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Historical Vancouver : a view of post-war commercial photographers Chen, Steven


By examining photographs, one can gain a good amount of insight into the history of a place. Commercial photographers become important in this case, as they are in essence the lens to the past. In the case of post-war Vancouver from the 1940s to the 1980s, much of the commercial photographers’ works are available through a variety of archives and museums. However compiled biographical knowledge is lacking. Brief biographies of Rolly Ford, J.C. Walker, G. Morris Taylor, Ray Munro, and Art Jones are uncovered through a series of personal communications as well as secondary sources. These five photographers were prolific figures in Vancouver. Each of them lived their own individual lives, yet they were all connected through the medium of photography and documenting the history of Vancouver. The combined works of the five artists lend us their perspective and lens in recreating what post-war Vancouver was like.

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