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Easthope marine engines and the fishing industry of Steveston, British Columbia Farsi, Ayah


In collaboration with the Britannia Shipyard National Historic Site, my research examines the impact that marine engines had on the local fishing industry of Steveston, British Columbia and the fishermen involved. Through an analysis of life prior to the engines’ introduction, this report will examine how such innovations in fishing technology were considered helpful for the local fishermen in-so-far as they aided in increasing their means of catching fish. It follows that there were shortcomings to such advancements, specifically in light of racial and societal divisions in the region at the start of the 20th century (1910s-1940s). My findings, however, serve to prove that despite these shortcomings, such development in the industry ultimately served to ease the strain on fishermen at the beginnings of its introduction into the Steveston fishing industry, noting in particular how the means by which they were able to benefit these fishermen weighed heavily on removing some of the strain of an already strenuous occupation.

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