Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) (45th : 2016)

Academic integrity & plagiarism : The Librarian’s Role in Encouraging AI and Preventing Plagiarism Hendrix, Beth 2016-05-31

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ACADEMIC INTEGRITY & PLAGIARISMThe Librarian’s Role in  Encouraging AI and Preventing Plagiarism THE LIBRARIAN’S ROLEOUTCOMES, STANDARDS & FRAMEWORKINTERSECTIONSOUR MODULE… to promote academic integrity practices – not just techniques for avoiding plagiarism… to enlighten student researchers about scholarly discourseThe Librarian’s BibbeeAcademic“The core principles of integrity create a foundation for success in all of life's endeavors. Integrity in academic settings … prepares students for personal and professional challenges as well as providing a blueprint for future fulfillment and success.”~ International Center forAcademic IntegrityUniversity of Idaho Learning Outcomes“ … apply principles of ethical leadership, collaborative engagement, and socially responsible behavior” ~ Practice BeierleACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards“ … understand economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and accesses and use information ethically and legally … ”  ~ Standard ChidseyACRL Framework for Information Literacy“ … responsibilities as creators and users of information … ”~ Information Has Value“ … discourse within a community of scholars … ”~ Scholarship As RzezwickiIntersections“… apply principles of ethical leadership, collaborative engagement, and socially responsible behavior.”  ~ Campus Learning Outcome“…understand economic, legal, and social issues surrounding use of information.”~ ACRL Standards• Information has value• Scholarship as conversation~ ACRL BeierleOur ModuleTouches on … how to incorporate the ideas of others in their research;the reason for and value of citing sources; their ability to contribute to the scholarly conversion; andhow to select and use the appropriate citation style.Emphasizes … honesty, respect, and the responsibilities of academic writing.Highlights . . . students’ role as creators of information while giving credit to others.Aligns with …guidelines for information literacy and student learning outcomes. Our New Haj-HassanReferencesFitzpatrick, Kathleen. "The Future of Academic Style: Why Citations Still Matter in the Age of Google." Los Angeles Review of Books. 29 Mar. 2016."Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education." American Library Association. Association of College and Research Libraries, 2 Feb. 2015. Hovious, Amanda. "Analyzing the Knowledge Practices of the ACRL Framework (Part III)." Web log post. Designer Librarian. 3 Feb. 2016."Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education." American Library Association. Association of College and Research Libraries, 18 Jan. 2000. "Integrity." International Center for Academic Integrity. "Learning Outcomes." University of Idaho. …“Citations are the highway markers of an ongoing conversation, one that does not end with the text presently being written, but that has the potential to stretch both forward in time and outward in unexpected directions.”~ Kathleen Fitzpatrick QUESTIONS?Beth Hendrix, University of Idahobhendrix@uidaho.edu


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