Canadian Summer School on Quantum Information (CSSQI) (10th : 2010)

Correlations in Measurement-Based Quantum Computing and Bell Inequalities Browne, Daniel


Measurement-based quantum computation (or the one-way quantum computation) is a model in which a series of adaptive single qubit measurements upon an entangled resource state can produce classical output data equivalent to an arbitrary quantum logic circuit. Loosely speaking, the correlations in these measurements can be considered the resource which allows the computation to be performed. Bell inequalities demonstrate that quantum mechanics permits the outcomes of sets of measurements to be correlated in ways incompatible with the predictions of any local hidden variable theory, including classical physics. In the Bell inequality, and multi-party generalisations, a set of single-qubit measurements are performed, on spatially separated systems. Correlations in these measurements can act as a signature that no local hidden variable description of the experiment is possible. At first sight, we see superficial similarities between these settings. In both cases, non-classical correlations play a central role. However, there are also some key differences. Most importantly, measurement-based quantum computing requires adaptive measurements, at odds with the spatial-separated nature of Bell inequality experiments. Nevertheless some striking connections have been reported [1], [2] particularly between GHZ-type paradoxes and deterministic MBQC computations, and between CHSH-type Bell inequalities and non-deterministic MBQC correlations [1], [3]. In my talk I will survey these works and some recent results [3], [4] from my group at UCL, in which a number of connections between multi-party Bell inequalities and MBQC are explored. [1] J. Anders and D.E. Browne, "The Computational Power of Correlations", Physical Review Letters 102, 050502 (2009) [2] R. Raussendorf, "Quantum computation, discreteness, and contextuality", arxiv:0907.5449 [3] M. J. Hoban, E.T. Campbell, K. Loukopolous, D.E. Browne, "Non-adaptive measurement-based quantum computation and multi-party Bell inequalties", in preparation. [4] M. J. Hoban and D.E. Browne, in preparation.

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