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Uncovering the working experience at the North Pacific Cannery : the canning line Westerhof, Alana


Despite the success of the North Pacific Cannery compared to other canneries in the area, the people that worked in the canning line at NPC were faced with racial and gender inequality. By looking into previous work done on this subject, and looking at the resources at the UBC archives, I was able to find proof of this inequality through differences in pay amounts, different hiring techniques, and other sources proving inequality in the canning line. I analyzed multiple secondary sources, and particularly looked at the Anglo-British Columbia Packing Company Fonds at the UBC archives. What I learnt was that there was discrimination on the Chinese workers at the NPC, and I also noticed that the women that did work at the cannery were mainly Chinese, and only worked inside the cannery. I was able to get an understanding of what the living and working conditions were like for the workers, mainly through secondary sources I read. Through this paper, the inequality of the workers at the NPC canning line are brought forward, in hopes of understanding what it was like to work at the canning line for the different races and genders involved.

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