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Unique Get Together Society (UGTS) and Urban Indigenous Food Insecurity in British Columbia : A systematic analysis of the disproportionate rates of food insecurity experienced by Indigenous communities in British Columbia Cheng, Anika; Zhu, Cathy; Chau, Emily


British Columbia (BC) has the second-highest Indigenous population in all of Canada with over 60,000 Urban Indigenous Peoples (UIP) in Vancouver (Statistics Canada, 2017). In BC, off-reserve Indigenous households experience one of the highest rates of household food insecurity compared to other ethnicities, which equates to 1 in 3 off-reserve Indigenous households (Li et al., 2016). We can only assume that with COVID-19 this number has increased. Despite the high prevalence, urban Indigenous food insecurity is often underrepresented in food insecurity discourse. The aim of our research is to investigate the complex interplay between oppressive systems that firmly hold urban Indigenous food insecurity in place.

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