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Study of the Decay π0 → vv using Data from CERN Experiment NA62 Feiler, Simon


This project is part of the NA62 p0 !n ¯ n analysis and is run on the 2016 datasets. Parts covered in this project, include the trigger efficiency which after variations in the beginning (runs 6300-6350) maintained a value of around 0.1. The combined trigger and filter efficiency was found to be f = 1.507+0.117−0.108×10−⁴ @99%CL for all runs combined. A study of a possible muon contamination of the signal region was conducted. The combined muon acceptance of the RICH, Calo PID, missing mass requirement of the signal region and the MUV was found to be ≈ 10−¹³. A muon contamination of the signal region can be ruled out.

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