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John W. Eastham : Biographic Details of a Little Recognized Plant Pathologist Wong, Trevor


This paper provides a historical account of the plant pathologist, entomologist, and botanist, John. W. Eastham (1878-1968). The research presented here will provide an account of Eastham’s biographic details as well as a detailed survey of his professional and academic work focusing heavily on Eastham’s life in British Columbia (1914-1968). I will argue the following; In the early 20th century the agricultural sciences were beginning to develop in Canada. However, the degree of knowledge production in agricultural Science was underdeveloped at the time. Eastham is worthy of significant praise and distinguished honor due to his substantial novel contributions to the fields of plant pathology, entomology, and botany within 20th century British Columbia; all of which were crucial in expanding Canada’s agricultural knowledge.

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