History of Nursing in Pacific Canada

In Search of Nursing's History Boschma, Geertje; Miller, Katherine; Greenwood, Aleteia; Saundry, Amber; Laszlo, Krisztina; Williams, Claire; Wodarczak, Erwin; Vandenberg, Helen; Ringham, Larissa


The 2018 Nursing History Symposium offered an exciting opportunity to explore new and existing resources in nursing history on campus and beyond. New digital projects, archival, special and photograph collections as well as artifacts relevant to nursing history were displayed, presented and discussed. Opening by Geertje Boschma and Katherine Miller. Welcome by Aleteia Greenwood. Panel moderated by Geertje Boschma and included: Preserving Nursing and Health History in a Time of Digitization and Open Collections, by Amber Saundry and Larissa Ringham; Archival Records and Nursing History by Krisztina Laszlo; Archiving Networks of Support by Claire Williams; Records and Collections on Nursing History in UBC Archives by Erwin Wodarczak; and Digital Collections from a User Perspective by Helen Vandenberg.

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