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History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

Black History Month 2022 : Celebrating the contributions of Black nurses to healthcare Wytenbroek, Lydia; De Sousa, Ismália; Hussein, Tamasha; Nguyen, Kelly; Chiao, Ariel Tzu-Han; Moeller, Brandon; Moffatt, Merielle


In February 2022, the UBC Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry hosted a virtual and curated display, Black History Month 2022 – Celebrating the Contributions of Black nurses to healthcare, presented and co-created by Dr. Lydia Wytenbroek, doctoral student Ismália De Sousa, and BSN students Tamasha Hussein, Kelly Nguyen, Ariel Tzu-Han Chiao, Brandon Moeller and Merielle Moffatt. This project included a physical display, a virtual “walk through” of the display and an online flipbook.

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