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How to Conduct Forestry in British Columbia Post Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic : A literature review Zhuang, Kaikai


This article is a general review on the current issue regarding mountain pine beetle epidemic. Considerations include fire and carbon dynamic, stand reconstruction, silviculture potential, and beetle-wood market. Recognizing the problem of the latest mountain pine beetle outbreak and understanding the causes of the current status is needed to mitigate current damage and preparation for future reoccurrence of such epidemic. This article reviews publications on topics around challenges posed by mountain pine beetle situation and potential solutions. Forest carbon storage immediately after mountain pine beetle would have a sharp drop but gradually recover over several decades. Future stand structure varies dramatically due to the vast difference of post-epidemic stand structure and ecological variances. Several silviculture approaches are proposed to construct a more resilient future stand. From an economic perspective, beetle-affected wood will maintain some value shortly after mortality. But the economic viability of beetle-affected wood will decrease over time, and the uncertainty of future fibre supply poses a significant risk of potential market expansion.

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