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NEXUS portal, Vol. 1, issue 4 University of British Columbia. NEXUS Research Unit Oct 31, 2007

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NEXUS Knowledge Transfer Workshop Series: Promoting Your Health Research - How Media Can Help October 31, 2007 Volume 1, Issue 4 U n i v e r s i t y  o f  B r i t i s h  C o l u m b i a 3 0 2 - 6 1 9 0  A g r o n o m y  R o a d V a n c o u v e r ,  B C  V 6 T  1 Z 3  w w w . n e x u s . u b c . c NEXUS Portal October 31, 2007 AWARDS & ACCOLADES 2 NEW PUBLICATIONS 2 NEW NEXUS PROJECT: CAMEO 3 NEW TO NEXUS 3 NEXUS PROFILE: DR. ALECK OSTRY 4 Inside this issue: On October 30th 2007, NEXUS hosted a Media Training Seminar called Promoting Your Health Research – How Media Can Help. This was the first of our special Knowledge Transfer Workshop Series. Randy Schmidt (Associate Director) and Hilary Thomson (Senior Communications Co- ordinator) from the UBC Public Affairs Office facilitated the workshop at UBC in Vancouver. Bud Mortenson (Communications Coordinator) facilitated in UBC-Okanagan. By all accounts, the workshop was a tremendous success. Participants (14 in Vancouver and 3 in Kelowna) learned about the value of working with the media to promote their research and learned some strategies for dealing with difficult questions. In small groups the participants developed key messages about their research and were then interviewed by Randy, Hilary and Bud. It was a great learning experience for everyone, not to mention a lot of fun! The next KT Workshop is: Producing Policy Relevant Work November  19th 9 AM to 11 AM BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health or WebEx E-mail: nexus@nursing.ubc.ca  for more details NEXUS Seminar Series: Up-coming Seminars November 28, 2007 Poster Session — E-mail nexus@nursing.ubc.ca to contribute a poster  January 23, 2008 Does adolescents’ perception of their smoking behaviour correspond to that of researchers? by Chizimuzo Okoli (NEXUS Postdoctoral Fellow)  February 27, 2008 Going home after percutaneous coronary intervention: Factors associated with self-care agency and self-efficacy by Sandra Lauck (NEXUS Trainee)  March 26, 2008 Modeling health service development; diffusion of innovation and community readiness by Peter Hutchinson (NEXUS Postdoctoral Fellow) Practising our interviewing skills Coming up with “key messages” Page 2 NEXUS Portal Awards & Accolades Trainee Milestones Rebecca Haines successfully defended her PhD dissertation "Smoke, In My Eyes" - A Bourdieusian Account of Young Women's Tobacco Use at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.  Rick Sawatzky successfully defended his Nursing PhD thesis: The Measurement of Quality of Life and Its Relationship with Perceived Health Status in Adolescents. He has since joined NEXUS as a Co- Investigator.  Fuchsia Howard defended her PhD proposal has now progressed to candidacy. More details about these and other achievements can be found on the NEXUS webpage  (www.nexus.ubc.ca) New NEXUS Publications Bottorff JL, Grewal SK, Balneaves LG, Naidu P, Johnson JL, & Sawhney R (2007).  Punjabi women’s stories of breast cancer symptoms: Gulti (lumps), bumps, and Darad (pain). Cancer Nursing.  30(4):E36-E45.  Galdas PM, Cheater FM & Marshall P (2007) What is the role of masculinity on white and South Asian men’s decisions to seek medical help for cardiac chest pain? Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 12(4); pp223- 229.  Greaves L, Kalaw C, & Bottorff JL (2007). Case studies in power and control related to tobacco use during pregnancy. Women’s Health Issues, 17(5), 325-332.  Howard FA, Balneaves LG, & Bottorff JL (2007). Ethnocultural women’s experiences of breast cancer: A qualitative meta-study.  Cancer Nursing.  30(4):E27-E35.  Poole, N & Greaves L, Editors. (2007) Highs & Lows: Canadian Perspectives on Women and Substance Use.  Okoli CT, Kelly T, Hahn EJ. Secondhand smoke and nicotine exposure: A brief review. Addictive Behaviors. Volume 32, Issue 10, Pages 1977-2438 (October 2007)  Dr. Pamela Rather, NEXUS Co- Director, was officially inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. Fellows of the Academy are elected on the basis of their demonstrated leadership, creativity, distinctive competencies and commitment to advance academic health sciences.  Election to the Academy is considered to be one of the highest honors for members of the Canadian health sciences community. Dr. Joy Johnson, NEXUS Co- Director, was appointed the incoming Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health (IGH). Her appointment is effective January 1, 2008.   Dr Jean Shoveller, NEXUS Lead Investigator, was recently awarded a CIHR Public Health Chair in Improving Youth Sexual Health. Investigator Awards Dr. Peter Hutchinson, , NEXUS Post- doctoral Fellow, received a Post- doctoral Award from the CIHR Institute of Health Services and Policy Research for his project: A preliminary study to assess and develop a community readiness model for Métis specific health services delivery and indicators of success. Trainee Awards Page 3 Volume 1, Issue 4 New project: Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes Program (CAMEO) TRAINEES We would like to welcome the  new NEXUS Trainees and Trainee Affiliates that recently joined us. New to NEXUS Dr. Lynda Balneaves, NEXUS Lead Investigator, UBC School of Nursing, recently received $1,000,000 over four years from the Lotte & John Hecht Memorial Foundation for her project Complementary Medicine Education and Outcomes Program (CAMEO).  She will be working with co-investigators Tracy Truant,  BC Cancer Agency (BCCA) and Marja Verhoef, University of Calgary. CAMEO emerged to address cancer patients’ need for evidence-based information on complementary medicine (CAM) from a trusted source – such as the BCCA and conventional practitioners. It will have clinic space associated with the Vancouver Cancer Centre of the BCCA. CAMEO will not provide complementary and alternative therapies. It will, however, provide patient education and up to date evidence-based information about CAM. Educational materials will be developed with the feedback of an advisory committee. Resources will include a webpage, product monographs and a seminar series geared toward patients. CAMEO also hopes to provide education to practitioners on how to talk about CAM and how to provide evidence-based advice in way that is meaningful and respectful to patients. Another goal is to provide decisional support, so that patients have decision making tools to help them with their decision—such as who should be consulted before trying a new CAM treatment and how to weigh the costs and benefits of different treatments. Eventually, CAMEO also plans to offer one-on-one counselling. With CAMEO Dr. Balneaves is hoping to change attitudes about CAM and to develop clear policies and protocols so that patients can get the best information and care available. As a researcher, Dr Balneaves also sees CAMEO as way to facilitate research.  She envisions CAMEO as a “living laboratory” where graduate and postdoctoral students can train, and where, with their consent, patients can find out about on-going studies and be included in a database to follow long-term outcomes of certain treatments. Dr. Balneaves says “We know that cancer patients are using complementary and alternative therapies.  This is our opportunity to make sure they are equipped with evidence-based information to help them make the decisions that are right for them.” NEXUS TRAINEES 7: POST DOCTORAL 22: DOCTORAL 6: MASTER’S 4: AFFILIATES 17: ALUMNI Elaine Chong (Trainee Affiliate; Supervisor Sabrina Wong) is a Postdoctoral Fellow. She will be investigating the impact of gender and ethnicity on access to preventative screening, pharmaceutical utilization and health outcomes.  Su-Ying Fang (Trainee Affiliate; Supervisor Lynda Balneaves) is a visiting PhD student from Taiwan working on decision making process of breast cancer treatment for women.  Michael Halpin (Trainee; Supervisor John Oliffe) is Masters Student studying the construction of meaning in individuals with neurological diseases. Emily Marshall (Trainee Affiliate; Supervisor Sabrina Wong) is a Postdoctoral Fellow studying equity in access to primary care.  Warren Michelow (Trainee; Supervisor Jane Buxton) is a PhD Student investigating the determinants, characteristics and health outcomes of simultaneous polydrug use among recreational drug users at music and dance-oriented cultural events.  He also continues working on the impacts of labour market and workplace organizational change on workplace stress and workers’ health.  We are very pleased to have Aleck as part of the NEXUS team and are excited about extending NEXUS collaborations to the University of Victoria.  To learn more about Aleck and his work, please visit www.nexus.ubc.ca.  Aleck is currently director of a 5 year CIHR funded New Emerging Team investigating rural and northern health (http://nethrnbc.uvic.ca/). His team is studying social capital and health in rural compared with urban communities and social capital and formal and informal healthcare delivery in rural communities.  Aleck currently has a book in press on rural health in BC.  He is involved in several food security and nutrition policy research projects locally, nationally and internationally. His work focuses on current and past policies related to food security, food fortification, the development of dietary standards and guidelines, nutrition policy in schools and media treatment of nutrition and nutrition policy issues. He recently wrote a book on the evolution of nutrition policy in Canada and currently has a book in press on the social determinants and development of national policies in relation to breast feeding in Canada. Dr. Aleck Ostry, is one of the founding members of NEXUS. Over the years Aleck has collaborated on various NEXUS projects and has supervised several trainees. Recently he was appointed as Canada Research Chair in the social determinants of community health in the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Victoria. He is also the recent recipient of a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Senior Scholar Award.  Aleck has spent  most of his career exploring the social-determinants of health.  While he has considerable expertise in occupational epidemiology his current research is focused on the social determinants of rural health, food security, and nutrition policy. Profile: Dr. Aleck Ostry, exploring the social determinants of  health Researching the social contexts of health behaviour U n i v e r s i t y  o f  B r i t i s h  C o l u m b i a 3 0 2 - 6 1 9 0  A g r o n o m y  R o a d V a n c o u v e r ,  B C  V 6 T  1 Z 3  w w w . n e x u s . u b c . c NEXUS is a community of academic and clinical researchers and graduate students pursuing health behaviour research from a variety of perspectives including Nursing, Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Sociology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geography. Its mission is to develop knowledge, interventions, and policy recommendations based on a critical analysis of the social contexts that 1) create barriers to health, 2) affect health seeking, and 3) influence system responses. NEXUS is building expanded research  programs related to these three themes in health behaviour using the analytical lenses of gender, diversity, and place. NEXUS is funded by NEXUS Lead Investigators  Dr. Lynda Balneaves Dr. Joan Bottorff Dr. Jane Buxton Dr. Lorraine Greaves Dr. Joy Johnson Dr. John Oliffe Dr. Aleck Ostry Dr. Pamela Ratner Dr. Jean Shoveller Dr. Judith Soon NEXUS Co- Investigators  Dr. Annette Browne Dr. Joyce Davison Dr. Paul Galdas Ms. Sukhdev Grewal Dr. T. Gregory Hislop Dr. Mieke Koehoorn Ms. Martha Mackay Ms. Mary McCullum Dr. Ric M. Procyshyn Dr. Birgit Reime Dr. Carole A. Robinson Dr. Rick Sawatzky Dr. Helen Ward Dr. Sabrina Wong


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