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Heat treatment of Lignin Electro-spun Carbon Nano-Fibers Rey, Delphine


The electrospinnability of lignin with the help of Polytheylene oxide, to produce electrospun carbon nanofibers, used for electrodes of various energy storage devices, is seducing the scientific community for its abundance, renewability, cost and the simplest, industrially scalable process. As for each and every technical lignin available in nature, the native lignin used here is the least energy consuming. A detailed, reproducible method is recorded, and a personalized heat treatment following electrospinning is produced to present the best conductivity of the electrospun carbon nanofiber. Further analysis and applications of the electrodes produced from these nanofibers are investigated. A promising upgrade seeks to filling the many pores in the fibers produced to increase the capacity of the electrodes crafted from these carbon nanofibers.

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