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Uncovering the significance of the Bowser Block and historical geography of Kerrisdale Rogova, Alissa


Established with the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) station in 1902, the Kerrisdale Neighbourhood has grown to be an important part of Vancouver’s Identity. The neighbourhood started and expanded around its iconic commercial core. The Bowser Block was built in 1912 at the centre of this commercial core. This Edwardian suburban style commercial development is one of the final, original buildings remaining. The Bowser Block was built in a time of prosperity and growth. Its construction anchored the neighbourhood in its present day geographic location. In this research, I attempt to understand the development of the neighbourhood and recognize the forgotten historical figures associated with its development. My goal is to uncover the historical facts and associations the Bowser Block may have as to establish its heritage value, with the aim of adding it onto the Vancouver Heritage Register.

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