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The Hidden Heritage Gem of B.C. : The Economic and Architectural History of the Granville Island Public Market Fazel, Yasaman


This research study investigates the heritage value of Granville Island, a ma-nmade land owned by the Canadian federal government. This paper argues, although the site is relatively young, it should be preserved through heritage registration. The island’s urban space has become a complex and unique socio-economic system over the years. To understand the heritage significance of this system its landmarks must be studied both individually and in relation to the whole island throughout the history. Such investigation requires much research and should not be limited to the results gathered over one academic semester. This study focuses on the heritage value of the Granville Island Public Market to offer a preliminary plan for preserving this landmark. The paper is primarily intended for Vancouver Heritage Foundation, and hopes to provide supplementary information for a Statement of Significance (SOS) document. To do so, the history of Granville Island is divided into four historical epochs. After highlighting the significant urban developments in each section, the study recommends the major elements to be preserved in the Public Market structure. The author strongly believes the recommendations must be revised once the rest of the landmarks on the island are thoroughly studied and their relations to the whole space are identified.

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