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Tanker traffic on BC’s North Coast : full-cost accounting and the evaluation of the ecological, economic and socio-cultural costs of a marine oil spill Kitching, Knut


This project is focused on a calculation of the true cost of the planned oil pipeline from Kitimat on British Columbia’s North Coast to the Alberta tar sands. The project will consider the value of an attempt to evaluate the economic consequences of the proposal for local communities and will further attempt to factor in and consider the environmental and cultural costs arising from the destruction and pollution of habitat and the destruction and trespass on First Nations lands and cultural property. The project was undertaken on behalf of the Dogwood Initiative who requested a consideration of the potential for techniques of economic evaluation to be applied to the Enbridge Project. This paper assumes particular importance in the light of the upcoming federal election in Canada, which is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of May 2011. A key goal for the Dogwood Initiative in the coming weeks will be to ensure that this issue maintains the longest possible lifespan, remaining in the public eye long after the election is over.

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