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Report prepared at the request of Hatzic Prairie, Durieu, McConnell Creek Ratepayers Association D'Hoore, Thomas


For too long, hard-working rural communities have bared the brunt of development. The interests of a few large companies have been protected over the rights of many. Disregard for rural residents has led to the degradation of their homes and resources across British Columbia. Given the small size, and limited access to information of many of these communities, formal action against industry is nearly impossible. The political clout of rural communities is waning, and the geographic dispersal of these communities makes organizing coherent political action that much more difficult. One such community is the Hatzic Valley. This research focuses on protecting drinking water in the Hatzic Valley. My goal is to assess whether or not Community Watershed Management Status is a viable means of protecting the groundwater resource in the region. This report highlights key issues in the history of the community; profiles the Hatzic Prairie, Durieu, McConnell Creek Ratepayers Association; describes the current state of water quality; and addresses the role of the Fraser Valley Regional District in order to establish the foundation for policy recommendations.

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