ward Dr. Sabrina Wong Results from a CACTUS day discussion table Listening to smoking cessation experiences


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