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Mapping climate initiatives and climate policy in Metro Vancouver Trinh, Teresa; Eadon-Clarke, Katie; O'Callahan, Brendan


Anthropogenic activities are the leading threat to the current global climate crisis. It is imperative that varied and extensive climate solutions including climate policy, climate mitigation, adaptation, and justice strategies are implemented to minimize further impacts to natural and human systems (IPCC, 2018). Though many policy-makers and initiatives are prioritizing climate action and justice in Metro Vancouver, ease of access to this information and collaboration between initiatives, policy-makers, and the public can and must be strengthened. In 2019, a group of ENVR 400 students from the University of British Columbia (UBC) generated a map in collaboration with the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) and the Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP) to showcase climate mitigation initiatives within the city of Vancouver. This map became one of two Collective Climate Mobilization Maps (CCMMs) created this year; the initiatives CCMM has been populated with additional climate mitigation initiatives, along with climate adaptation and justice initiatives, and the policies CCMM has been populated with climate policies. Both CCMMs now cover all Metro Vancouver municipalities. Research was conducted to generate a list of initiatives, and responses to a Google Form sent to these initiatives supplied the information presented in the initiatives CCMM (descriptions of initiatives, where initiatives are active in, and website and social media links). The CCMMs will improve ease of access to information on local climate initiatives and policy; this can increase both climate knowledge and climate action in Metro Vancouver by connecting climate initiatives and increasing climate dialogue between the public, organizations, and policy makers.

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