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Short and Long Term Management Strategies for Western Spruce Budworm in British Columbia in the Face of Climate Change Holyn, Andre


Western spruce budworm (Choristoneura occidentalis Freeman) is a dominating defoliator species in British Columbia’s Douglas-fir forests, and perceived changes in outbreak ranges have become a point of concern for forest managers. This paper is a response to this concern, and aims to contextualize the mechanism and spread of this defoliator’s range within historical context and within a future for forests that will alter with climate change. A summary of the available short-term and long-term management responses to pest outbreak was made. These tables discuss short-term and long-term management strategies for forest health in terms of the forest industry, to forest ecosystems, and how climate change will affect these strategies. With this contextualized understanding of western spruce budworm, integrated management ought to include consideration for multiple pest species and chemical treatment should be considered as a viable solution to combat outbreak.

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