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Comparing herbicide application methods for controlling Ilex aquifolium (English holly) in Pacific Spirit Regional Park Law, Alyssia; Chookolingo, Brenton; Soria, Carlos; Nathania, Laurentia


Ilex aquifolium (English holly) is an invasive species that has been identified as a species of concern in Pacific Spirit Regional Park by the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. Invasive plants can greatly affect biodiversity by altering the fire regime, nutrient cycling, hydrology, and energy budgets in a native ecosystem, as well as greatly diminish the abundance or survival of native species. Previous manual control methods have shown to be ineffective in providing successful long term control of English holly in Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Herbicide application was suggested by Metro Vancouver as an alternate long-term pest management strategy. This study compared two methods of glyphosate application (EZJect and Paint method) used by Metro Vancouver at the site to verify each method’s effectiveness in killing the target English holly trees. The results of this analyses suggests that the Paint method has, thus far, been the most effective at reducing English holly survival. Further monitoring of the study area is recommended to gain more insight on the herbicide’s effect in the spring and summer seasons.

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