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Urban Trees in Vancouver : Mapping the Potential for Tree Canopy Improvement across City-Owned Properties Laramee, Nicholas


The purpose of the project is to compare, through the use of maps, the potential for canopy improvements across Vancouver city-owned properties. My work was done in partnership with the City of Vancouver, and was aimed to focus on three Vancouver neighbourhoods: Downtown Eastside, False Creek Flats and Marpole. This project argues that the City of Vancouver ought to increase the cover of the tree canopy on the majority of its lands. However, according to my maps, I recommend that the city look into increasing the tree canopy in the False Creek Flats first, since it is in this neighbourhood that I found the most locations with a high/very high potential for canopy improvement. Increasing tree canopies on various city-owned properties would have beneficial impacts on humans and the ecosystems. This is in agreement with the Vancouver Action Plan of 2020, in which the city not only aims to become the greenest city in North America, but also set a goal to plant over 200,000 new trees. This project, and the maps it provides represent additional tools the city of Vancouver may use in order to achieve their environmental goals. The research of this project was conducted through on-site assessments and a thorough literature analysis. The variables it considered included luminosity, available space for growth, water accessibility and human restrictions. Finally, my results, on top of the maps, depict the variability in the potential for canopy improvements across Vancouver properties and indicate some patterns that may be useful in further development.

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