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Hands-on Curriculum-based Field Trip Module for BC Grade 8 to 10 Students at the Delta Nature Reserve Le, Andrea; Lim, Vanessa; Reid, Heather; Tong, Darren


The goal of this project was to develop an educational environmental science field trip module for BC high school students in grades 8 to 10 at the Delta Nature Reserve in Burns Bog, located in Delta. This module will be used by high school teachers and the Burns Bog Conservation Society to engage students in place-based learning and introductory scientific research. Recent changes to the BC high school curricula emphasize the importance of outdoor learning, a connection to land and place, and Indigenous content. With these changes, there exists the opportunity to update the current field trips provided by the Burns Bog Conservation Society and to make them more grade-specific, introduce field-based research techniques, and emphasize the history of Canadian Indigenous peoples at Burns Bog. We have developed a field trip module divided into three parts, with worksheets and activities to guide high school teachers, field trip leaders, and students before the field trip, during the field trip.

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