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The physiological and psychological human health benefits of urban forests Kovac, George


The accelerating movement of urbanization poses a threat to our natural forests. Along with the rapid loss of forests, there are increasing health concerns exhibited in developed countries. This leaves society with a major challenge that must be addressed. These challenges can be solved by using urban forests. Society can use the forests as a resource to improve human health. The aim of this literature review is to analyze the various human health benefits derived from urban forests. This is accompanied by a secondary objective to promote the use of our urban forests. I will examine the physiological and psychological benefits obtained from urban forests from various case studies. The health benefits received from these forests will be divided amongst three sections of study. The first section will focus on the health benefits received from viewing a forested environment in correlation to an urban environment. The second section will review the health benefits gained from the ancient technique of forest therapy. The final section will focus on the key components of urban parks and the perceptions individuals have of them.

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