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How the macroeconomic undercurrent of trade influenced the lives of the historic Cromarty family through immigration, employment, and family building : a representation of the time Singh-Aujla, Jenna R.


As part of a community partnership initiative between the University of British Columbia Geography Department and Parks Canada Fort Langley, a research inquiry was analyzed. This inquiry, as part of a research in historical geography course, has been shaped around course goals, existing literature, primary sources, and the goals of Fort Langley. The result has been a research process framed around the question: how did the macroeconomic undercurrents of Fort Langley shape the lives of the historic Cromarty family? Through extensive research, it has been concluded that trade did, in fact, influence the lives of the Cromartys in three distinct ways: immigration, employment, and family building. Furthermore, the Cromartys therefore exemplify similar historic families of the time. In addition, Aboriginal people were very much incorporated into the process of trade influence, and therefore the same three shaping factors can be used to explain their unique perspective at Fort Langley.

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