UBC Undergraduate Research

Increasing recycled material use : exploring the economic benefits of using more recycled concrete aggregate and recycled asphalt pavement in construction and rehabilitation projects in Metro Vancouver von Rautenkranz, Hary Alexander


One of Metro Vancouver’s goals is to increase the amount of recycled materials used in their construction and rehabilitation projects while being economically sustainable, preferably cost saving. The aim is to divert more recyclable materials from landfills, and to reduce stockpiles in recycling facilities. This research paper aims to explore examples from around the world that can be adopted by Metro Vancouver for two recyclable materials in particular: Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA). This report looks at the current trends in recycling materials within Metro Vancouver acknowledging the barriers associated to their use in regards to a previous undergraduate assessment done on the topic (Ammerlaan). Further into the paper there is more detail on RAP and RCA which explores their uses and success stories in different parts of the world. Once an understanding of the materials has been established, some recommendations are put forward to Metro Vancouver for consideration.

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