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Lyle Creelman (1908-2007) : forging nursing’s new frontiers Field, Leslie; Armstrong-Reid, Susan; Kiernan, Clare; Boschma, Geertje; Esson, Lynne 2009-05

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Title: Lyle Creelman (1908-2007) Forging Nursing’s New Frontiers Running Time: 10:53 [10 minutes 53 seconds]  This DVD is a biography of Lyle Creelman, a graduate of UBC School of Nursing and leader in public health nursing from the 1930s to 1970s. Containing excerpts from interviews with Creelman, personal and public photographs, passages from her writing, and newspaper clippings, this DVD traces her education (1908-1936), early career (1937-1946), international work with the World Health Organization as a nursing consultant (1949-1968), and retirement and legacy (1969-2007). The DVD was produced by the School of Nursing at the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the School’s founding. It was originally part of a larger exhibit celebrating Creelman’s career. From the DVD: “This special display for May 2009 in the Irving K. Barber Rare Books/University Archives Reading Room honours Lyle Creelman’s exceptional contributions, and is sponsored by the UBC University Archives and the UBC School of Nursing.”   Credits for the DVD: Leslie Field – UBC University Archives, Archives Digital Assistant Susan Armstrong-Reid – Independent Scholar, Consultant Clare Kiernan – Communications Coordinator, UBC School of Nursing Geertje Boschma – Assistant Professor, UBC School of Nursing Lynne Esson – Lecturer, UBC School of Nursing  Chapters & Content:  1. Educating the Woman and the Nurse: 1908-1936 (00:08) Photographs: Creelman as a child; in high school and nursing school; graduation; in nursing uniform and civilian clothes  Content: Short description from Creelman of her education; Snippets from her personal diary describing social events  2. New Horizons of Leadership: 1937-1946 (02:43) Photographs: Creelman as public health nurse in Revelstoke (1937); as first president of the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia (1942); with Dutch children at Coventry; in uniform as Chief Nursing Officer for the British Zone of Occupied Germany; Creelman and her mother in Vancouver (late 1940s)  Content: Descriptions from Creelman of her early nursing career in Canada, especially unionization vs. professional nursing associations; work in England especially with Dutch children at Coventry; work in occupied Germany, especially role of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration [UNRRA]  3. WHO Years: 1949-1968 (05:08) Photographs: Creelman with her mother, Mrs. Gordon Wyness, and Mrs. C. G. Thompson, celebrating Creelman’s forthcoming departure to Geneva as nursing consultant in maternal and child welfare for the WHO (from the Vancouver Daily Province); with Olive Baggallay; group of nursing students in uniform in Yemen, 1961; portrait of Creelman (no date); Page from Toronto Daily Star (1961?), “There are good jobs for nurses who have yen to travel”; Creelman shaking hands with unidentified men; WHO travelling seminar to Russia (1966); Creelman with Virgina Arnold, Mary Abbott, Sheila Quinn (and unidentified others), titled Ceremonies After Graduation at Ibadan (no date); WHO duty travel to Africa, 1968; collage of Canadian WHO Nurses Lorna Horwood, Eleanor Kunderman, Verna Huffman (Splane), Dorothy Potts with Lil Turnbull, Margaret Cammaert with Dorothy Hall, and Eleanor Kunderman with Lyle Creelman; collage of International Nursing Leaders (1949-1968) Helen MacArthur; Dorothy Hall with Marion Murphy, Helen Mussallem, and Sheila Quinn with Alice Girard.  Content: Descriptions from Creelman of her WHO work, especially new, not well-defined or well-respected roles for nursing in male dominated medical organization, conflicts between WHO/nurses and the people they were assisting and other struggles, trip to Russia.  4. Retirement and Legacy: 1969-2007 (08:08) Photographs: Creelman on unidentified beach; various snapshots with alone and with unidentified others; with Helen Mussallem at Bowen Island; Medals; after receiving honorary Doctorate of Science at UBC (1992); announcement of Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal/short history of her career; front of Nurses Week displays (2002);   Content: Some final words from Creelman on her international work, helping others “getting their own nursing programs going”      


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