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A close study on the relationship between the historical geography and Kerrisdale architectural styles Hahn, Michelle JJ


Recent years, the rate of character homes in Vancouver rises in alarming pace. Especially, Marpole, Oakridge and Kerrisdale have experienced drastic change in the landscape. Many houses, built before 1940s with a great condition and unique character have been demolished. For example, through Facebook webiste, Vancouver Vanishes, residences in Kerrisdale express their concerns and mourn the loss of beautiful houses. The creation of Kerrisdale was influenced by many factors such as Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), and people settled in the area. One was that CPR wanted to create a pastoral image of English countryside. Although houses were not as extravagant and luxurious as Shaughnessy area, Kerrisdale was so influenced by the idea CPR pursued. Also between 1910 and 1930, English style houses represented the privilege, high status, creating the anglophile tradition. Secondly, the dominant rate of the British also determined the taste of houses. In the essay, I attempt to raise the important connection between architectural styles and the past pioneer to emphasize houses are more than just buildings. They are a mnemonic of the past and that they are in danger of extinction due to poor management and outdated laws to protect them.

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