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The Soils of Riley Park : An Argument for Science-Based Park Design Williams, Evan; McCallum, Marie; Simcoe- Metcalfe, Eli; Fung, Allison


Greenspaces are an essential part of city life, providing a retreat from daily life stressors, increasing selfesteem and promoting higher life satisfaction. It is important that urban parks are available to the public and usable throughout the year and all seasons. When designing a park, it is important to consider community objectives, and the underlying science of the park, such as soil type and distribution. Soils are key in understanding drainage capacity and promoting biodiversity by planting vegetation in the proper type of soil that best promotes growth. Using Riley Park as a case study, this report highlights the benefits of high-resolution surface soil distribution mapping for urban park design. In addition, it builds upon the Vancouver Soil Map and describes the geological history of Riley Park

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