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Connecting user engagement and interactive visuals : an analysis of animated environmental reports Tse, Janet


In collaboration with the Vancouver Airport Authority, this project looks at how visual communication can be utilized in environmental reporting. It specifically asks how interactive features can be used to enhance user engagement. By delving into this question, this project aims to help YVR make their environmental reports more visually appealing. In terms of research methods, a comparative analysis was created between two reports from two different local organizations: Vancity Credit Union and UBC. These reports were chosen due to their interactive, yet distinctive, layouts. The former contained a wide range of visuals while still featuring a standardized linear report; the latter was “maplike” and paved way to analyze cartographic framings in report design. Two focus groups were held to analyze how users engaged with the two reports; a literature review and expert interview were employed to supplement background information. The findings show that participants in the focus groups preferred the Vancity report to the UBC one, mostly due to the rich colourful visuals being prominent in Vancity. However, both reports were wellreceived in general, with UBC complimented for its simple design as well. The findings also looked deeper into underlying visual elements that influenced user engagement. Based on the research, three recommendations were made: designing visuals that were unique but still conveyed a sense of familiarity for users; inputting a customization section to enhance user inclusiveness; and gaining feedback from users themselves. Advice for further research efforts were also given.

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