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LiteFarm Sustainability Assessment Framework Wohlers, Amelia; Le, Edward; Stewart, Megan; Frame, Mikaela


The primary research objective of this project is the development of a preliminary sustainability assessment framework that can be incorporated into LiteFarm’s goal of supporting and educating smallholder farmers (e.g. family-based farmers in lower/middle income countries on land ~2 hectares) on various facets of the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of their agricultural practices. The framework is made up of 9 indicators measuring 17 different approved parameters (data collection points) of sustainability. These parameters were checked against a list of criteria that was developed with a strong emphasis on accessibility. In addition to the 17 approved parameters, 19 conditionally approved parameters were found, and 7 parameters were rejected based on the developed criteria. The input required to quantify each parameter was developed with an exploration of the feasibility of data collection methods. These methods may be completed by the farmers themselves or data may be accessed from a third-party source such as global maps of farmland water availability risk data. A proposed set of designs for integrating potential indicators with the current LiteFarm app have also been drafted, along with suggestions for further research for the future development of the LiteFarm sustainability assessment framework.

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