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A history of Camosun Bog : restoration efforts and the people involved report Tarves, Michael


Camosun Bog is one of Vancouver’s most diverse habitats. Since it’s recognition as a landmark that deserves protection and restoration in the twentieth century there have been many groups that sought to do just that. The U.B.C. Technical Committee and the Vancouver Natural History Society played vital roles in raising public awareness, studying, restoring and protecting the Camosun Bog. In the early 1990s there were big steps made with large amounts of funding to restore the bog. These efforts came to an abrupt stop however circa 1992 potentially due to either expiration of granted funds, loss of interest from groups associated with the restoration or public aversion to the required restorative activities. Now the bog stands as an almost completely restored bog habitat. None of these successes however could have been possible without the abundance of support and involvement of the GVRD Parks department.

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