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Speech, Language and Sleep Problems in Children with Down Syndrome : A Role for Speech-Language Pathologists? Chan, Melvin Chin-Hao


Language development can be used as a proxy for development. By investigating language development in a clinical model, we may be able to gain deeper insights into the developing brain. In this thesis, I am suggesting a clinical concept for monitoring speech and language development with a focus on children with Down syndrome. Children with Down syndrome experience speech and language difficulties as well as sleep problems. The latter may affect their development, including their speech and language abilities. This thesis presents a proposed protocol to investigate interactions. The content seems to be highly relevant because if such an association can be demonstrated, we may be able to improve the speech and language abilities of children with Down syndrome through the early identification and treatment of sleep problems. This would result in improving their wellbeing and quality of life, allowing them to be better integrated into the community and reduce parents’ burden.

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