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A Living Classroom without its Teacher : Investigating the causes of, and possible solutions for poor Oncorhynchus keta (Chum salmon) returns to Spanish Bank Creek (Vancouver, BC, Canada) Alshanteer, Sara; Brown, Jessica; Pope, Mark; Shepherd, Joshua


In 2000, Spanish Bank Creek in Vancouver, British Columbia was daylighted, excavating dirt and debris to restore the creek, making it passable for salmon. These efforts were led by the Spanish Bank Streamkeepers in collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) primarily to increase awareness and educate the local community about Pacific salmon. After the daylighting, the Streamkeepers worked with the local community and DFO to release Oncorhynchus keta (chum salmon) and Oncorhynchus kisutch (coho salmon) fry, sourced from the Kanaka Creek Hatchery, and establish salmon runs at the creek. Despite their best efforts and a strong chum return in 2004, the creek has not established consistent or numerous returns of chum salmon since daylighting.

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